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July 3rd, 2011, 09:51 AM
I've had my Freedom Wig now for a year. I have worn synthetic wigs and other human hair wigs for 20+ years. I wear a wig of some sort 24/7. No-one seems me without one.

My Freedom Wig doesn't fit quite as well as I was wanting (my fault, I wanted it in a rush, and only did an initial scan). Moral of this story, ensure you get a "draft" so any problems can be fixed, before the wig is made. And ensure you have lots of time - I'd suggest give it 6 months.

First job when I received my Freedom wig was to get it styled. I went to a well known stylist, who was familiar with wigs. He cut the wig and colored it with some highlights.

Firstly it was washed - and that was an "experience". As it isn't a perfect fit, the wig kept slipping and eventually fell off, as the hairdresser was washing it. [Note to self, do not go to the beach in this!].

After washing/coloring, it was time for cutting. The hairdresser was very cautious when cutting it, and he didn't want to cut too much off. He said some would fall out over time. I really wasn't happy with the cut, it was way to "thick" and I wasn't wrapped in the "style" but he said to try it for a week, and if I wasn't happy, to come back next week.

So the next week I returned, for a 2nd cut (had to pay for that 2nd cut as well, and he's not cheap). I still felt at the end of this cut, that it was still too "bulky", and didn't look great. But I figured I'd just have to live with it, like I'd lived with having little choice when wearing other wigs (it's always been a case of "take it or leave it", that's all we have). I couldn't keep coming back each week to pay for a haircut.

[It was nice to go to the hairdresser - I'd never been before]

I don't wear my Freedom Wig often. I only wear it when I go out, and will be around the "same" people. To me it looks "wiggy". And this was reinforced today when my niece asked me a couple of times if I was wearing a wig - she said it's very "thick" especially the fringe.


Most important thing is to find a hairdresser who can give you a great cut. Challenge is how do you find such a hairdresser. I thought the one I went to should have been able to do a great cut.

When ordering your wig, I'd suggest to get the part on the same side as your natural part. I ordered a center part (for versatility), but next time will get the Freedom Wig made with a side part (where my natural one would be).

The hairdresser also styled the wig with a left side part, but the wig kind of wants to default to the center.

* * *

Feel of the Freedom wig.

It's relatively comfortable to wear, but no matter what time of the year, my head will sweat. It has a heavier feel, and I do prefer a "looser" wig when I'm just around the house.

Lately I have found that immediately on taking the Freedom wig off, my head will become immensely itchy. Solution to this is to wash/shampoo my head in cold running water. It doesn't itch at all while the Freedom wig is on, only once I take it off.

I like how the Freedom wig "moves" in the wind.

I find it awkward to wash it in the shower - is quite heavy when wet. So I wash it separately.

Another challenge for me, is that I've never had hair and so don't know how to style/blow dry hair well. And that probably doesn't help, if the cut isn't great in the first place. It does require more "skill" than wearing a synthetic wig, or one that is pre-styled.

* * *
Shaving My Head

Wow, this was difficult for me. I HATE the feel of a bowling ball head, especially when stubble starts to appear (here and there). But I've gotten over that, and as my Freedom wig never fitted like a glove, I can get away with not having to have it bowling ball shiny all the time. Doesn't seem to affect the "hold" in my case for general day to day wear.

* * *

All in all, yes I will get another Freedom wig. I'll ensure I get a "draft" of it (or whatever this is called), and I'll choose the part to be the same side as where my natural one would be.

And then I'll hope and pray that the hairdresser does a good job of cutting it!!

And by some miracle, that my skill level in blowdrying/styling my Freedom wig, will improve over time ;)

July 3rd, 2011, 10:58 AM
Thank you for your review! You can definitely improve your styling skills by practicing - maybe on a mannequin with human hair first. If you can style the mannequin's hair, which is much more dry and unresponsive, your Freedom wig will be easy. I bought a hot air brush with my HH piece this year, and I chose a one length bob cut for ease of styling. I can tame it if it doesn't look right, but I'd like a layered style on my next piece, which will mean a huge styling challenge for me. I will probably buy that mannequin a while in advance :mrgreen:.

July 3rd, 2011, 11:03 AM
thank you for this honest review with both the positive and negatives of the freedom wig! To me, this sort of seems like the "best" solution so that you are not commited to bonding and even though its expensive, it lasts a long time. I didn't realize the styling was so difficult though.

It could be worn to sleep in, right?

July 3rd, 2011, 07:02 PM
Hi Yvette

No you shouldn't wear a Freedom wig (or generally any other good wig for that fact - ie one you wear during the day) to bed. Sleeping in a wig, is very harsh on them. A satin pillowcase does help, but its not an ideal situation. It's also not very comfortable if your wig is newer and thus tighter.

Of course, if you needed to wear your good wig to bed on occasion, you could get away with it. I wear an "old" synthetic wig to bed, and over time it wears out, matts together.

[The wigs that are bonded (stuck) to your head, yes you can, as you can't be removing the tape every night!]

Its useful to have a few wigs for different occasions. For example your best one for going out, another one for around the house, one for bed! etc. Maybe even one for working out/vigorous activity.