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21 yr old and will not give up hope! There has to be a cure!

Discussion in 'Treatments for Androgenetic Alopecia' started by Cupkake, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. Cupkake

    Cupkake Guest

    I'm 21 and my hair has been thinning since I was about 17/18. This is ridiculous! My mom has Androgenetic Alopecia and I believe I do too because only my crown is thinning and my temples are receding. C'mon ladies...I feel that there is something wrong with us inside. This just cannot be a genetic thing where at a certain age BAM we start losing our hair for no reason. My mom's hair started thinning around age 35. She is now in her 50's and went to the doctors for a blood test. Turns out she was seriously low on Vitamin D. She got her Vit. D levels up and her hair stopped shedding but her hairloss got to the point where it's so bad that you can see her scalp at the top so I don't know if the Vitamin D was what made her hair stop shedding or if the hair on her scalp just got to ending point of its thinning and is stablizing. I started drinking 4,000-6,000 Vitamin D a day (does is recommended by many doctors lately) and will see if my hair improves.

    If this does not work, I don't know what else to do!!! I drink a multiple vitamin every day and a vitamin B complex.

    Traditional Chinese Medicine states that kidney deficiency is the cause of crown and side thinning. Kidneys, Adrenals, and the Liver all tie in together with hairloss. The kidney has a lot to do with our hormones and SUPPOSEDLY by healing and strengthening the kidney, our hair will stop thinning. Now that I remember, when I was 17, I had my first UTI and it wouldn't go away. I kept having another UTI attack every couple months and eventually it lead to a kidney infection. Maybe that is the reason I have hair loss, bad kidneys?

    Also, at age 17 was when I started dieting and cut my caloric intake to 1200 a day. I did that off and on until now. Perhaps my hairloss started all because of that? Maybe my hairloss is all because of a nutritional deficiency.

    I read somewhere that Gardasil has caused hair loss in young women. I remember getting the series of Gardasil shots when I was 16. =/

    Also, I read on another women's hair loss forum that this woman cured her hair loss by stopping eating gluten and dairy. She thought she had Androgenetic Alopecia but realized after she did this, her hair stopped shedding. UGH I'm so frustrated. I will not give up hope! I believe that this problem is internal and it is caused by something we are or are not eating or by our lifestyles!! Women's hair loss cannot just be hereditary and if it is...then there is something else that is passed on genetically that also causes hair loss with it. Whether it be celiacs or weak internal organs..whatever it is.

    I have been doing massive research on women's hair loss and I think the majority of us are suffering because of the same internal problem.
  2. Lily

    Lily Senior Member

    Mar 26, 2005
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    It's best to pick one thing to try and stick with it for at least 6 months. When you try one thing after another for just a short time or mix several "cures" together, you don't know what works and what doesn't. Have you seen a dermatologist or endocrinologist for blood work? I think for young women who are still producing hormones there is more hope than for those like me who are past menopause.
  3. JeanReville

    JeanReville Guest

    I think the best way to go about it is to try to determine a cause first. Although this can be very difficult. Hair loss can be caused by a number of different factors - low iron, high androgens, polycystic ovarian syndrome, nutritional deficiencies, stress... The list goes on and on. Treatments will differ depending on the cause. I would recommend going to see a dermatologist, and gynecologist, and maybe an endocrinologist. It's good to see different doctors. May help you nail down the trigger.
  4. Tori

    Tori Experienced Member

    Dec 13, 2007
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    I totally agree. If you look at how we (humans) have "progressed", even just in our life times, it's not a mystery why everyone's health is going down the toilet. For us, it's our hair, for others allergies and cancers and ugh. It's infuriating how the food industry has replaced health with faster, bigger, longer shelf life, prettier etc. Pick a veggie, any veggie and you'll have to eat so many of them to get the same levels of nutrients your grandparents got from just one. Hair loss is prevalent and getting worse every day.. just like convenience and the price we're paying for it. I think we just have to stop blaming ourselves. Some of us have a medical mystery to solve.. but I'd say most of us have to take into account the unhealthy practices of the industries our bodies rely on and figure out how we can reverse the damage they've done to our collective health. It's one thing to cut out processed foods and eat lots of greens etc etc etc.. but when the food you buy is picked before it's able to grab on to all the essential nutrients, from a soil that is depleted of most of them anyway.. well, it's one example of why we're here I think. Our poor bodies don't like the changes forced on us and that we're blaming ourselves and adding chemicals to the mix. What's happening to us is coming from within, yes.. but we need to look outward for the cause. In my opinion of course.
  5. tawnie

    tawnie Guest

    i know i felt the same way when i started this fight. i've been a constant shedder all my life. have a father with Androgenetic Alopecia or mpb as they call it. i think i may have inherited that.

    i just made a thread for what helps so we can go to that for all the supplements and alternative methods. best wishes for you.

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