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14 yr old girl.....hair loss & bald spots PICTURES

Discussion in 'Women's Alopecia Areata' started by mbro96, Jun 20, 2011.

  1. mbro96

    mbro96 Guest

    Hi there,
    I have been loosing my hair in great amounts for over two months now. I would like to give you the story on why i think it started. I was hospitalized for a severe (and very rare) allergic reaction called D.R.E.S.S syndrome (Drug Reaction (or Rash) with Eosinophilia and Systemic Symptoms) to a medication called sulfasalizine. I was in the hospital for 6 days and was put on high doses of prednisone ( a steroid). I was on prednisone for 4 months and came off of it on may 13. I started having hair loss in mid april, which is about three months from my sickness. Last week i was diagnosed by my dermatologist with Alopecia Areata. She has put me on protopic 0.1 %. I use it twice a day....I am desperate to try anything except steroids again because i had very unfortunate side affects to the prednisone (moon face, weight gain etc). It is very hard for me to go through this because I have natrually thin, blonde hair and it is getting even thinner by the day. I run my fingers through my hair and come out with 15 maybe 20 hairs... Does anyone know how long this will continue??
    Marina :)

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  2. Lost

    Lost Guest

    Well I can't answer your questions,but I wan't to welcome you and say Hi!!! someone with more experiance will respond to you soon stay strong honey. D
  3. I am sorry. I know it must be extremely hard at your age to go through this. If I were you I would try to find cosmetic options. Toppik is a nice concealer. There are toppers/ partial wigs. I hope everything works out. Hang in there!
  4. mbro96

    mbro96 Guest

    Devistateddiva- i just took a look at toppik and it looks great! i'm going to order some right away, thanks!
  5. mrm

    mrm Guest


    you are such a brave and savy young lady to do research and seek this out on your own. i am so sorry that you have to go thru this. i wish i can answer your question but i don't know the answer. hopefully, someone here can help. i have a couple of thoughts:

    1) do you like/trust your dermatologist?
    2) are you seeing an endo?
    3) do you have a parent/s helping you with this?

    i will keep you in my good thoughts & prayers. please keep us posted.
  6. Cousteau

    Cousteau Guest

    With the trauma that you've had, I wouldn't be so quick to believe the dermatologist's diagnosis. The drugs or the stress could also be causing the hair loss, as the shed usually occurs about three months after an instigating event.

    I had a terrible shed last fall, but it occurred almost three months after I quit taking too much hypothyroid medication. It had become hard to get from the manufacturer for some reason and my druggist volunteered to make it for me. Because it was the same dosage as ever, I didn't connect the dots but evidently (acc. to my doctor later -because the druggist didn't have quality controls) it was a much higher dose. I took it for about five months and was SO stressed out that I couldn't sleep at night and maybe I'd get two hours of sleep. I attributed that to the fact that I was going out of the country to teach and I was worried about getting ready. But I felt really horribly tense all the time. It wasn't until later that I put two and two together and cut waay down on the medication. But that didn't stop the shed because, from what I've heard and experienced, the hair responds to the stressful event or medication about three months afterwards, by shedding. Now, that hair that I shed has mostly grown back and the shedding has stopped. My hair is still bad, because i lost most of it when I went off estrogen after menopause and THAT hair hasn't come back. I'm back on estrogen and prometium. however, and that seems to be working so far, but I went so long without treating it, that I don't know whether or not to have hope that it will get any better than it this, which still isn't great but at least something positive is happening.

    So, even though you may be experiencing hair loss -your other medical problems and stress a few months ago may be responsible.I would wait a few months and see if the shed stops. Use the Toppik in the meantime and get some cute hats and scarves. You are going to produce your own Estrogen, so it might just be a question of time and healing. If it doesn't come back, then get your Mom to take you to an Endocrinologist (especially if you can find one near you who specializes in hair loss).

    I hope things work out for you. You are too young to have to deal with all this.
  7. mbro96

    mbro96 Guest

    I do like my dermatologist a LOT! I am not seeing an endo... what is that anyways? my parents and close friends are very supportive of me in this rough time:)

    I do believe that it is from the trauma i have had in the last few months..The DRESS syndrome almost caused liver failure so maybe that contributed to it?

    thanks ladies!
  8. mrm

    mrm Guest

    an endo is a doctor who treats hormonal issues.

    i am thrilled to hear you have much support.

    i agree w/the previous poster that this most definitely seems related to the recent trauma you endured.

    hang in there and please keep us posted.

  9. Janie-Ann

    Janie-Ann Guest

    Hi & Welcome! Sorry you're here (if you know what I mean) but also glad you're here
    Sorry I don't have many answers for you (especially how long it will last. I don't think anyone, medical or other hair loss sufferer could tell you that.)

    I was wondering, though, why were you taking the sulfasalizine in the first place. Do you have another autoimmune disease? Crohn's disease or anything like that?

    Your photos look to me like Alopecia Areata, like your dermatologist diagnosed. Especially that absolutely smooth spot behind your ear. A major physiological stress like you experienced could certainly be a trigger for Alopecia Areata. That stinks.

    Some are suggesting an endocrinologist but I don't know why you'd be looking at hormonal causes unless you have other issues in that area (wonky periods, severe acne, things like that). What kind of doctor prescribed the sulfasalizine? A rheumatologist? Maybe he/she has some thoughts, if it's autoimmune...

    Gosh, it sounds like I'm giving you the third degree here! Just trying to add some insight, not grill you. :$

    Keep us posted. If it's Alopecia Areata, those spots could fill back in. It's very unpredictable.
    Wishing you the best outcome,
  10. mbro96

    mbro96 Guest

    hi everyone,
    I was taking sulfasalizine because of arthritis (which i didnot have! physical therapy cured my back pain) They rheumatology dept at Stanford perscribed me the SS even after blood work and an MRI showed no signs of arthritis.

    I have had bloodwork done and everything is normal, hormones, thyroid etc.
  11. Janie-Ann

    Janie-Ann Guest

    Happy that you don't have arthritis. What a misdiagnosis! Scary...
    My late friend Rosa (died of lupus but more from a horrible MRSA infection caught in the hospital that just snowballed) used to tell her rheumatologist, "No, thanks. I prefer the original disease to the side effects of the medication."
    Hang in there :)
  12. RatsNest

    RatsNest Guest

    Wow, that is terrible! Right now the brilliant folks at Stanford are practically killing my sister in law. It's tough to be a Guinea pig. I know that most doctor care and are trying to help us, but when you hear about stuff like this it's rather frightening!
  13. mbro96

    mbro96 Guest

    Hi J-A
    It has been a few weeks now and the hair loss has continued, and I think got worse. The protopic is not doing anything! The bald spot is still well, bald. Its soooo frustrating!
  14. justagirl

    justagirl Guest

    I didn't read all the posts yet, so someone might have already touched on this...

    my mom was on prednisone for awhile because of her crohn's disease. It caused her to lose most of her hair. She was on it for a year though I think. She ended up cutting it super short (her hair used to be down her back), then bought a wig.

    What I wanted to tell you is that her hair has grown back in full now! she's kept the short pixie cut because she looks super cute with it!

    I think her hair looks better than it ever has!

    So that's it, I just wanted to share my mom's exp with her hair loss and prednisone.

    Her hair loss was very much like yours, in patches.
  15. mbro96

    mbro96 Guest

    hmmm... I havent heard about any relationship between prednisone and hair loss but thats very good to know that her hair grew back! I have been feeling new growth all over except in the patch of alopecia.
  16. justagirl

    justagirl Guest

    ya, her Dr told her that's what it was caused by.

    I found this:

    The corticosteroid Prednisone is one medication that has been linked to hair loss.

    Prednisone Effects On Hair
    One of the side effects of taking prednisone is thinning scalp hair.

    Mechanism of Hair Loss
    Prednisone causes hair loss because it disrupts the hormonal balance that stimulates hair growth.

    Medical uses of Prednisone
    Prednisone is a steroid used to treat conditions such as allergies, asthma, lupus and psoriasis.

    Timeframe for hair loss
    Hair loss generally occurs after taking Prednisone for several weeks at a high dose of 5 milligrams or more.

    Reversal of side effects
    The hair loss from Prednisone is temporary. To reverse, stop taking the steroid and consult with your physician about other treatments.

    Read more: Prednisone & Hair Loss | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/facts_5835963_predn ... z1R0flHb8n
  17. mbro96

    mbro96 Guest

    thats really good to know! my mom is going to make me an appointment with an endo which should help! thanks so much:)
  18. mbro96

    mbro96 Guest

    Has anyone had good experiences with rogaine aka mindoxil? I am considering this but I would like to know about some of your experiences with it. :)

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