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    chlorella and hair growth?

    Hello My name is Kimm and I have a supplement addiction.

    Okay, I was lurking on longhaircareforum, and there is a lengthly 300 plus thread on this supplement.

    It seems that it's pretty good at encouraging hair growth!

    It's also a super food, helps with detoxing, weight loss, lowering cholesteral.

    I couldn't resist. I was at the health food store, restocking some things I needed and bought this supplement.

    I need to stop myself!!!!

    Anyhooooo. anyone else heard of or taken this? Even for reasons other than hair growth?

    Btw: I don't think this is going to "cure" my aga or anything. I just noticed a new crop of baby hairs and would like to give them every tool I can to encourage their growth. I'm getting a little anxious since my shed has picked up again this last month or so. I need those baby hairs to do some serious growing to catch up to the longer hair.

    I'm thinking I'll need to talk my stylist into chopping quite a bit off soon. She has extremely long hair, and refuses to do it when I tell her to take off as much as she needs to make me look healthy.

    Anyhoo, here's an interesting rundown on the benefits of Chlorella.


    Doesn't focus on hair loss at all, but an interesting read none-the-less.

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    Re: chlorella and hair growth?

    LOL - you are so funny!!

    I think I am a supplement junkie as well. I do think we will all try anything!!

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    Re: chlorella and hair growth?

    You are too hilarous, kimm!!!

    Hey, I've been reading a lot about chlorella lately. Not because I'm seeking out the info; it just keeps popping up.

    I'm going to try it too. If it doesn't help with my hair, it's other properties and potential benefits sound pretty good!

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    Re: chlorella and hair growth?

    I know I have a problem!

    One thing to note, actually two.

    In reading a lot of the personal experiences with this supplement a couple of things came to light.

    First, you need to go slow with this supplement. don't jump up to like 15 grams right away because I guess a lot of people get detox symptoms (rashes, breakouts, the poops etc.)

    The second is that I think you have make sure you're taking enough to get the benefits. On the longcarehairforum hey were saying that one indication that you're getting enough is when you "go green" yes..... green poop. I think some of them were talking like up to 10-15 grams being the optimal dose. I also found one online book referencing about 10 grams.

    I bought some capsules just to start out, but it's not going to be economical that way. 5 capsules equals 2 grams for the brand I bought. Getting 10-15 grams would be like a bottle of pills a day! So if I tolerate this well at small doses, I'm going to get it in a powder form and start either mixing it in with something or starting back on protein smoothies in the am. (just got to get organized to start doing those with the kiddies in the morning!)

    If anyone else gives this a try let me know. I'd be interested in hearing other's experiences with it!

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    Re: chlorella and hair growth?

    Lol. We supplement addicts need to start a new support group! I haven't heard anything about this one, but keep us posted on how you're doing with it!

    "As long as they let us tour, we will tour. We'll do whatever we have to do to keep this bus." ~ Rob Thomas

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    Re: chlorella and hair growth?

    I had looked into this awhile ago because I was takin ng a product called sea-silver about 8 yrs ago. chlorella is a similar product and promises are the same, If you do use it you need to take Vit c as far away as you can from your doses of chlorella. Some people use cellulase to help with digestion of chlorella .

    My naturapath uses this as part of a detox program, where they also suggest removing all your older dental fillings in order for it to work.

    We need one supllement that reads "igrowhair"

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    Re: chlorella and hair growth?

    oooh thanks! I didn't know that about vitamin C!

    I usually take C with my iron in the am to help with absorption.

    It's so hard to time all this stuff out right!

    I was working on getting my silver fillings replaced for a while. I still have a few though. Next apt I want to ask about replacement but it just sounds so miserable!

    I did hear about chlorella detoxing the heavy metals from your system.

    I'm thinking about adding spirulina to the mix too, once I start doing smoothies. I used to take it a while ago but don't know if I took enough to see actual benefits.

    It will be fun seeing the look on my husband's face when he sees me downing dark green smoothies every morning!

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    Re: chlorella and hair growth?

    With all the things ive tried in 10 years Im surprised i havent turned green! Actually kimm I might be wrong but I think I remember spirulina and blue algae being the same as chlorella but when it is harvested (lake beds) its not as safe or pure as chlorella.

    We'll get it together one day and look like chia pets

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    Re: chlorella and hair growth?

    Quote Originally Posted by kimm
    Hello My name is Kimm and I have a supplement addiction.

    I need to stop myself!!!!
    You are too funny!!! I had a good chuckle over this, it's so important to keep your sense of humour in all of this

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    Re: chlorella and hair growth?

    thanks! Glad to be of service

    I realize I can be a bit of a downer when I'm going through one of my "whoa is me" moods. Need to turn it around sometimes. That's more my outward personality anyways.

    okay, one more link!


    It's basically a book (literally, the guy wrote and posted his book) So it's written from one point of view and you have to take it with a grain of salt, but it provides a lot to consider!

    I did notice that my appetite was much better controlled today after taking my first dose and my carb cravings were better. This week is the total test week too, because I'm exactly 7 days out from my period. This is when I get all snacky, crabby, sheddy and weepy. If I can eliminate snacky I guess that's something!

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