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    Synthetic Wigs and heat

    I'm finally coming round to thinking synthetic wigs can look nice and natural especially if you stay out of any flash photographs. But apparently you can't open oven doors and so on if you wear one or you'll frizz the hair! That is intolerable. Life has to go on wig or no wig. Also, I am just the sort of person that will forget I'm wearing one. Is this really true of ordinary domestic ovens and dishwashers?

    And can I wear a bandana or scarf over my wig when I'm cooking? I know there are heat resistant wigs and katydid wears them for work but there doesn't seem to be much choice. I don't live alone and once I start wearing hair, I will have to wear hair full-time so taking it off at home isn't a good option.

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    Re: Synthetic Wigs and heat

    You can wear them around domestic ovens and dishwashers. It's not like the wig is going to go "poof" and become a ball of flames! The reality is that these wigs are made from like an acrylic fibre so with time they wear like an acrylic sweater does... they frizz where the acrylic sweater "balls" (usually worse at the nape or ends of the hair depending on hair length) and if you expose them to a lot of intense heat, then you shorten the "natural" lifespan of the wig. In a domestic setting, I think that log fires and BBQs would be more of an issue and I was always much more cautious about them. Certainly when I wore synthetics full time, if I opened the oven door, I would kinda open it with a long arm and allow most of the heat to rush out before I bent down to get whatever it was that was in there.

    If you are looking for a heat friendly wig, you might also want to search for "Futura fibre" as that is one of the brand names for the heat resistant synthetic hair.

    You can wear a scarf/bandana over a wig when cooking if you really want to, although you might find that a bit hot!

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    Re: Synthetic Wigs and heat

    Thanks Vlal. I was imagining the hair going all frizzy, not a ball of flames! But I can do the pause before reaching into the oven thing, and if it still shortens the life so be it. I just don't like the idea one could ruin one's wig in one moment.

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    Re: Synthetic Wigs and heat

    I wear both synthetic and human hair and yes you CAN ruin your wig in a moment! It isn't hard to do a few things differently that will save your wig, however. Just stand to the side when opening the oven door. Stay away from open flames. Don't rest your wig on a radiator.....that sort of thing.

    They are cheap (well, they can be cheap if you buy them online that is) and if I like a synthetic wig I always order two of the same so that if I wreck it, I can instantly have another. Though I prefer human hair, synthetics are also very useful. I pay a couple of thousand dollars for my human hair wigs and about $80-$120 for my synthetics. Big difference.

    I have worn Noriko Sky and an Amore Ruby and a chopped down Amore Stevie.....I haven't wrecked one of these yet, LOL! The bangs on synthetics can be annoying because they tend to poke in my eyes, however. I should chop my Noriko Sky bangs, but I love the way they look so I don't.

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