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2nd time around - Alopecia Areata

Discussion in 'Tell Your Story' started by 2ndtimearound, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. I have joined to share my experiences, get support and give support. I have just found out I have Alopecia for the second time after all my last patches had regrown and my hair was just getting back to a length where I could style it. I was soo shocked and upset when i noticed it was back! :sobbing:
    My first bald patch was in December 2008 and when i saw an area of baldness I did not even know that alopecia existed. I just thought
    I was told by my doctor that I had alopecia, it was due to the fact I was depressed and try not to worry about things...I was fobbed off. I looked up details of causes to try and find a different explanation...I was not satisfied. I had lost a lot of weight and reported this at the time I first went. Reading that one cause could be thyroid gland issues I went back to the doctors and said that thyroid issues ran in my family and considering the information given initially why was this not looked into. I was sent for a blood test just for this. Thankfully it came back clear. I still did not have an explanation but I was relieved this was not a cause.
    I gave up witht he doctor and just learnt to live with it for the next year. I developed patches all over my head and was unable to cover all of them. Some days I felt fine and other days I would feel so down. :thumbsdown:
    Most of the patches started to grow back in 6 months of appearing and it helped to know they were not there to stay...that eventually hopefully it would all clear up. I hadn't had a new patch appear for roughly a month when in the space of a week 4 new patches appeared!!! I was devastated as I thought that was it....my hair has stopped falling out!
    I returned to the doctors and saw a different GP. I had a load of blood tests and still did not get any kind of diagnosis. Again I just got on with things and hoped it would eventually sort itself out.
    After a year and a half the alopecia cleared up of it's own accord and I have had the last year and a half patch free! :)
    Now :lost: and just don't know what to do! I could accept last time that maybe I was depressed and stressed as it was a very difficult time of my life! I had a lot happen in the 6 months leading to the alopecia starting. This time I am happier than ever in my personal life and happy in my work...so where does that leave me? Do I go back to the doctors? If so what are they likely to be able to do?!
    I am trying to just get on with life and not let things get me down. I know from the first time that it can be a struggle but I try and take a different perspective on things. I am incredibly lucky to have the life I have, with or without hair, and there are soo many people living with life threatening diseases and just getting on with it! This gives me the ability to stand tall and say
    when people stare or have the audacity to make a sarcastic comment.
  2. shoegal529

    shoegal529 Guest

    Reading your story is like reading my own! I lost my hair for the first time during a very difficult time in my life and found very little help from my Dr. What I ended up doing was going to a dermatologist (who was amazingly supportive, helpful, and caring. She said she delt with lots of cases like ours) for Steroid shots. Have you tried them? They hurt a lot because they inject into your scalp, but it goes pretty quickly and I feel it is what jumped started my hair re-growth. But in hearing how yours cleared up on it's own, who knows!! :)
    After the shots my hair started to grow and I've had about a year of no new spots or excessive hair loss. Now it's starting to fall out again. I'm not stressed and am very happy with my life.. so I don't know what to think. I've started taking biotin supplements hoping that will do something before it gets to the point it was last time (I had lost 90% of the hair on the top of my head. What kind of things are you trying?
    Good luck!

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