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    My SUCCESS story :) Vitamin B6

    Hello all!
    When my hair loss first started about 5 years ago (MAJOR hair loss last December) I went through these forums and honestly got so very discouraged. I promised myself that if my hair ever came back I would write my story and share with others who are going through the same thing!!

    In November, December of 2010 and January and February of 2011 I started losing a substantial amount of hair. I was so worried, bawled my eyes out every time I showered and saw the webs of hair in my fingers, it was the most horrible experience I have ever been through in my life!!! I got a Dr. appointment with my family Dr. who ordered bloodwork and referred me to a dermatologist. When the blood work came back, my ferritin was found to be 18 which is low but still in the normal range (according to my normal doc). The dermatologist prescribed Iron pills (red capsules) because he said in order for normal hair growth, the ferritin should be around 65. He also set me up for a scalp biopsy. I was so hopeful they would find something, as I was losing 500 -600 hairs a day. I thought by the time my appointment came around again I would be completely bald. (I was losing it from all over my head, not in patches). A few weeks later I got my biopsy results back (in March sometime) and he said "Sorry, but the results show female pattern baldness). I was devastated.

    A week later, I went to a different doctor (to get an allergy shot) and he noticed my hair was really thinning hard core, and he told me to take a complex B vitamin (I took the liquid one from Nutter's) and EXTRA B6 (Jamieson) so I started taking these vitamins. I started feeling so much better from the inside out (I had no idea how sick and tired I was) suddenly I had energy!! (In February I also started taking Evening Primrose Oil, Copper and Zinc). I shampooed with Nizoral 2% every day for 1 week, then every other day for weeks 2 and 3 then twice a week, however even before I started shampooing with Nizoral my hairloss had started slowing! Within a week of the B6 and Complex B vitamins my hairloss had stopped completely but my head was a little itchy. I went for a hair cut in April, and my hairdresser noticed that more than more than HALF of my hair was in regrowth phase. (Actually everyone around me noticed it was getting thicker). It is now June, and I am still getting new regrowth and no more scalp showing except for a very little bit in my part lines.

    I was so worried because my scalp was showing all over in Jan and Feb, and I thought it would take at least a year to fill in. After going through it it took 2 weeks TOPS and it was much MUCH less noticeable (I could finally go out in public with no hat)

    I just hope EVERYONE out there tries these vitamins ESPECIALLY B6 (and B Vitamin complex to make sure they are all in line, because just taking B6 can cause a deficiency in other B vitamins). Your pee should be bright yellow, and its almost impossible to take too much (don't try it though) because it is excreted in urine. I take liquid so I can take smaller doses three times a day. Take them for 2-3 weeks and you should see improvement by then if you are deficient.

    I have more hair right now and for the past 3 months than I have had since highschool (I am 28 right now) AND its still coming in!! I hope this gives everyone at least a little encouragement. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I'll try and check this often. I might have missed something in my regimen that I used, so if I think of anything else I was taking I will add it later.

    Good luck to all, and keep the faith!!

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    Re: My SUCCESS story :) Vitamin B6

    So you regrew hair in the past 6 months, more than you've had in the past 10 years!?

    I definitely think HL has to do with people's bodies being out of whack, and vitamin deficiencies may be a cause. Good to hear that you found your culprit and you have success!

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    Re: My SUCCESS story :) Vitamin B6

    Yes, I can honestly say, I have more hair now covering my head (not long hairs yet, but eventually) than I have had in 10 years. Once it grows out to ponytail length it will be much better, but with all the new regrowth pushing up existing hair adds a lot of volume, so it looks pretty normal!

    The whole body being out of whack is bang on. I didn't realize how bad it was, but since 2007 I've been taking so many sick days at work, which was odd because in the past 6 years before that I took only 1 or 2 days total. ALthough I don't like to admit it, back in highschool I could drink copious amounts of alcohol, and was never sick or hung over. The past few years, I would be so sick, sometimes immediately after drinking only two or three beer. Since the b vitamin complex, I have re-discovered my party animal years and hardly get hungover at all anymore!! (though i don't drink that often, maybe once a month) and just feel so much better in general!!

    I really hope this helps at least one person who is going through this (I really really REALLY hope it can help everyone, but everyone is different)!!!!!!!

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    Re: My SUCCESS story :) Vitamin B6

    Thanks for posting!!! Congratulations on your success.

    I am beginning to think unless there is something extraordinarily wrong with blood test results then doctors just say AGA. I am wondering if all as AGA labelled people are possibly prone to AGA but there is some other factor (like a vitamin deficiency etc) making our hair loss worse? Hearing a story like yours makes me think that even more.

    I will definitely be adding vitamin B to my list of supplements.

    Did you get your vitamin B levels checked when you were suffering from hair loss? I am not sure they check it as standard.... I am pretty sure they only checked my B12.

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    Re: My SUCCESS story :) Vitamin B6

    No they didn't check all the B vitamins, just B12 (which was good because I was taking shots)

    My other doctor (that I went to see on an unrelated matter) just told me I was too young to have hair loss and something was wrong, "take extra vitamin B6 and it will thicken right up" he said. AND he was right!! B6 is important as it helps you to absorb B12, and somehow helps your body make GLA (which you can also get from evening primrose oil). B12 also can be correlated somehow to ferritin so its it important that your body can absorb it.

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    Re: My SUCCESS story :) Vitamin B6

    Kimber, are you taking a B complex that has both b6 and b12? Or taking them separately? Any recommendations on which brand to get?

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    Re: My SUCCESS story :) Vitamin B6

    Yep, the B complex has both, I just take extra b6 and b12 shots.

    I use Prairie Naturals liquid B complex from Nutters, if you don't have a Nutter's store, probably any b complex would do. I also use Jamieson B6 100mg. This is what the B complex has in it in case you want to find something similar. I take 2 or 3 Tsp per day.

    1 Tbsp

    Vit B-1 - 50 mg
    Vit B-2 - 50 mg
    Vit B-3 - 50 mg
    Vit B-6 - 50 mg
    Vit B-12 - 975 mcg
    Vit B-7 - 1000 mcg (Biotin)
    Vit B-9 - 1000 mcg (Folic Acid)
    Vit B-5 - 100 mg
    Choline bitartrate - 50 mg
    Inositol - 50 mg
    PABA - 50 mg

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    Re: My SUCCESS story :) Vitamin B6

    Are you sure these results can't be attributed to your increased ferritin levels/normal level? It seems like you started noticing growth about 4 months after starting the iron supplementation.

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    Re: My SUCCESS story :) Vitamin B6

    Because I was a little curious, I just looked up B6 deficiency and found this.


    It is amazing how much can interfere with B6. Most of us consume plenty of oxidized fats, potato chips and drink from plastic containers. And then there's birth control....eeks!

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    Re: My SUCCESS story :) Vitamin B6

    I think your case is a prime example of how physicians are WAY too quick to jump to the conclusion of AGA.

    I am so happy this has worked for you. I plan to look into this as well. I have a colon condition and I've often wondered if it might be causing an absorption issue, in general, for me. Thanks for sharing...

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