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    Goldie Locks

    Yeast overgrowth/food allergies/hair loss?

    I really think there is a link between food allergies, yeast overgrowth (CANDIDA) and hair loss. Has anyone here ever looked into this themselves in relation to their hair loss?

    The reason I thought the two may be connected is because my sister had systemic candida overgrowth and experienced burning and itching skin (she had no hair loss), she went to SEVERAL doctors, but they couldn't detect anything wrong, so she suffered for months. She researched her symptoms online and found the connection between her symptoms and this candida condition. Since I also have itching on my scalp with my recent hair loss (TE) and have read that several others here on the forum have itching/burning on the scalp and hair loss, I wondered if this could also be related to candida. Also, several of the supplements that have helped those with hair loss also treat candida, like grapefruit seed extract. I have been applying the liquid to my scalp and it has helped the itching somewhat.

    And I have seen first hand the damage food allergies can cause, in many forms, throughout the body. My youngest son was very ill as an infant due to a dairy allergy (I breastfed him, but the dairy I ate came through my milk and made him VERY ill). He was diagnosed with asthma at 5 weeks of age and was put on albuterol and had horrible eczema on his face and hands to the point of bleeding. His pediatrician said he was "allergic to my breast milk" and if he didn't clear up, I'd have to give him formula... I asked if he could be allergic to something in my diet and she said yes, but that it would be "impossible" to pinpoint the cause to eliminate it. I love a challenge and I knew that breast milk was BEST for allergies, so I tried a food allergy elimination diet. Once I adjusted my diet and cut out all forms of dairy, his symptoms totally disappeared. However, If I accidentally ate anything with milk, he would start to wheeze again and broke out in a rash. While most people link air quality to asthma, I learned first hand that food can cause such allergic reactions as well. Of course his doctor thought it was her prescriptions that made him better, but I know from trial and error, it was a dairy allergy and by avoiding the dairy, he was symptom free.

    So, to me, hair loss as a result of a food allergy also makes sense. could also be why doctors can find no real cause or cure for women's hair loss, most doctors don't have much stock in food related illnesses, because they can't "test" for it, traditional skin tests do not work for food allergies.

    Here is a great website, for basic nutrition info and has a great article on candida overgrowth and another on food allergies. One symptom of prolonged exposure to food allergens is hair loss. Please check it out and see if you have any of these symptoms, besides hair loss. If so, the trial diet may be of help! I am going to try it myself, hopefully it will help to stop the TE symptoms and possibly prevent it from coming back.


    Here is the link to the list of food allergy information and symptoms:


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    Re: Yeast overgrowth/food allergies/hair loss?

    Thanks for the info. I just think it would be so difficult to pinpoint a food allergy in terms of hairloss as it takes so many months to see any improvement in hair when you do something different? You know what I mean?

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    Goldie Locks

    Re: Yeast overgrowth/food allergies/hair loss?

    Yes, as far as hair growth goes. But if you truly have food allergies, you'd feel better over all in a matter of weeks. My son's symptoms were gone in 2 weeks! Gone. And feeling better would be a sign that hair health could be around the corner. I guess I like to be pro active and hope for the best, rather than doing nothing and losing more hair in the meantime. If it helps overall health, it's worth a try! Good luck.

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    Re: Yeast overgrowth/food allergies/hair loss?

    Yea I looked into this. I was told I had SD and lots of yeast on my face - went on diflucan for 3 mos - yeast never went away hair loss never stopped. I went on the anti-candida diet plan and lost tons of more hair and felt worse, even went the extra step of probiotics, lots of coconut oil, the whole 10 yards - it did nada. In fact I think it wore me out more and I felt much worse. But I do have to say I feel for hair loss less carbs and more protein is the way to go, and cutting out sugar can help lower androgens because of less stress on the adrenals is what im told

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    Re: Yeast overgrowth/food allergies/hair loss?

    To balance intestinal flora: Folic acid and Acidophilus.

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    Re: Yeast overgrowth/food allergies/hair loss?


    I just posted a reply in another topic similar to this, In my post another reader advised to read up on DEMODEX, I did and that's when I discovered about the yeast balance, I too halp scalp pain, itching and shedding. What I am now taking is called Candid-Free the homeopathic manufacturer is VAXA. I am also shampooing with CAPEX it's a cortizone shampoo. My itching has stopped considerably and I see alot of regrowth.

    I do have a question is there a doctor that can check for yeast balance?

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    Re: Yeast overgrowth/food allergies/hair loss?


    I have heard of Capex and that it is a very good anti-inflammatory. I have often wondered about it for Seborrheic Dermatitis because yeast supposidly grow even more from steriod use.

    I am sure somehow yeast play a role, say perhaps something hormonal is off it causes a yeast overgrowth - so it certainly cannot hurt. That is awesome your growing new hairs!!!

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    Re: Yeast overgrowth/food allergies/hair loss?


    here is a link on candida yeast overgrowth home testing. Notice one of the symptoms of yeast overgrowth is hairloss.


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    Re: Yeast overgrowth/food allergies/hair loss?

    Hi Carla,
    I know there are ways to check for yeast overgrowth. Like Hairyape said above, there are places where you can order home kits to test for it. If you have a REALLLLLY good doctor (I am blessed to have one) she or he can order a test for you. I took a stool test and we used a lab who knows how to detect candida and parasites very well. Mine actually came back positive for candida. I've taken several stool tests for parasites which all came back negative. Good luck!

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    Re: Yeast overgrowth/food allergies/hair loss?

    My best friend actually has severe problems with depression and her weight. Nothing, not even antidepressants, seemed to help. She went on this anti-yeast treatment her naturopath recommended and started working out with a trainer. She's so much happier and has even lost about 30 pounds. I noticed that she was losing a bit of her hair before but it looks good now (It's been at least 8 months) since she stated. All that to say, I agree with you ladies that some of this could be yeast. There's a lot of literature out there that tends to back this up. I think I may try it too.
    Oh and by the way, did you know that if you are hypothyroid, you are more likely to get yeast infections? yeah...one more joy of it.

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