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a touch of pcos?

Discussion in 'PCOS Community' started by annabel, May 12, 2010.

  1. annabel

    annabel Guest

    I had a gyno appt last week and told her how I am losing tons of hairs daily. Of course I have a 5.5 month old, but this was happening before. Also talked about some other symptoms and she said that it sounds like I may have a bit of PCOS? I have 4 children, so fertility isn't an issue and I have no weight issues. Can this develop later? My hair loss was sudden and fast. It stopped while I was pg and my hair was crazy full again. Now, I have lost tons and my temples are by FAR the worst! I am getting a hormone panel test when I start my next cycle. I am leaning towards going on the pill to control my hormone levels. I have to do something.

    I am so confused by pcos? How do you definitely know if you have it? IF you do, does it seem that once you get things regulated that the hair loss can get under control?

  2. mjh

    mjh Guest

    You don't have to have fertility problems to have PCOS. I was skinny when I was diagnosed, too (but not anymore). If you have other symptoms like acne, extra or face hair, then you have PCOS. I always had regular periods too, until I gained a bit of weight. It varies from woman to woman...can be really confusing!

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