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Jun 4, 2012
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Jun 27, 2016
    1. Kelly7
      Hello Donna,

      I recall that you were losing about 800 hairs at some point. I'm also a chronic hair shedder and today, I lost the most hair ever, 970 hairs. :( Lately, my shedding was increasing from 400's to 500's, but in the five years I've had hair loss, I never lost more than 600 hairs in one day. I was wondering when you lost about 800 hairs, how long did that go on for and did your shedding gradually improve or did it improve quickly? Last April through May, I went through a horrible TE and after that, my shedding improved to almost 'normal,' like around 120-150 hairs. I knew today was going to bad when I woke up and nearly 400 hairs filled my bathroom sink....then I put my hair clip in and didn't lose much more until I washed my hair.

      I'd love to hear your experience with heavy shedding.


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    I've lost interest in a lot of things.


    33 years old. Back to back CTE for 4 years with scalp pain. Androgenetic Alopecia unmasked by TE. Hypothyroid (treated since Oct 2013). Raynauds.