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May 10th, 2010, 03:34 PM
I'm going to put a thought out there which I haven't seen on the boards before I don't think. Just wondering does anyone know much about metal amalgam fillings and hair loss. I know teeth can cause hair loss but was unaware about metal fillings. Well now I wonder, could the fact that one side of my head is ALOT worse be because it's the side where I have a couple of whopping fillings and also be the reason why my hair is in completely different condition to the other. I hope not. :( Boo hoo.

May 10th, 2010, 04:04 PM
I'm going to put a thought out there which I haven't seen on the boards before I don't think. Just wondering does anyone know much about metal amalgam fillings and hair loss. I know teeth can cause hair loss but was unaware about metal fillings. Well now I wonder, could the fact that one side of my head is ALOT worse be because it's the side where I have a couple of whopping fillings and also be the reason why my hair is in completely different condition to the other. I hope not. :( Boo hoo.
It's a great theory....but I've had my metal amalgam fillings looooong before my HL started. I honestly don't know if metal fillings could start problems so many years down the line. I'm slowly replacing the metal with bonded fillings. Unless our bodies have become so out of whack at this point....we are reacting to many different things?

My hair loss is actually worse on the right side, where I also get neck pains on and off. My main doctor has checked my neck every time I see her to check my blood pressure, she insists, "Your thyroid is fine. How many times am I supposed to do the thyroid blood tests?"

May 10th, 2010, 04:19 PM
My mother doesn't have any cavities but she has hair loss.

May 10th, 2010, 05:44 PM
I definitely think that mercury toxicity caused by amalgam fillings can cause a whole host of problems, including hair loss. Check out pubmed.com. There are plenty of studies that show that amalgam fillings leach mercury into the body. It accumulates over time, so just because you had amalgam in your mouth without any problems doesn't mean it can't cause problems now.

And be careful to go to a dentist who specializes in safe amalgam removal if you want to have them switched with composite or ceramic or whatever, cause during the process of removing them TONS more mercury is released! Some dentists will give you fresh air source so you don't breathe the fumes and will support detoxing of mercury in other ways.

However, I don't think it works like if you have amalgam on one side of your mouth then you'll lose hair on that side of your head. It's more systemic than that.

May 10th, 2010, 08:30 PM
I guess mercury fillings causing so many health problems is in the same realm as breast implants causing Lupus? And asbestos causing Mesothelioma?

Yes, I'm aware that amalgam fillings leach mercury into the body, but I still don't think my hair loss is being caused by my old fillings.

Since so much mercury is released during a basic drilling to re-fill a tooth, that's why many people simply opt to leave them in. I'm sure with the types of health insurance plans most people in the US have.....a dentist who specializes in safe amalgam removal....is most likely not covered by most people's health insurance plans. My plan doesn't cover bonded fillings, subsequently I pay 100% out of pocket for bonding.

We are exposed to so many dangerous things on a daily basis.....I have a theory about all the plastic packaging which so many foods and liquids are packed in these days...that plastic has got to be leaching out too....so I honestly don't think it's all that easy to pinpoint the reasons people get very sick or lose their hair.

May 10th, 2010, 08:44 PM
Ms Understood, I don't disagree with you. I definitely think mercury toxicity is low on the list of possible hair-loss suspects, compared to hormonal reasons, thyroid, etc (and FWIW I think a lot of toxins we are exposed to in plastics etc do a number on our hormones and might very well be the root cause of those issues). But I still think the possibility of mercury toxicity (or other heavy metal toxicity for that matter ) shouldn't be ignored (esp if you've ruled out other potential causes).

And yes, it is CRAZY expensive to get them removed safely. I just had my first visit to a biological dentist just to ask about getting them removed. I have a mouth full of the crap and it will take close to $5000 to get them all replaced (this includes one crown and one inlay)! Of course I don't have insurance anyway and we are not only broke but totally in debt right now. Blah. In my case my hair loss is the least of my worries (in terms of possible mercury toxicity), I have been having a host of strange and scary symptoms (neurological, cardiological, etc) and the usual suspects have been ruled out leaving me with a strong suspicion of my multitude of amalgam fillings.

However I'm waiting for mercury toxicity test results to come back before I take out a line of credit. ;)

Oh, FWIW apparently safe amalgam replacement by the dentist I saw WOULD be covered by insurance (if only I had it). (And I am in Canada so it might not be the same story in the US).

May 10th, 2010, 09:24 PM
I wasn't debating you, I just don't think my hairloss is due to mercury. But I guess that IS something for me to now consider.

What is the blood test for Mercury toxicity called? My derm runs any test I ask her to, so I could give this a try. What have I got to lose?

I initially blamed menopause for all my ills..one year into menopause...all hell broke loose....it starting with hair loss, then arthritis in my hands and elbows and then in the Summer of 2007.....what can only be described as a "body breakdown", that's what my gastro doc called it.

I had severe lower abdominal pains for about three months. Nausea too, but that was sporadic. It was non stop pain, it was a miracle I didn't faint from the pain.

At one point, the pain was so severe, all I could do was lie down. I lost around 25 pounds in about a month. I had a battery of tests: PCP exam (where I screamed when she pressed on my lower abdomen), GYN exam, another exam by the gastroenterologist, then a vaginal sonogram, a colonoscopy, an endoscope and an MRI. They found NOTHING but some small uterine fibroids, which my GYN insisted could not be causing such severe pain.

My gastro doc told me: "Instead of having a nervous breakdown, you had a body breakdown." Hmmmm I don't recall being overly stressed at the time.

Oddly enough....my hair loss didn't get worse during all this. Though, after the aneasthesia....I had a bad TE shed on my left side.

I'm still searching for answers.

I'm curious, I thought Canadians had socialized 'free' health care? A close friend lives there, he has free health care. He moved there from Europe as a child. He complains the health care is not always the best, but considering the alternative....none.....he's fairly satisfied.

May 10th, 2010, 11:49 PM

I had all my amalgam fillings out 4 years ago, as hair analysis showed I had mercury in my hair. It was an extremely painful, time consuming and expensive procedure. It didnt, obviously, stop my hair loss, and between having the temporary and permanent white fillings I got an infection in my back tooth. I then had weeks of root canal work (with split mouth into the bargain). My teeth have definitely suffered, and I have had problems before.

However, hair analysis is somethings used as part of kinesiology, and I've going to start having this treatment as it can help relieve stress, constipation, assist absorbsion of vitamins and minerals etc. When I had my hair analysis done I was abroad so could not come home and did not have time to have any treatment. There is a book about hair loss by Vera Peiffer, and she has helped lots of people regrow hair using kinesiology. Interesting read. I suppose that if this treatment helps with things like stress, and the supplements suggest help with the elimination of toxins from the body, hair might improve.

May 11th, 2010, 07:03 AM
I also have had amalgam fillings long before I had hair loss - and I've also been told by a number of dentists that replacing your fillings with gold doesn't do anything healthwise - there's no downside to the "old" fillings.

May 11th, 2010, 10:30 AM
Ladies sorry I didn't mean for this to cause any upset, it was just something that popped into my head and then troubled it, like everything to do with my hair.

I don't for a 2nd mean that all hair loss is caused by fillings, I was just wondering if the fact that the one side of my head is so very much worse in all aspects of that word than the other. The hairs are literally jumping off my head, when I dry it in that small area I lose twice as much as all over. Well I always suspected teeth of some sort due to the amount of work I have there, and the sinus problems and one sided headaches. Had a filling yesterday and then thats when the idea popped in. I've decided to have the ones on that side re-done anyway 1. It looks pretty hideous anyway, and 2. I need a bit more work done and 3. not sure my new NHS dentist is terribly thorough considering I have pain and he just shrugged it off really. Back to private I go.

Thank you for replying and kind of setting things straight. Piano Jazz thanks for the reassurance that the one sidedness is prob not linked, I was ready to rip the fillings out with pliers last night after a spot of self diagnosis!

Louisap - good luck with the kinesiology, it sounds really interesting!

May 11th, 2010, 11:11 AM
Lily - whether amalgam causes health problems is definitely is a bit controversial. What is known for sure is that mercury does leach from your fillings into your body. And it is known for sure that mercury is very toxic to humans, and obviously the more you have in your system the worse it is. Some dentists (like the one I recently saw) feel very strongly that the amount of mercury introduced to your system through amalgam fillings can be enough to cause problems. It seems to make sense that the more amalgam you have the more likely it would be to cause probs. And I imagine there are other factors at play (individual body chemistry, diet, etc) that might also influence how much of a problem they could be. Interestingly, I just read that Candida yeast actually protects us against mercury because it binds to it and stops it circulating into problematic areas of the body (like the brain). Many of us take Biotin to help with HL, but Biotin also kills off Candida which can cause more problems from mercury.

Wow. Staying healthy is so complicated! :wacko:

Ms Understood - healthcare is free(ish) here, but somehow dentistry doesn't fall under the umbrella of healthcare.