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1st Time Minoxidil User Advice... And Microneedling

Discussion in 'The Undiagnosed' started by sparker34, May 19, 2021.

  1. sparker34

    sparker34 New Member

    May 19, 2021
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    Hi ladies, I've been loosing my hair for decades, finally restarting this and need some advice.
    I've been taking Proridren, which seems to have slowed my fall out a lot. It's not cheap, but i think it works.
    So I'm going to start with some peppermint oil on one side, and finally give into the minoxidil monster :)
    Please help answer some questions. Been googling and can't get solid answers on a few things:
    I have long hair, I wear hat a lot.

    First on minoxidil:
    1- does it matter if it's rogain brand or generic? Is there a less greasy brand?
    2- start with 2% or 5%
    2b - is there any dif other than marketing in 5% minoxidil for men and women?
    3- Foam or liquid?
    4- I do use scalp make up sometimes, does it have to be washed off before minoxidil? or it can go ontop?
    5- Has anyone tried microneedling with a pen? I want to order a pen and wanted to talk to women who have used it for hair,

    Thank you so much, i'm sorry if this has been asked before, I just feel liek i've been googling for days, .
  2. thinhair1

    thinhair1 Member

    May 24, 2017
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    Hi Sparker,
    I don't know the answer to all your questions and I only used rogaine for a short time years ago. But I read a whole lot on hair loss and this is what I've heard:

    Use the 5%. Once daily is as good as twice daily, so do it once daily
    Most people seem to prefer the foam, but it seems some like liquid
    The men's versus womens is marketing. Don't fall for it. Men's is usually cheaper (just like dry cleaning)
    I've heard the generic is just fine, though a few people on forums felt the generic didn't work as well as the brand name. Don't know.
    I would definitely take off the scalp make up before applying rogaine. Rogaine is a scalp treatment, not a hair treatment. It needs to penetrate your scalp.
    If you're not using nizorall 2% shampoo several times per week, I would suggest starting. (over the counter in Canada)

    Good luck!

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