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    General question about recovery from CTE

    I have a low shed on my scalp currently 50-100daily and lots and lots of regrowth
    However, when i shed hair i get a lot of thinner hairs that are about 10cm long fall out (that could probably be about only about 6 months old) along with my longer healthier strands,

    Because my shed has lowered and im losing these weaker hairs that are about 10cm long, is it possible that my hair is cycling through, recovery and thus falling out to be replaced with healthier, thicker and stronger follices?

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    Re: General question about recovery from CTE

    Hi md.
    Congratulations on your recovery!! I hope that you completely recover from this. From whati hear it is normal to lose those thin strands and often they give room for healthier thicker hair.

    I have a few questions for you,,
    How much were you shedding during your cte? How many times a wek did you wash your hair, what did you lose on wash days and what did you lose on non wash days? What do you lose now in recovery?? On wash days and non wash... And for your recovery, did it just happen or it was gradual? And .. Did you have a revovery during the cte and then it started again , or was it a continous shed???how thin did your hair get??

    Thank you so much for any answers, you give all of us hope!! And dont worry!!looks like you will get your hair in no time!!
    Hugs to you,

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    Re: General question about recovery from CTE

    Hi Din,
    Thankyou but im still borderline unsure as to whether i'm in full recovery because my brows shed every now and then and my overall hair doesn't look very full despite all the regrowth I have.
    But i'll answer what I can...

    How much were you shedding during your cte? At the worst times I lost about 10-15 hairs every 'pull test' and this lasted for almost 2 years. So probably about 200-300 a day.

    How many times a wek did you wash your hair, what did you lose on wash days and what did you lose on non wash days?
    I washed my hair everyday when I could, . I believe that the sporadic non-wash days had no difference in loss compared to the days when I did wash, I was fortunate enough to never have the 'drain clogging experience' more than perhaps 3 or so times.

    What do you lose now in recovery?? On wash days and non wash...
    I lose about 50-100 sometimes under 50. (for both)
    And for your recovery, did it just happen or it was gradual?
    I believe it was gradual, I think that my low ferritin was addressed within a few months and my shed lowered from that, plus I committed to remvoing my trigger (stress) which is still very hard, hence why I'm fence sitting on whether this is true recovery.

    Did you have a revovery during the cte and then it started again
    I'm almost certain this has happened because I kept prolonging my stress and my sheds would increase

    how thin did your hair get?
    From what I had almost 3 years ago, I've lost about 60% of my hair and I have see-through bangs in harsh lights, but I notice little hairs here and there but it has taken months, on months for that to happen and they have not made a general improvement yet. Also, i'm at the stage where I have to brush my hair to make it full, whereas I never had to because it's so limp and lifeless right now, once more, despite this regrowth.

    I'll be updating when I can, so that I can properly indicate whether I feel this is a certain recovery and if so, what's working.

    Thank you and I wish you all the luck in the world xx

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    Re: General question about recovery from CTE

    Hi md.

    I dont think you have to worry about the brows shedding. I know a girl who lost hair and recovered, but her brows and lashes were still shedding. I think that your cte is in recovery, but your brows may still be in the te phase, but that will also stop eventually. You just cant worry about it and dont stress over it. You are on your way to recovery

    I am still in the cte phase, but i hope that i will go into recovery. You give me hope. I wash my hair three times a week and lose around 75-100+ per wash. I lose 4-10 hairs on non wash days, but for me, that is a huge shed. My hair is getting thinner by the day and i am so scared. There is just no sign of it getting better, and it really messes with you..if i color my hair, i wil lose over 250 hairs easy, and if i use a medicated shampoo my hair will also double, so i have no idea what is going on. I wish it would just stop. I am so tired of this all.

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    Re: General question about recovery from CTE

    I understand exactly how you feel.
    Some things I recommend are:
    -Iron supplements taken with a L-lysine supplement
    it allows for proper absorption and I take an iron that already has vitamin C blended.
    -B12, if you suffer from stress take it, it is also very essential for hair
    I added this 2 months ago.
    -MSM, apparently it 'lengthens' the anagen phase of your hair. I'm not entirely sure about this, however, I have had no bad reaction
    -Take Omega 3 oil, I take 2 spoonfuls daily of a liquid which tastes nothing like it, this is for general health because I do not get enough in my diet.
    -B6, I recently added this a month ago, I feel the B vitamins are essential in combating CTE. I read a thread that concentrated highly on B6, B12, Iron/L-lysine as must haves. < I agree on this.
    I also use the Folligen range, if you are concerned about loss, I genuinely believe that using the spray and the cream, daily before you go to bed, truly lowers your shed and are also somewhat useful in promoting growth. I just need to commit to using this like I had last year. The copper peptides are great healing agents for scalp inflammation if you have it (I never did) but also for minimising dreadful sheds and hopefully aiding regrowth.

    I will update more often and if you have any other question I am more than happy to answer, thank you so much for your belief in me, I hope that for the both of us we can finally put this in our past!

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    Re: General question about recovery from CTE

    Din -I also know how you feel. I went through that not very long ago at all. It seems that right now things are looking up for me. I started shedding last fall and am finally starting to see SOME improvement. the problem is that I am not sure if this is recovery or just a slowed down shed for a short time. I especially understand the part of just being tired of it and not wanting to deal w it anymore and move on to something else. Im sure that youve posted it but can I ask...how long have you been shedding?

    Md- I also understand how you feel I think. Its hard too beleive that I might be in recovery. I am just waiting for the other shoe to drop. I have regrowth but I still hate to see any hairs fall. I realize that it is impossible not to lose any hair. I comb my hair in the shower and lose between 20 and 40 I suppose. Much better than it was, but Im scared all of the time, I lose hairs of different lengths. Some long ones, some that are about 7 inches long. I know that it is not time to lose them yet so I wonder why they fall. Maybe it is just part of the process. Im trying to be calm and not to think too much about it. Im nervous Ill put myself into a TE from worrying so much. Worrying doesnt help anything anyway. I know that I should just stop and be grateful and I AM grateful, but also fearful.


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    Re: General question about recovery from CTE

    My hair is goin thinner and thinner day by day...Hope to find a good solution......

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    Re: General question about recovery from CTE

    md- I had hair loss since last May but it has slowed down for about two months now, although I've been losing eyelashes and a little bit of brows. My dermatologist said that my eyelashes are just falling out now because they are delayed. I'm hoping they stop falling out soon and my TE ends for good. Maybe this is the case for you too. I was losing about 250 to 350 on shower days, which was every other day and around 50 to 80 the other days. Now I lose about 100 when I wash my hair and less than 20 hairs are shed other days. I hope your CTE is over

    Sadness- I also lose short hairs. Some are over 12 inches as I have hair down to the middle of my back.....and others are as short as 1.5 inches, but I lose a lot of apx 3 inches. When I saw my derm and told him that I lose a lot of short hairs, he said don't even count those. I am still however looking at them because I check for exclamation mark haurs

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    Re: General question about recovery from CTE


    I am so happy to hear that you're shed is so low now! Congrats!

    I am really looking into buying this Folligen stuff, but I wanted to ask you a couple questions about it. DId you try the Hair Signals line of Folligen? Did you have dread shed when you started it? If so, how long did it last? Also, do you use the emu oil that they recommend on the Folligen website?

    Thank you!!!

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    Re: General question about recovery from CTE

    Kelly7, thankyou I hope it's over too. I'm having good and bad days with the brows lately, so just holding hopes that they will shed normally like my scalp. Good luck to you!

    Yes I definitely recommend it. I bought and tried the spray and cream from Skin Biology so the Dr. Loren Pickart line. There was no dread shed, that I personally experienced, they recommend you use sparingly and that it will last for about 2-3months or so. But I used more than recommended and mine lasted about a month.
    I have tried the emu oil twice, it supposedly helps the peptides absorb, but you will find that you get dermatitis-like dandruff so it's not simple to keep it up unless you have time away from socialising to not worry about the flaking. Good luck!

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