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Add to this!!!

Discussion in 'Women's Alopecia Areata' started by Lee112780, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. Lee112780

    Lee112780 Guest

    I had to post something...Carol is the only one to post here!!!
    Im feeling silly so here goes:
    Positives about having Alopecia Universalis or AT
    1- If you get attacked by a bat...they tend to attack your head and get caught in your hair...WE can just throw our hair off!
    2- You don't have to worry about eyelashes getting into your eyes.
    3- If you get in a drunken bar fight (hopefully not)...and a girl pulls your hair, you will def win the fight..cause when your wig comes off...she will be in shock...sock her in the face!!
    4- Your hair always looks good as long as you have a good piece.
    5- you can see and style the back of your hair! never been able to do that before!
    6- as much as wigs are hot....so was hair!! It feels GREAT to be able to take it off on hot days.

    ok thats all I got for now...add some!
    By the way...just wanted to add that I am always here to answer questions for anyone. I want to help the best way I can. I don't go on this site too often anymore because sometimes I get annoyed...but you can always email me at my name at aol. :)
  2. catfancy

    catfancy Guest

    I'm not AT but I cracked up at your "bar fight" one because my university campus has had a lot of violent incidents lately, and I always visualize myself throwing my wig in the air to distract my perpetrator if I should get attacked while walking around at night! I figure the time they're in shock will give me time to run away :woot:
  3. crashanna

    crashanna Guest

    hahaha, love it!! Especially the catfight one, I told my new housemate I was wearing a wig and she dropped what she was holding, i didn't even have to take it off!!!

    Can I add something to that list....going outside bald on a hot day, especially if there is a breeze and you have a bit of a sweat going....it feels amazing. Never did I think I would see that day that I said being bald can fee amazing!!!

    And thanks for your offer of personal email, I may just do that! had a rough couple of weeks but coming right again now. Happens like that sometimes, just smacks ya in the face outta nowhere and all the good progress you think you've made is out the window. Anyway back on track now!! :mrgreen:
  4. Lee112780

    Lee112780 Guest

  5. Lee112780

    Lee112780 Guest

    yeah! Ive thought of that too!! Its kind of cool!
  6. Lee112780

    Lee112780 Guest

    yeah god didnt even smack me..he beat the crap out of me LOL
    I remember thinking I made progress at one point...then I was disapointed AGAIN! but hey...atleast other things are going ok for me.
  7. Lee, I literally lol at the bar fight suggestion!! :woot:

    Yeah, not many posts in this forum. I guess there aren't that many Alopecia Areata,AT, or Alopecia Universalis ladies out there with a lot of positive outlooks. :dunno:
  8. Lee112780

    Lee112780 Guest

    yeah! I guess it's not a very positive thing. :thumbdown2:
  9. sgomez33

    sgomez33 Guest

    Lee, LOL!!! You are so funny!

    1. You can hide your money under your cap, so that if a purse snatcher takes your purse, he doesn't get your money!
    2. Going swimming and not having to worry about the pool chemicals damaging your hair (what hair?), or it getting wet.

    That's all I can think of for now. Lee, I think you took all the good ones! hahaha
  10. Lee112780

    Lee112780 Guest

    OH YEAH I totally forgot you CAN hide stuff there!! that can work for other things also lol
  11. Redheaduk

    Redheaduk Guest

    Hi Guys,

    I can still wear my bio hair Alopecia Universalis naturel if I put in a lot of styling. But I love getting up in the morning, having slept in, realising I don't have enough time to wash and dry my hair and just throwing on my wig and having a good hair day. It's amazing.
  12. orbit

    orbit Guest

    Hi girls - I'm Alopecia Universalis and I still have a positive outlook! :mrgreen:

    Yes I've hidden things in my wig before too, not money though. I have to admit, I once went to a Ween concert and used my "hair" to sneak in some "natural, recreational fun concert enhancements" :woot: . The plan wen well until I was making my way to the bathroom to retrieve my goodies, only to find out that the items in questions fell out onto the concert floor amongst a sea of 5000 people. I'm sure that we enhanced someone else's experience :hairy: We thought it was fool proof and in the end it up being a plan gone wrong. My friends and I had a big laugh - and yes we still enjoyed the concert. :)
  13. orbit

    orbit Guest

    Other "great" things about having Alopecia Universalis:

    - super fast showers
    - smoothest legs town (which my guy absolutely loves)
    - no extra body hair to get in the way of the "fun stuff"
    - easy to take a physical inventory for ticks while camping
    - being, a blonde, a brunette and a redhead all in one week
    - "hair" that my friends and family envy
    - having something strange and unique about me that people are curious about
    - meeting you lovely ladies and finding this circle of strength! :grouphug:
  14. Lee112780

    Lee112780 Guest

    YOU are hilarious...that was exactly what I was thinkin...especially if the "law" gets involved...you can hide it LOL....but maybe not for a long period of time...now I know not to try that and I thank you for the tip :)

    I like being able to wear different wigs and having a lot of different styles if I want to (even though I only have 2 now) :) ...almost 3
  15. Lee112780

    Lee112780 Guest

    oooh! and I like the feeling of a loofah sponge on my head...feeels really cool
  16. Kiwigirl

    Kiwigirl Guest

    Hi Ladies,
    Thanks and love the list. There are definitely positives about been Alopecia Universalis. Some of those I hadn't thought of.
    I love not having to shave my legs. Although I haven't gone out bald in public, I most often have a bandana/scarf or a hat on around home (depending on the season). Much cooler in the summer to be able to take your hair off. Most of all I really enjoy a head massage and its much easier when there is no hair to get tangled around fingers or pulled and my husband said he likes massaging my head, so why not!.
    Take care and keep smiling
  17. ofmontreal

    ofmontreal Established Member

    Nov 8, 2006
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    not Alopecia Universalis, AT or Alopecia Areata but absolutely love this thread! thanks Lee!
  18. catfancy

    catfancy Guest

    I love the way my shower head feels on my bald head! And I never have to shave my legs. I also like that I can wear a curly wig and people either think that I have gorgeous natural curls or that I am really good at styling hair. Oh! And I rarely buy shampoo!

    P.S. Orbit, you are hilarious. I once, as a teenager, hid "enhancements" in my best friend's long braids. I thought I was genius for thinking of that! Wigs are better!
  19. fantastic thread ladies! ;) :) :)
  20. sgomez33

    sgomez33 Guest

    Oh yeah!!! Head massages are my favorite too. My husband loves massaging my head. He's the best!

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