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Discussion in 'Wigs, Extensions, Toppers & Hair Systems' started by Curlylocks2, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. Curlylocks2

    Curlylocks2 Guest

    I don't know about pieces (I had considered a clip-in piece but my hairdresser said clips would probably pull out what little hair I had, so I wear bonded wigs). My wigs have a poly (like smooth plastic) edge all around, except for the 6" of lace front. I tape at the temple and nape and glue the lace front.

    With my weird hairline, it was necessary to shave a little back at temples, sideburns and nape in order to allow the tape/glue to adhere better and subsequently be removed without yanking out lots of hair. The shaved areas are small enough that I can wear my measly bio hair on occasion without them being noticeable.

    Like you, I don't want to shave a whole lot of hair (none would be preferable) but, every once in a while, I just have a crazy spell and want to buzz it all off. :crazy:
  2. Curlylocks2

    Curlylocks2 Guest

    Yup, every day. I have night sweats (partly from sleeping next to my husband, the human blast furnace and partly from hormone wonkiness) and often wake up with my pillow soaking wet. I paid good money for these wigs and pretty well have to remove whichever one I'm wearing before bed in order not to destroy them.

    Still being new at it, it takes me about 30 minutes for removal and cleaning off glue residue, retaping and any styling I decide to do. I put my pre-taped wigs on stands and they're ready to go for my 5:00 a.m. wake-up. The prep at night decreases my free time in the evening but makes my mornings and days so much better.

    Hope this answers some of your questions. :)
  3. Eztli

    Eztli Guest

    I currently wear a clip in illusion fall, but am planning on converting to a bonded piece this summer.
    The reasons for this are as follows.

    I am lazy. I was trying to think of a better way to word that but really, there isn't anything. I don't want to mess aroudn with my piece every morning and make sure it is just right, I would rather do this every 4 days or so.

    I can't sleep in it, the front clips hurt a little bit too much for that. It does stay on my head when I sleep but it moves during and I don't like that either. Yes, I'm sure a lot of you are going, what do you need to sleep in very expensive hair for? whose going to see you? This is a good point. However, even if at the moment, there are nuns getting more action than I am, and I sleep alone, hopefully this wont be so in the future. And even if I am lucky enough to find a guy who is ok with me wearing hair, he doesn't have to see it. It's for me as well, its very disheartening to have to look at my bio hair every day, I want it shaved, i feel more proactive this way. It's hard to explain. Hopefully with a bonded piece, I can see my bald head (which at the very least I have done, instead of my body) every 3 or 4 days. instead of seeing of my pathetic bio hair every night.
  4. charley

    charley Guest

    Bonding is when you use either or both tape and/or glue. You can basically stick the wig onto your hair or scalp from anywhere from a day to a month. You can do it by yourself or go to a salon.
    It can be a trick to learn but then smooth sailings. It just becomes part of a routine.
    I plan on bonding this June.
  5. roxrog

    roxrog Guest

    I've clipped and I've bonded. I like bonded more.

    I still have a fair amount of hair even on top, but the clips hurt in front and I didn't like that. My first bonding experience was using tape on a shaved area behind my front hairline. This eliminated the pulling from front clips, it layed flatter in front, and felt very secure all the time. The other clips didn't hurt because the front held the piece firmly. With only having the front shaved I could wear a wide headband over the smaller shaved area. That option was nice. I bonded daily with red tape, and used duo tape on days I wanted a firmer hold. I liked being able to remove it at night and sleep all natural and scrub my head daily, but I have my reasons for wanting to try an all lace piece and see if it is an option for me. so.....I shaved the top of my head.

    I still haven't received the piece, and don't know if I will like it or not, but I had to try it and see if it was an option for me. I have been bonding my flora fall at the perimeter in the meantime. There are pros and cons of shaving a larger area.

    Benefits: I wear it during the work week (5 days at a time), and I work out daily at a health club. I rinse under the shower every day after my workout, and I don't have to worry about changing my hairpiece in front of everyone. I wear it to bed, and it's comfy (I pull it into a pony on top of my head and it works great...haven't noticed any damage to the hair at all). I now swim, hot tub and do all the "normal" things I did with my own hair. I do have a wavy/curly style and I let it dry natural so I don't pull on it and apply heat all the time. Another benefit for me was that since I have a significant amount of hair in the back and my sides are ok, eliminating the extra hair from the top gives me a very natural density with a fuller piece.

    Negative: I like to let my head breath over the weekend. It's harder to cover my larger shaved area and I have to use a buff, scarf, or hat. I miss being able to use a headband to do the job. I'm confortable in front of hubby even with a shaved head, but for those that are not this could be very difficult unless you are committed to wearing 24/7

    I wanted something for swimming, that's comfy, something I can camp in and wake up looking good and not having to worry about getting my wig on or heading to the shower. It has made going to the club easy for me since I go between a split work schedule...changing my wig at the club would not work for me and kept me away from exercise because I couldn't figure out how to navigate that in front of everyone...problem solved with a bonded piece.

    That's all I can think of for now.
  6. roxrog

    roxrog Guest

    I PM'd ya
  7. ViolaAsh

    ViolaAsh Guest

    Concerned about long term side-effects of glue-bonded toppers


    This is my first time at a female-hairloss forum. I grew up with long thick wavy hair, that started shedding since i hit puberty. In the last 2 years, it has thinned out terribly and i look pathetic :-( I live in india and people are not very supportive. I constantly feel humiliated going out and feel stared at and scorned. its painful and even tho im used to it after so many years, i absolutely hate it. People stare often like i'm an ugly alien. . :-( Over years, my mom has dragged me to several dermatologists and clinics, been through years of rubbing minoxidil and eating medicines and nutritious things but nothing has helped. .

    I'm getting married this november to my boyfriend from college and feel like its time i finally take control. . I'm tired of being embarrassed all the time. I went to a reputed salon and enquired about my options. The lady told me that i dont have options for weaving (like Kinsey system) because my bio hair is extremely fine and she was concerned whether they'd be strong enough to hold up the new hair. i dont want to use clip-on systems either because i need something a bit more permanent so i dont have to look at my pathetic bio hair every night. . I guess then my only option now is a glue-bonded system. . . even though it kills me to think of getting the top of my head shaved for it. . i guess it would be for the better. except i'd then have to be bonded 24/7.

    I was hoping to find out if there are any side-effects to having the silicone glue (is it?) on my scalp permanently... i'm really concerned whether having the glue on for a long time would hurt/bother my scalp in any way. . . please do let me know. . I've finally been able to save enough for my bonded piece and am only hoping to know from you girls whether i should finally take the leap, and if i'll be ok. . . i dont know any women in real life with alopecia. . so i'm counting on you girls. . thankee in advance...
  8. -plumette

    -plumette Guest

    Hi ViolaAsh,

    I wore a bonded (glued) piece eight years long and I can reassure you that it hasn't hurt my scalp or bio hair in any way. Like any contraption of this sort, you'll want the salon to run an allergy test for you (they usually shave a tiny spot behind the ear and glue a small piece of polyskin, and wait at least 48 hours to spot any adverse reaction). There are also several options glue-wise, like those alcohol-based (more adhesive) or water-based.

    I had issues with the glue not holding too well for the full 4 weeks between salon appointments, and starting being smelly after two weeks or exposure to dampness. Such issues are highly dependent of your perspiration acidity and scalp oiliness (and odor sensitivity, obviously!) . A possible solution is to adapt the maintenance regimen or even better, learn to do it yourself. (Men often do that, but I reckon it is more difficult with a long-haired piece). That's really the only caveat I would give you, and you may need to adapt considering the climate in India. Sometimes it is necessary to try several types of glue or even adhesive tape, to see what works best with your situation.

    I found the glued piece to be by far the most comfortable way to deal with hair loss, emotionally speaking, because you don't have to look at your bio head for days or weeks on, and you can have a fantastic mane of hair that will fool everybody :)

    If you take the leap you'll experience all the joy of choosing your hairdo and be a beautiful bride!
  9. ViolaAsh

    ViolaAsh Guest

    Thank you plumette. . I hope to make an appointment with the salon in a couple of days and get a patch test. . I should really have found this site and spoken in sooner :) it would have saved me so much hurt. Thankee so much. I will post in again with updates. . and when i really do go in i hope to have rebuilt enough confidence to post a picture or two.

    Godspeed and lots of love.

    xo, Viola
  10. Novanne

    Novanne New Member

    Jul 30, 2018
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    Hi....hope u still find my reply. I am using clip in toppers for 4 years now. Did u get urs bonded?? I live in Mumbai. If u r nearby we can meet. He was Ur experience with bonding. Is it good? I am also thinking of it. But yet to find good one. If urs is good place share the details.
  11. EdenG

    EdenG New Member

    Jan 29, 2019
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    [QUOTE = "ViolaAsh, post: 224639"] Merci plumette. . J'espère pouvoir prendre rendez-vous avec le salon dans quelques jours et obtenir un patch-test. . J'aurais vraiment dû trouver ce site et parler plus tôt :)qu'il m'aurait sauvé tant de mal. Merci beaucoup. Je posterai à nouveau avec des mises à jour. . Et quand j'y vais vraiment, j'espère avoir reconstitué assez de confiance pour poster une image ou deux.

    Bonne chance et beaucoup d'amour.

    xo, alto [/ QUOTE]
    uny news of your hair system ? i'm interested

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