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Androcur and Aldactone didnt worked me please help.

Discussion in 'PCOS Community' started by Pelin77, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. Pelin77

    Pelin77 Guest

    Hi! I am from Turkey 33 years old, and new in this site, sorry for bad english :$
    I have PCOS, my hair still shedding nearly 200-300 in a day and no new baby hair

    i firstly used diane35 and androcur 3 months, when ?
    used androcur my hair loss is extremly increased at the end of the 3. month 400 or more hair falled out in a day. I was too scared and ? have to quit the androcur, but when i used it, my baby hair was appeared. After i quited, ? never saw baby hair. ? loose half of my hair when i used androcur.

    I newer used anything for PCOS because of blood tests, and my dermatologist said just use yasmin, yasmin was good for me and ? used 2 months and still using, when i used yasmin me shedding is decreased 150 in a day. But still no baby hair

    I try to use Spironolactone (aldactone) with yasmin in 2 week 200 mg in a day but my shedding is very increased. 200-300 hair in a day.

    I am so scared why any medicine didnt work with me? I dont know what medicine should i use? Sould i stop the aldactone(spirolactone) or continue? Can aldactone caused shedding? Or ? dont have any idea Will aldactone be good for me after 3-6 months? Is shedding normal in the early of taking aldactone? Could you help me please?
    I cry every day and nigth now :(

    I also use finasteride 5 mg and metformin 1500 mg, and regaine 2 times in a day, revivogen in 2 days and emu oil sometimes. lose from 176lbs to 145 lbs. regaine didnt anything in my scalp no baby hair :(
  2. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    Did you use finasteride along androcur?
    Sometimes treatments needs more than 3 months to work.
    You might aldo have experienced a dread shed at the 3rd month of using androcur: some hair that had been affected by your hormones just before your started the treatment were falling out, but maybe healthier hair would have replaced them.

    Did you use androcur along with a birth control pill or some kind of oestrogens?
  3. Pelin77

    Pelin77 Guest

    i have used finasterid for 5 months. love it:)
    When i used androcur i saw some new strength hair ,because long ones still shedding but new ones arent falling out :dunno: , after i qiut ? didnt see new hairs.
    but androcur worked but ? loose 80% and gain 35% in 3 mothhs

    I think that Spironolactone can be effected my hair like androcur?

    ? used diane 35 and androcur. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diane-35
    0,035 mg Etinilestradiol and 2 mg cyproterone acetate

    now ? am using yasmin is very good for my skin and hair but ? am confused to try Spironolactone?
  4. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    2 mg cyprosterone acetate/androcur is really not a lot...
    If finasteride works it miht just be that the dosage of andorcur you got was too much to stop the hair loss for you.

    I am surprised they gave you that dosage the right one is usually 50 mg
  5. Pelin77

    Pelin77 Guest

    F?rst of all , thank you very very much for your answers.
    ?am sorry ? th?nk there ?s a m?sunderstood, ? used d?ane35 w?th androcur both 100mg cyproterone acetate ?n f?rst 10 days ?n a month and took 2 mg others 11 days. I used l?ke these ?n 3 months and after my half of ha?r shedd?nng new ha?r grown.

    yes 2 mg ?s noth?ng ?n a day but ?n total ? took 3000mg cypreterone acetate.

    Unfortunately two drug sp?ro and androcur falled out my ha?r very much.

    I th?nk androcur was best but d?dnt worked me ? lost too much ha?r.

    The problem ?s when ? used sp?ro, sp?ro start to shed my ha?r. My ha?r ?s fall?ng out very much. I choosed sp?ro but ? dont know ?f ? use or not. I dont know ?f ?t regrow or not.
    My shedd?ng ?s ?ncreased w?th sp?ro, ? dont have any ?dea ?t ?s a good or bad th?nk.

    Thank you so much for your answers.
  6. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    100 mg is really a lot!!!!...that is really a weird prescription but well, maybe your imabalance is really important???

    normally it's 50 mg for 20 days
    with diane 35 (that also contains cyprosterone acetate) you could even decrease to 50 mg for 10 days but again it depends on the person.

    I dont know what to tell you, it might have been just a dread shed.

    If you're doing fine on flutaminde then stay on it, but beware that the dosage you're on is not too high, you've got too watch your liver with those stuff...

    I am surprised at the dosage of 100 mg a day...it's what is given to men when they have prostate cancer (well every day not 10 day) but it's seems very heavy i dunno
  7. Pelin77

    Pelin77 Guest

    ? am not using flutamid my endo didnt advise me flutamid ? take propecia 5 mg in a day. doctor says ? have insulin resistance, ? have to do more exercise and going on my diet. She gave me vitamin D also, and said to me use Spironolactone 100 mg in a day.
    i dont know how much mg ? take to Spironolactone, for hair everyone says at least 200 mg in a day.
    Also ? dont know Spironolactone is increased my shedding. I am very frightened to use Spironolactone for my hair or not. I have no new hairs, ? have to use but ? dont know, is it good or bad for my hair?
  8. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    ueah it's the same but you have to be careful with the dosage.
    Changing your lifestyle should be helpful too.

    There are chances that androcur/spironolactone werent te cause of your shed, it looks like we call a dread shed to me...after the dread shed things usually improve.

    Propecia is stronger and usually given to men, i am not sure about the side effect, but all medications have side effect, so be sure our doctor monitor you correctly.
  9. Pelin77

    Pelin77 Guest

    Thank you for responding. ? am at the other end of the world but our problem is same. Thank you very much for your care.

    Doctor take my blood and AST and ALT in normal range thank godness, my endo says use 100 mg aldactone in a day and do more exercise, she calculate my insulin resistance 5,28 in june now in 2,7 i dont know what it means, she say metformin uses it job, but ? have to loose weigth more.
    100 mg aldactone is enough one not? I dont know for regrowing hair. I am afraid of wash my hair :( ? loose most of it in bath.
    When Spironolactone effects the hair on 200mg. do you have any idea?

    ? am very sorry my bad english. I dont know dread shed means. Can you explain to me?
  10. el123

    el123 Guest

    You are taking alot of medicines. First of all with PCOS insulin is a serious problem. The Metformin will help with this. You also need a complete change of lifestyle - So excercise minimum 30minutes per day(everyday) and eat like a diabetic (so stop eating things with sugar & reduce pasta, white bread, and don't eat too much oil/fat because PCOS can promote other health problems). Some people find their hair grows back when they loose weight.
    I tried Androcur for 6months but it didn't work for me.
    I'm taking Spirolactone (Aldactone) - started with 100mg. Now on 200mg. With Spironolactone you start with 100mg and gradually increase - when your doctor tells you. My doctor says it takes minimum 1 year to work. My hairloss has finally slowed down - but like I said it takes a very long time to work. You have to wait and see.
  11. Pelin77

    Pelin77 Guest

    Thank you for your reply, and you are telling very well, ? have to more careful what i eat.

    ? have to wait but how ? can wait ? dont know. My shedding is a lot. I loose my %70 my hair and still loosing :(

    Have you seen any regrowth hair or new hair on your scalp?

    Thanks a lot for your reply and these informative answer.
  12. el123

    el123 Guest

    You said you were 33years old so most likely you won't loose all your hair.
    My hairloss started when I was 14years old (now I'm 29years old) so my hairloss is pretty bad. I still have hair. Not much hair on the top/crown area. So mine will take a very very long time to grow back. I found some new growth - but I'm still waiting. It may grow back OR It may not grow back.
    With your hairloss because you are 33years old and your doctor is giving you all the right medicines so you should be able to control it soon. Good Luck.
  13. Pelin77

    Pelin77 Guest

    thank you very much for your reply, ? have been tak?ng sp?ro for 15 days. After ? start to aldactone(sp?ro) my shedd?ng and ha?r are gett?ng more worse. My shedd?ng ?ncreased ter?bbly 350-400 ?n a day. ? have tones of telogen ha?r and these are st?ll fall?ng. I dont know what to do. Maybe ? should go w?th 100 mg sp?ro ?n a day, but ? dont know ?t ?s enough for ha?r. I have no regrowth and my scalp ?s easly seen now. How many mg sp?ro should ? use
  14. el123

    el123 Guest

    You are on the right dosage. Some people see benefits on 100mg others 150mg and 200mg. Whatever the case it would be a gradual progression to 200mg. It will take a very long time (at least 1 year) to see any results with your hair. Keeping everything consistent is important. So don't change your medication at random without checking with your doctor first.
    Perhaps other here can also give their opinions as well.
  15. Pelin77

    Pelin77 Guest

    ? know ? have r?ght dosage, and you are r?ght about everyth?ng. my endo sa?d take 100 mg ?n a day f?rstly, but ? know that 100 mg ?s not enough for regrow?ng. I used 200 mg. My sk?n ?s less o?ly now. My dermo d?d?nt see my ha?r after f?rst v?s?t, so she d?d?nt see how bad my ha?r. She adv?se only yasm?n ?n september but my ha?r was qu?te good then. maybe she allow to start sp?ro. Its very compl?cated. 2 doctors are d?ffrent c?t?es and ? cant see my dermo unt?l apr?l.

    ? am go?ng crazy for now, so sad, so confused.

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