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24 - started rogaine 3 months ago

Discussion in 'Teens and Twenties Alopecians' started by justc, Nov 20, 2016.

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    Aug 30, 2016
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    Hello everyone,

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I'm 24 and I've been dealing with genetic hair loss for a few years now. It definitely runs in the family and my mother who is 60 has been hit harder with it. However, to deal with this at such a young age has been devastating.

    Around Feb of this year I finally went to a dermatologist to see if anything was wrong. He did all the blood tests and everything came back normal, it was just genetic. He sold me some products from the Ducray by Glytone line. 6 months later and I'm barely noticing anything different.

    I took the plunge and have been on Rogaine 5% foam for the past 3 months. I shed quite a bit all the time but I did notice the increase towards the 2nd month. I woke up with 5 hairs on my pillow one day and it was just horrible. Oddly enough, after that day my shedding lessened significantly.

    My hair loss seems to be a bit different from others, while my part has widened, it has also extended far to the back of my head. I'm so self conscious about it, I can never leave the house without tying my hair up to hide the bald spot.

    In terms of the Rogaine, the decrease in shedding has been a beacon of hope. Although my part is still quite long, my hair overall feels a bit fuller.

    I attached two photos of my part: one from Sept when I first started and one recent. Sorry for the decrease in quality with the 2nd photo, I broke my phone and have to use an old one now. You can probably barely tell, but I think the part is moving up just ever so slightly.

    I will keep updating with photos. Sending love and hope to everyone else dealing with hair loss as well.

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