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14 years of pulling

Discussion in 'Trichotillomania Community' started by Pbutter, Dec 12, 2015.

  1. Pbutter

    Pbutter New Member

    Dec 12, 2015
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    I started pulling my hair when I was 12 or so.... and I haven't kicked it yet. Ordered my first topper a few days ago.... and already have my eye on a dozen wigs, lol.. wishful thinking to have beautiful hair. I can't see this as a cure all.... but it's been so bad the last 6mo that I have half the hair I should. I'm hoping toppers will give my patchy areas time to recover.... if I can keep my darn hands off. 100+ hairs a day... the floorboard of my car is scary. It's so stupid. I'm so stupid it hurts.
    I'm open to any tips if anyone has risen above this. Fiddle toys and scarves only do so much for me. I tried the suppliment NAC too but I got hesitant to take a high dosage so regurally. Never really talked to a therapist but lately I think I should... even called a few only to get nervous and hang up. Anxiety too I suppose. Fear.
    I haven't told my dh about the topper. My hair looks okay ish... unless it's wet. Thin and abaolutely covered in short pokey fly aways. Noone has any idea how bad it's gotten.... but I can see the bare spots.
    Just needed to vent. Thanks internet.

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