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    Allergy to Rogaine?

    I used Rogaine for about 6 weeks. I was using the men's 5% foam once a day. My shed went from about 200 a day into the 500-700 range and my Derm told me to stop using it. I also had other symptoms.

    -- My hair got extremely dry during my time on Rogaine, and it hasn't recovered yet. I was also using Nioxin and Nizoral shampoos, which may have contributed to the dryness.
    -- I got acne. Big cysts on my forehead and temples close to where I applied Rogaine. I still have some of the red spots.
    -- scalp pain. It felt like someone was pulling my hair all the time.
    -- Itching - moderate itching enough to make me scratch too much.
    -- My face looked puffy. Several people told me this.

    Could I have been allergic to it? Has anyone had a reaction this severe and been able to continue?

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    Re: Allergy to Rogaine?

    Oh my Goodness Sparrow...that really stinks! I am so sorry you have had that reaction. I have been on it for about 3months now and havent had any of those issues. I wonder if it's the strong fragrance..have u had any allergic reactions to other products such as make up or perfume..because then maybe you could go with the unscented solution in the 5%..but I think if the derm told you to discontinue use, then maybe you should. You know, this is horrible enough as it is, and then to find out the only thing you can use, you may be allergic to, I would ask the derm if maybe the other options of Rogaine would work and even if the doc recommends you taking the chance with it at all. Best of luck to you, I hope u find something else that works..maybe another brand of minoxidil (hopefully thats not the ingredient you're allergic to!!) Hang in there!


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    Re: Allergy to Rogaine?

    Oh and I forgot...Nizoral and Nioxin have BOTH made my hair dry and Nioxin has a tendency to burn a bit because of the menthol.

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    Re: Allergy to Rogaine?

    I had something like allergic reaction with 2 per cent liquid Rogaine - acne and red spots along hairline and itching. I made few breaks and acne became less active. My derm suggested I was allergic to PG in the liquid and it increased my seborrhea symptoms.
    Now I use foam - had a few acne spots yet, but scalp feels much better. Speaking about Nizoral - it dried my scalp way too much, so I switched to another derm shampoo.

    I still would think you are allergic But don't get frustrated, there are minoxidil analogues that might work for you too.

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    Re: Allergy to Rogaine?

    In the last few years I have reactions to things I never did before. Sulfa is my #1. Most things have a bit of sulfa or sulfates in them, so I wonder if that's why. I've always worn perfume and never had a reaction to those.

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    Re: Allergy to Rogaine?

    My head got really itchy, dry and flaky the first time I used regular Minoxidil. My derm now prescribes a special mixture without the alcohol. It doesn't get itchy anymore.

    I also try and keep it at least an inch and a half away from my hairline (away from my face) when applying it.

    I have a lot of allergies (including sulpha and very sensitive skin as well.

    Sparrow, I asked my derm if my allergy to Sulpha was the same as the sulphates in shampoos and she said they were different.

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