For six months I was taking Topiramate, an anti-seizure medication, which was used to control my migraine headaches. This is a drug that has reported hair loss as a side effect. My Derm thinks that I have TE (waiting on blood tests and the biopsy to come back) and that most likely it was caused by the topiramate due to the timing of my hair loss. I've been off of that medication for 3 weeks. My neurologist said that I should see a difference in the shedding in 3-6 weeks if it was indeed caused by that medication (although he is doubtful that the medication caused my hair loss for some reason).

I was wondering how long it took others to notice a difference in shedding/regrowth after stopping medication that causes hairloss. I've been off of the medication for 4 weeks and have seen no change at all. Any regrowth I have is falling out as well, and some of the new hair that is falling out has been growing back with a weird kinky texture.