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17 - 18 spots - yikes

Discussion in 'Women's Alopecia Areata' started by Aikiweezie, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. Aikiweezie

    Aikiweezie Guest

    While I was checking my scalp today (always fun) I counted that I have something like 17 or 18 spots. It's hard to tell exactly how many because some are next to others and some kind of morphed in to odd shaped big spots. I have dark hair coming out of my injection sites from a month and two months ago. I have peach fuzz where I'm using Olux foam, and apparently I have several new spots. Joy.

    Up until recently my spots have always been on the nape of the neck and sides of my head - but now I have some in the front and top that I'm having a hard time concealing. The new spots are very small and I pray they stay that way.

    Has anyone else had this king of thing happen - shedding and growing happening at the same time? I was under the impression that once growth started that your shedding was going to slow. Was that just wishful thinking?
  2. lottepotta

    lottepotta Guest

    Yes this happened to me too.

    Yes this has happened to me also. They move all over my head. Some stop then a new one starts. Then I lost almost all of it. If you can't hide it anymore get a wig. They make some great ones that look real natural. That way you won't have to worry everytime the wind blows. It would be great for your self esteem too. Another option to hide spots is hair extentions I used those for a while. Good luck and keep your chin up and remember what you are blessed with in your life.
  3. Aikiweezie

    Aikiweezie Guest


    Thanks for your reply. I don't need a wig, thank God. Although I saw yours in the other thread and it looks fabulous. Very natural. You look fabulous...glowing and confident.

    Clip in extensions are working for me right now, as all (almost all) of my hair loss is on theback and sides, and is coverable. My hair just looks VERY fine and flat. If I need a wig, I'll go that route, but I actually still have too much hair. Ironic, isn't it?
  4. lottepotta

    lottepotta Guest

    The clip ons sound like a great idea!! Are they still working for you? Are you doing any treatment? I have given up on all treatments, I have thought about starting again but I am not sure what my next route is?
  5. rayneStormRN

    rayneStormRN Guest

    i'm still relatively new to alopecia areata, but i've noticed that while my ORINGIAL bald spot have grown in, and continue to grow, hair has fallen out all over the place, and i'm just now getting a significant amoutn of regrowth, i haven't developed a particular pattern yet, or what i mean is, i'm sure the pattern is there, i'm still new (less than a year of having this go on) at the hair loss.

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