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    Chronostim Ducray

    Hello ladies,

    Has anyone tried Ducray products, such hairloss treatment Chronostim and shampoo Anaphase? I have been using them in combination with Minoxidil 5% foam (Minox for 6 months and Chronostim for a month now) and I now see some regrowth. I can hardly believe it that after 7 years, I am growing rather than shedding my hair. A friend of mine has recently commented on my hair looking thicker than usual. For the last two weeks I don't really feel like wearing my topper because I'm fine with the way my hair looks at the moment. The regrowth is not significant, but for some reason, tapping on my vertex and feeling more hair there than before makes me feel better. I hope my hair will continue to grow.
    So my question is ....I don't know what to attribute this effect to- Minoxidil, which is supposed to show effects after 4-6 month or Chronostim and Anaphase? Also, if anyone is familiar with Chronostim, does it contain any hormones? Thank you!

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    Re: Chronostim Ducray

    I have never heard of either of them. Where did you get/ find them?
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    Re: Chronostim Ducray

    These are French products, which I believe are also available in Canada (http://www.well.ca). A European dermatologist recommended that I use them for AGA. Interestingly, there is fairly little info in English available about these products online. I wonder why.

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    Re: Chronostim Ducray

    whats in it?

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