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HerAlopecia Advertising Inquiries

Interested in advertising on the HerAlopecia website? Please review our Advertising terms here.
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HerAlopecia Advertising Policy

HerAlopecia is unique in the sense that we will not advertise products marketed which promote unsubstantiated claims about hair growth.

We are extremely protective of our users, and the content of this site, and will only allow sponsors who provide legitimate products or services. As a result, we have, and will continue to turn down 90% of the offers we receive.

The type of sponosrs we are interested in having on our site provide valuable, ethical, honest, and useful products or services to women. You do not need to be selling a hair loss or hair care product, but obviously our most targeted demographic are women struggling with hair related conditions.

Cosmetic surgeons, hair replacement clinics, salons, wig/topper/extension manufacturers, support organizations, or anything else an intelligent, mature, adult female would be interested in, are welcome.

Most of our members are women in the 30 to 50 range, educated, accomplished, and have families. Some have dealt with recent pregnancies, autoimmune disorders, and other female health conditions.

f you are interested in advertising on this site, and feel you meet the criteria described above, we would like to hear from you.

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