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    Re: Rogaine - My story (updated)

    Thanks for your informative posts and sharing your journey

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    Re: Rogaine - My story (updated)

    Quote Originally Posted by mrm
    hi raisin cookie,

    no, i have been on spiro since august 2011. spiro worked after 16 weeks (like the doctor said) and my shed was literally non-existent. i was in my glory & unfortunately, didn't start rogaine b/c i didn't want to go thru a shed. however, the break was short-lived. in january my shed picked up - nothing crazy but definitely more than it was so i started rogaine. the rogaine shed was bad but i still had faith & i thought that too was short lived - it decreased for only about a week & now i'm back to shedding:-((( i'm still hoping its part of the "rogaine shed." we'll see - are you doing rogaine once or twice a day?

    feel free to send me a pm too!

    Hi thanks for sharing your story, it gives us hope. How much spiro did you take to help your shed?

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    Re: Rogaine - My story (with 6 month update)

    Hit 6 months on Thursday. Of course my shed had to go up the last two days but I think my hair is looking better, and the pictures seem to support that. I've been taking pictures every month or so and I tried to find ones from back when I started and ones from this morning that were the same part and the same angle.

    It wasn't looking much different, but comparing the first to the last, especially in the in front view picture I can totally see a difference.

    My routine is: 5% Rogaine Foam in the evenings all over and just in the bad spots in the morning, neutorgena T-Sal shampoo every other day and the Aveda Invati the other days. I used the aveda conditioner every day. I also use their scalp product before I blow dry. I take a multi vitamin daily plus the Whole Foods hair and scalp vitamin.

    I was supposed to make a 6 month appoint with my Derm but it totally slipped my mind and its going to be a few weeks before I can make it, but hopefully I can get in in the next month or so.
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    Re: Rogaine - My story (6 month update!)

    Thank you Raisin for you continued updates, it's very helpful and very much appreciated!! Congratulations on your progress, I can see a BIG difference!!

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    Re: Rogaine - My story (6 month update!)

    I agree... there is quite a lot of improvement! yay!

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    Thanks!! I keep having up and down days, but over all I'm feeling generally good about it. We will see as time goes on!

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    Raisincookie WOW your hair looks TONS better! Congrats! To bad I can't use rogaine, the alcohol and the drying effect plus it gives me panic attacks. But it's really doing well for you.

    Also if you wash with Nizoral 2% or Ketoconazole 2% which is the active ingredient, every 2-3 days, you will see your improvements almost double!

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    Did the Triamcinolone help your hair loss?

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    Im finding it difficult to view the image on this new forum?

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    Im finding it difficult to view the image on this new forum?

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    Tawnie - sorry - I didn't get a notification on this. Thanks! I was looking at pictures and I really think its doing better!

    I will have to try those! I haven't tried Nizoral or Ketoconazole, but I have heard good things.

    The Triamcinolone didn't do anything. I tried it for a month before I started Rogaine and there was no change. It did really clear up my itching, but that was it.

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    StressedTresses - Me too! Its lumped all the pictures together!!! Those were from two separate posts!

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    Hi Raisan Cookie, thanks for your pictures, they are inspiring. Are the 1st and 3rd ones when you started and then the 2nd and 4th pictures at 6 months? Are you doing once a day application now or twice? My derm told me once a day is as good as twice with the 5%, but I'd do twice a day if the consensus is that it would help.
    Also, its hard to tell in your pictures but can you actually see little short hairs from the regrowth that stick up? I am debating starting the foam today but I am so nervous about the 'dread shed.' Do you think that the loss from the shed was noticeable only to you or dramatic enough that others noticed too? I am shedding from having a baby a few months ago so I figured this may be a good time to start since I'm shedding anyways...

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