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About the Her Alopecia Web Site

HerAlopecia is the sister site of google.com, a web site that has provided social networking and support to hair loss sufferers for nearly 10 years. While google.com is more of a smorgasbord web site for men, women, and children, HerAlopecia is dedicated exclusively to the education and support of female hair loss sufferers.

After about 4 years, the founder of google.com, realized there were no dedicated places on the web for women suffering from hair loss. An analysis of HLT members revealed that over 30% of them were female. Coincidentally at about the same time, a girl by the name of Laura was frustrated by the lack of online information, resources and support dedicated to female alopecia, and had put together a new mini-site, documenting her hair loss. Through a series of events, and unmistakably perfect timing, the endeavor to create the first home for women's alopecia was begun.

HairlossTalk provided the resources and guidance, while Laura wrote much of the content you see here today. A discussion forum was put up, and the female HairlossTalk members were encouraged to make the transition to their new home on the web. HairlossTalk's female members were the core group that built the original community here on HerAlopecia (HAP), and many of them remain to this day.

Laura created the website during her early years of college, and after graduation, was pulled away by an extremely busy life to work and study overseas. HerAlopecia by this time had become a strong community, which is now run by its members, and overseen by both groups of volunteers from both google.com and here at the "sister site". Laura stops by often to check on things, and will always be a part of this site.

HerAlopecia is truly the first web site on the internet dedicated entirely to women's alopecia support and social networking, and we have been blessed with an extremely supportive, upbeat, optimistic, and drama-free group of members. We encourage you to join our Discussion Forums, and introduce yourself, as well as take advantage of all our other features and research materials to get the help you need. A smiling face will always be here to welcome you.

Welcome to our community.


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