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    How long does minoxidil take to work?

    How long does minoxidil 5% take to work? i Have been on it since 13th aug. Its going to be 3 months soon. But so far, no hair regrowth and i see constant sheds. If by Xmas my hair does not grow out, i think i will kill myself.

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    I do not use minoxidil, but I have read that it does take a few months before you see improvement. I think that there are a few ladies on here that may be able to give you a better idea. If minoxidil, doesnt work, have you thought about supplemental hair?

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    Hi Gypsy99 I am happy the I found you. we are on the same boat. Please don't feel bad.
    I also have been on Minoxidil Since 13th aug. but for the first month I was using 2%. Then after one month I shifted to 5 % (once a day). Again after one month I increased the dose and now I am applying 5% (1 ml in morning all over and 1\2 ml in the evening on top and sides ) I started minoxidil very slowly and gradually increased the dose because I read somewhere it helps in decreasing initial shed but nothing helped. My shed has doubled and there are no signs of decreasing. But on the positive side I am now seeing some signs of regrowth I can see very small hair popping up when I part my hair. I don't know the regrowth is due to minoxidil or its a normal regrowth because my dread shed is not decreased yet. I am loosing tons of hair. Is it possible to see regrowth while shedding constantly ? In all success stories I have read that minoxidil first decreases the shed then hair regrows. I don't know what is going on but I think we should give it some more time . All the best.
    Sorry for my bad english, I am really trying to improve

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    in my personal case, applying minoxidil 5% 1ml morning and 1ml night it took about 4 months. So don't give up

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    I use 4% 2x a day. Took 4 months and I nearly lost my mind.

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    To worriedmommy - i will not consider supplemental hair i would consider suicide 1st. Sorry but i am not trying to be rude. i dun wan some fake thingy on top of me and when Ta guy touches my hair, he pulls of my wig "in the heat of passion", you know what i am trying to say right?

    To LongHair - Hi that means we are using minoxidil exactly at the same time? actually i don't have much hair shed but hair thinning, it started when i was 14 years old. my hair has thinned over the years. But apparently after using minoxidil, my hair shedded like mad. And i think concurrent my hair is very thin, seems to becoming thinner. I don't know if it is because i am using retin a topical. i see a little regrowth, small hair sticking out but not enough to cover my thinning parts. I am really sad. I hope by xmas all grows out. but my hair seems thinner after using minoxidil, i dunno why.

    To Verbatim - How is your hair? Is minoxidil working?

    To snowflake - i am crazy already, how is minoxidil working for you?

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    Hi gypsy,

    In my case, minidoxil started working after 1 month. I use 5% twice a day. I know that it is different for everyone in how long it takes to see results. My hair definitely thinned out after I started using minidoxil because of the stupid dread shed it caused. It was terrible- I lost like 400 hairs a day for a little over 2 weeks.

    But now, I have a ton of regrowth and shed very little. I am also on 200 mg spironolactone and I think that they both are helping. I hope minidoxil works for you! I don't think you should give up just yet!

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    Minoxidil took about 6 months for me to really start showing growth (I'm 10 months in now) and I'm still getting new growth in spots I didn't have it before.

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    I am doing better now but I also take Finasteride (Proscar). The waiting for it to begin working is the worst thing. Try to keep busy and hopefully the time will pass quickly for you.

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    today i went to see a derm for follow up, she said i am a grade A4 ( see link below ) i felt my world collapse , so i asked would minoxidil bring me back to a A1 or A2? she said possibility is low, if i could get back to A3, i am considered lucky but this would take a long time. I felt like fainting. I am seriously crazy and depressed.


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