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21 years old with hair loss (probably Androgenetic Alopecia) since 20.

Discussion in 'Tell Your Story' started by BGS92, Apr 5, 2013.

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  1. BGS92

    BGS92 Guest

    Hi everyone. I'm 21 years old and has suffered from hair loss for 1 year. Had extremely thick and nice hair to begin with (why does this seem to happen to gals with thick hair so often?!).

    Before it all started I lost about 20 kg in 4 months roughly. Before this I had suffered from bouts of severe anxiety and depression since 17. Around the time I lost weight I was also diagnosed with thyroid disease, although it was a very mild case but I was put on medication. I took this about a month (I think prior to hair loss) before I stopped because it made me sick. I later had my thyroid tested again but it showed back to normal. Hmmm... Sometimes I wonder if it was the medication that kicked off my hair loss, or if it was the weight loss, my mental state or all together.

    I also wanna mention no women in my family have had hair loss, although my grandmother had thin - not thinning (big difference) hair. My father and grandfathers are balding though, my dad probably starting his hair loss from mid-thirties.

    The hair loss started as light shedding, which turned into massive shedding lasting for 7-8 months roughly. If I regret anything, it's not doing anything about it sooner. I tell you girls, as soon as you experience abnormalities with your hair, have it checked. Do something, before it's too late.

    The hair loss started in April-May of 2012, and the extreme shedding lasted until december 2012. I still shed a bit more than I did before but now i'm left with a much bigger problem; since the last 2-3 months I have been seeing a rapid decline in density in my bang area and crown + slightly in my part line which just seems to get worse by the day. I have also developed a very itchy and sensitive scalp which has gotten so oily that I have to wash every day. If I skip a day, my hair is soaked in grease and it feels like something is crawling up there.

    I have gotten so paranoid and can CLEARLY see a difference is density, but my parents think I'm paranoid and says they can't see anything abnormal or different. I've been to two doctors and a hairdresser that has told me the same. Still I can really see it, especially in my bang area where my hair has lost the most density. I have also been to the same dermatologist twice; once In February/March 2013 and again now in April 2013.

    The first appointment he could not see any sign of Androgenetic Alopecia. Told me hair loss was most likely due to weight loss and should correct itself. After I went to the derm the first time my scalp has only gotten worse and worse, and I see my hair thinning more and more every day (paranoid, maybe?). This, and not getting any support from anyone around me - I mean, they support me, but won't believe me. And I'm just afraid I'm running out of time, and my hair will be visibly balding if I don't do something SOON.

    So, It sent me down a deep depression that has reached the point where I wonder if I want to live anymore. I know it seems stupid to other people, but I'm sure some of you will understand. I have recently been dating a man that I've grown so found of. I have not experienced love in a long time because of my depression/anxiety for the past 3-4 years. I feel so bad knowing that I will probably break up because I'm afraid he won't want me after finding out about my hair loss. The relationship is still new, so he doesn't really have that much reason to stick around, right? I'm scared and I feel hair loss is the only thing in my way that's keeping me from FINALLY living my life after years in hiding, and I feel it's such a cruel faith that I don't deserve after the hell I've been through. I just want to be able to live my life like a normal person, to love, laugh and feel alive like I haven't done in so long. After I lost the weight I got so many compliments from boys, who finally WANTED me. Then the hair loss, is gonna take it all away from me before I even had a chance to know what life is like.

    I'm not asking to be a supermodel, I JUST WANNA BE NORMAL.

    Okay, off track; I went back to my derm now again in April because of my major depression and anxiety caused by hair loss. I just desperately wanted an answer. Of course nothing would be better than him telling me you don't have Androgenetic Alopecia 100% and I can see healthy re-growth everywhere! But I didn't expect that. But at least I wanted a diagnose, so I could start treating it. I prayed to God for him to help me... But again, I was let down; this time the derm agreed with me I had quote "slight thinning" on the top, and it freaked me out, cause a month ago he could not see it?! If it happens this fast, I feel I'll be visibly balding in a few months. Yet he told me that IF it was Androgenetic Alopecia, something he could not confirm, it wouldn't be a cosmetic problem for me for at least 30 years. WTF?! Most women with Androgenetic Alopecia get visible thinning in a few years, and now he's trying to push this bull**** on me and saying I do not need treatment. Oh lord, can you please help me?

    I have already started researching wigs and trying to prepare myself mentally. Sometimes I feel like I can do this, I can get through it! But other times (most of the time) I feel like dying would be better than this. I often find myself wishing I would get hit by a car or have a heart attack or something, just to escape and be re-born as someone (or something) else. Yes, I believe in afterlife.

    Today I'm just lying here in bed as usual, researching hair loss articled that I've read 5 times before already. Sitting here on this forum is just my way of getting it all out to relieve at least a fraction of the pain I'm feeling. I'm just feeling so hopeless. Nothing seems like a good solution. I can't have a transplant; women are not good candidates and it's crazy scary to risk an operation that could both go wrong and/or have a poor result. I can't use Propecia; doesn't work for women I've heard and I'm afraid of side effects. Can't use Minoxidil, my scalp is so irritated and I feel it would worsen my condition. I don't wanna use Toppik or something either, I just feel it would look ridiculous and would only conceal the problem for so-long. Can't use an integrated hair system, as my irritated scalp would most definitely react. So I'm left with either balding, maybe using a topper, or wearing wig. Both of which I don't wanna do, for several reasons.

    Firstly, I'm afraid they won't look natural and won't stay put. What if it slips, and someone sees. How humiliating. Secondly, I want my OWN hair. I wanna be able to just take a shower and treat my hair like before, having it on my head so I'm able to not be scared, run freely, work out, have sex, shower, swim and do whatever the f*ck I took so for granted when I still had a full head of hair.

    Sorry for this extremely long post but I actually tried to short it down lol. I could probably have written a book about all my emotions and problems, but I'm gonna spare you that. Still I hope someone would be interested in reading this whole thing and giving me some input. I know there are a lot of women out there struggling with this problem, although I don't seem to see them in real life very often - at least not girls my age. Have yet to see one, and it's breaking my heart and when I walk the streets I constantly stare at their beautiful hair and parts, wondering if they know how lucky they are...

    Oh well, I'm gonna quit here... Hoping for someone to talk to :)
  2. Eve

    Eve Guest

    I am so sorry you are going through this at such a young age. Androgenetic Alopecia is supposed to be gradual hair loss. I have Androgenetic Alopecia & I have been losing hair since age 17 & I am 38 now. I gradually lost the density of my hair over time, but my crown area got noticable in recent years. I think you should go see a specialist to get a correct diagnose for it. In the main time, try to eat right & reduce your stress, because stress makes it worse.
  3. BGS92

    BGS92 Guest


    First of all, thanks for your reply :) Despite all the tears and bitterness I find some comfort in knowing I'm not alone - although I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy - but you know what I mean right?! :p

    I'm also sorry that you too are among the unfortunate ones that had to deal with this at such a young age. It breaks my heart, really does.

    You say try to eat right; what exactly does this mean? I mean, I try to eat enough, try to eat veggies and nuts, fish and stuff that is supposedly good for your hair. But I do not feel this has made any difference sadly.

    About stress, this one is hard for me. I don't stress in a way where I have thousands of things to do and run around all day, but on the inside I am in constant agony, so If you mean emotional stress then yes, I'm definitely stressed. But it's hard for me not to think about it or stress about it, as I face my mirror every day and the itching of the scalp is a constant reminder of my hair issues... I also live in fear that others will start noticing.

    But are you saying that emotional stress will speed up the process? That might be a huge problem for me as I find it extremely difficult not to stress and think about it 90-100% of my waking time. Even dream about it sometimes. LOL.

    So far, as "treatment" goes, I tried a number of different shampoos, Including Nisim, which reduced the shedding but after a few months use my hair continued to look thinner and thinner so gave that up. I've also used perfume free shampoo, baby shampoo, thickening shampoo and now trying a tea tree shampoo. None of the first have worked calming down my scalp itch or oil production... Some have itched more badly than others, tho. The itch also gets worse the longer it goes after I wash it, when it's freshly washed it does not itch as bad but then starts to itch and burn more and more... :(

    In addition, I'm not taking a multi vitamin supplement, omega 3, and saw palmetto (as of yesterday)... Shall see how that goes but my hopes are not high :(

    I also have troubles sleeping when I'm worried so that does not help either.

    I should mention I have some regrowth poking up here and there, about 4 cm long (I'm not american so I don't know what it is in inches), some of the regrowth are even thicker than the rest of my hair, and darker too, and stand straight up! Others have normal thickness and color, and I have also found some miniaturised hairs (oh, the horror) that are super fine, loosen from the scalp easily have a curly texture almost. I just don't know what to make of it.

    I have heard the itch can be a problem in both TE and Androgenetic Alopecia and I'm hoping TE or CTE sooo bad but my heart tells me I'm fooling myself and it's Androgenetic Alopecia. I say this because;

    1. What I see; thinning on top in bang and crown area, while thickness has been reduced yet remained better in the back.
    2. The miniaturised hairs I've found.
    3. The lack of, or at least not enough regrowth. But it's still been only a couple of months since my shedding slowed, so I'm hoping that maybe soon I can see it coming back even tho I'm NOT optimistic.
    4. The itch and excess oiliness can be a sign of an androgen driven loss, right?

    I just can't get it to fit in the pattern of TE or even CTE anymore, as much as I desperately want to :(

    BTW I'm going to a new derm, but can't get an appointment for at LEAST a month or two. In the meantime I feel my hair is dying more with each day.

    Is there anything I can do, or any specific tips? Also what do you think my hair loss sounds like? (I know it's hard to say especially without seeing pics) Please be honest, if you think more Androgenetic Alopecia than CTE/TE tell me. I'm tired of it! :(
  4. baker mom

    baker mom Guest

    Did your derm mention spironolactone or a low androgen birth control pill? And don't be afraid to use a product like toppik/x-fusion, etc. There are some great concealers and thickening products on the market.
  5. BGS92

    BGS92 Guest

    Baker mom

    Thanks for your reply :)

    No he didn't mention Spironolactone, but I've read a bit about it myself.
    As for low androgen birth control pill, I mentioned this for him but he did not seem positive about it.
    Also I have yet to see the results of my blood testing done last week, so I don't really know if I have excess androgens or not yet.
    About Toppik I just don't wanna resign to having to use stuff to conceal my problem yet. I still have enough hair to conceal it good and with the right shampoos it looks nice and thick. It's just the hair where my bangs are, or rather used to be, that is the most affected area. So If I wear a side part it's almost invisible...
  6. stxrx

    stxrx Guest

    Hi again (I replied to your topic on WHLP too). Like i've said, our symptoms are similar only that mine has been going on for 2 over years :(
  7. BGS92

    BGS92 Guest

    Sorry for what youre going through :( have you fond anything that helped? Is your problem too that you stopped shedding but see thinning?
  8. stxrx

    stxrx Guest

    So far I've tried some revitalising oil (but i realised i had been using it wrong...), GNC's Hair Skin Nails formula (5mths) but they didn't help with the shed. I'm been putting aloe vera gel on my scalp nightly for the past 6 months or so, and taking GNC EPO/Ultra Nourish Hair and i've just started adding GNC Fish Oil to the regime. Sighhhh, none of them seem to be really helping to add the density back to my hair.

    I sometimes can shed just 20+ hairs a day, but some days it's double. I used to not notice ANY shedding at all in my tub, like NOTHING!!

    How is your hair part/line now?
  9. BGS92

    BGS92 Guest

    My middle part looks pretty normal at the top of my head, with slight thinning at the crown (might be I'm crazy and paranoid about the crown, cause it isn't really that evident but I'm always worrying you know)... But where my bangs are, I see a lot of thinning in that area which becomes evident when I wear my hair in a middle part. It looks worse when my hair is greasy, and under bright lights. I wear my hair parted to the side and it looks pretty normal I think, except for a bit of thinning in the bangs when I look closer.
    I feel like the hair in the back of my head is thicker.
    I constantly look for regrowth, and can see quite a bit at the top of my head and possibly also crown. I can even see a bit of regrowth in my bang area but that is not much.
    What is troubling me is that I've found some "miniaturised" hairs, they where stick thin, lack pigment, curly and loosened from scalp easily. I have not found many, like 2-3, but it still worries me a lot. In addition to this I have some "normal" looking regrowth (maybe I'm paranoid but they seem a BIT thinner?!), and also a few strands that are coming back even thicker than my normal healthy hair :/ I just don't know what to think as there are so many textures; miniaturised, thinner, thicker...
    It's also troubling that in addition to shedding long hairs I also shed quite a few shorter.
    My itchy scalp is also driving me crazy these days, it's constant and even painful at times.
    Have you experienced this?
  10. Chickadee

    Chickadee Guest

    Dear Gypsy99, Do not lose hope. Healing can take a very long time. I had an endocrine disorder, and it's taken 5 full years for my scalp to fill back in. My hair is now almost back to normal. Most of what you read on the Internet about how fast hair should grow back, from any kind of hair loss, is nonsense. Turning Androgenetic Alopecia around can easily take a couple of years or longer. Your face may also take considerable time to heal. At one time, I felt like you did: I was so, so depressed. Now I'm so happy that I "hung in there." In fact, I look back and can't even believe that I had once contemplated suicide. Sometimes you just have to take things a day at a time. Please don't hurt yourself. Do you have a counsellor, psychologist, or psychiatrist to talk with?
  11. somegirl

    somegirl Guest

    You won't always feel like this. It won't always consume you.
    Nothing in life is permanent - good and bad are both temporary. Situations shift, attitudes change... you won't always feel this awful, I promise.
    But you must hold on, be patient, let the grief do it's work and then let go of it. Find ways to love the way you look again, even if it's a temporary fix. Be grateful for it.
    Stop fighting reality, accept the facts and make the most of the many gifts you have been given.
    This is my new "trick": When I look in the mirror and see only what I dislike, I then ask myself "and what else do you see?" because that's more realistic and fair, after all, the world sees the whole picture, doesn't focus on the flaws, so why should we?
  12. lady_a

    lady_a Guest

    BGS92 - I was in the same position back in 2010 when my derm took a look at my hair and diagnosed me with Androgenetic Alopecia on the spot. I was horrified and over the next couple of days started to freak out and convinced myself that I would grow old alone coz my hubby wouldn't want a bald wife.. I became paranoid and started avoiding social situations. Like you, I thought about my hairloss 90% of the time.. I just felt like I was stuck n couldn't really imagine life as a bald woman... I was stuck in this black hole for so long that it got to a point where I decided I needed some professional help to allow me to cope.. It was the best thing id done for myself. Occasionally I have times where I get that sick sad feeling over my hairloss, but now I am able to cope n im much happier. Dont waste ur life worrying about something that may not even eventuate. Hugs!
  13. BGS92

    BGS92 Guest

    Lady a: I'm glad you are coping. I'm glad you find the strength to live :) It also sounds like your hubby accept you, good for you :) The thing is I don't think my boyfriend will. We have only been together for a couple of months, and things have been happening slow for us. I think if I was married to someone, and had spent years with them, it would be easier for them to accept. But I don't think he will. He always told me how he was attracted to my looks, and how beautiful I was. Of course we have a deeper connection and with him I can laugh like no other. But I think my looks is what attracts him about me and without it he WILL leave. and if he by some miracle doesn't, my depressiveness will make him suffer until he leaves. I don't know what is worse, being rejected at the spot or watching him slowly pull away. I think the last one is the worse actually. So I have to start over. But how can I? Who would want a balding 21 year old woman? I can't think of a single guy who would be attracted to that.
    I already use professional help, I've been going to therapy for 3 years and I am on anti depressant. I have the support of my family, and they say although they do not believe me on my hair loss, they will take me to any specialist, and if i'm going bald they will buy me any wig I want in the whole world, without thinking about prices.
    I'm grateful for that, but yet I just wanna die. I don't want a wig, I want my hair back. :(
    My blood tests came back day, almost completely normal :( No vitamin deficiency, abnormal blood sugar or anything. The only thing that came up was thyroid, which has been slightly low before and is now slightly high. Yet I have all these symptoms. I know my body from the way it used to be and I'm so sure something is wrong with this.
    Hormones have not been tested yet but I'm doing that. I will also get an ultrasound or something so we can hopefully rule out PCOS because that to me would be the worst.


    I'm keeping you in my prayers, I hope something can help you. It's sad that someone who deserves all the world, gets nothing. But I understand every feeling you are feeling. Wouldn't wish this pain on anyone, and I know you wouldn't either. None of us deserve this, and all we can do now is try to do what we can do, and hope for the best.

    Hugs <3
  14. lady_a

    lady_a Guest

    BGS92 right now, ur probably thinking wearing supplemental hair is a definite no no because ur terrified at the thought. I was in exactly the same boat. I didnt want to wear hair and I wanted my own hair back sooo badly! But u know, after such a long time of worrying and sadness, u kind of learn to accept it.. then u turn to supplemental hair which makes u feel 100 times better. I realized that I couldn't control this situation and I wasnt going to let it control my life.. There are nice guys out there. U wouldnt want to be stuck with a shallow guy who is only into looks anyway.. Trust me, u will get over this.. Just with time . Like most ladies on here :)
  15. Joann

    Joann Moderator

    Mar 25, 2005
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    Hi Girls,

    In reading through this message thread I found it necessary to remove a few posts which were very negative & even offensive in some instances.

    Everyone here is glad to help with another members questions, concerns or vents. However we aren't qualified to help anyone who talks about wanting to die or end their life because of the hairloss. That person should be seeking professional help.

    We have girls who have already have severe loss and are in wigs etc. I think sometimes one needs to put themselves in anothers' shoes and think of the pain their words may cause. I'm not saying one can't share how they feel about their hairloss but stating it was better to be raped than to lose hair . Seriously????
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