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Androgenetic Alopecia = Possible menopause at 24 years old

Discussion in 'AGA Related Blood Work and Doctors' started by Searching4Answers, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. Good evening everyone,

    Well, my hair loss issues began in March and now in August I think my reproductive endocrinologist is very close to finding the real diagnosis and not the typical diagnosis of Androgenetic Alopecia. After my ultrasound yesterday, I do not have PCOS. Instead, I was told that based on my hormone results, it SEEMS that my ovaries are going into failure aka early menopause and I am only 24 years old (this would explain the hairloss). Now, this is not the final diagnosis. I was told that he is sure this is all because of my BIRTH CONTROL supressing my Anti-Müllerian hormone aka AMH because the other hormone level that goes with AMH is NORMAL. Had I been going through premature menopause both levels would be low and only one is. ALL my male hormones are elevated as well.

    To find out for sure? I am being taken off birth control as of yesterday for a month and I have to go for a repeat hormone panal on the first, second or third day of my next period to see if the AMH levels come up, if they dont then the answer is that my ovaries are indeed shutting down and I will not be able to have children. As I have said in my last post, my TE tappered off after 6 months of hell. Now, I am beyond scared it will start back up again and I am still dealing with the dammage left by the last shed.

    My options: Once we have a diagnosis, I will be placed back on birth control and Finasteride 5mg (half a pill to start) to combat the high male hormones and grow my hair back. That is the last thing my endo said to me yesterday. He knew I was in complete shock by the look on my face. I am beyond devistated by this news and I just graduated school and will be taking a board exam for the medical profession in 3 weeks, probably the most important test of my life to start my career. The stress and sadness I am feeling at this moment is absolutly unreal.

    Ladies, please ask your MD's for a complete hormone panal because hairloss could be the first clue of a much more bigger problem.
  2. worriedmommy

    worriedmommy Guest

    Hi! I am so happy that you are on the track to finding out what is causing your hairloss and begin a treatment plan. I am very sorry to hear that you are going through early menopause. Do you think u might go for another opinion regarding the early menopause? I have a friend who was told something similar regarding early menopause (but she didn't have hair loss)...she now has 2 beautiful children. I hope that you will do excellent on your upcoming exams...wishing you lots of luck!

    I sent u a PM a few days ago...did you get it?
  3. spiderwoman

    spiderwoman Guest

    What did your doctor say the other hormone that goes with AMH is, was it FSH? I am asking because I have this issue as well but my FSH is high and AMH is low but not horrible. I was devastated when I found out. I so wanted to have more children. I just wanted to share with you some of the things that I have learned through extensive research on this topic that could help you (with the failing ovaries). I made it my full time job to research this issue in the past year and I am only going to list the most effective things.

    1) Take wheat grass shots. This is quite miraculous. Nobody really understands why this works but it does. It is the single more effective natural thing you can do. It has to be fresh and more throughout the day is better. You would need a juicing machine.

    2) If ou are more concerned about not having kids than with hairloss, extensive research done by the Center for Human Reproduction in NY has shown that DHEA can literally turn back the clock. You can read about it here http://www.centerforhumanreprod.com/dhea.html.

    3) Stop eating animal products esp. milk. They disturb your hormone balance. This is is a detail that my nationally well known endo doctor told me no other doctor will tell you. It is the cause for so many hormonal issues in American woman it's a wonder it's still being marketed so heavily.

    4) Take vitex. This is another one of those things that works so exceptionally well in encouraging your ovaries to function properly that it comes with a warning on the bottle not to take it will any fertility drugs. I used it. It's shockingly effective.

    Thats it. These were the the treatments that really packed a punch. I hope it helps you. I really feel your pain. PM me if you want someone to talk to.

  4. Yaya111

    Yaya111 Guest

    I am 26 years old and I had AMH testing done when I was 24 due to a family history of premature ovarian failure. It came back extremely low at 0.16, and the doctor told me to hurry up and have children basically. I have been miserable since, searching online about amh and premature ovarian failure, driving my fiancé insane. I came off birth control in January 2012, and have had normal periods since besides some premenstrual spotting. My hair has been falling out for the past 2 months. However, I just found out that I am 5 weeks pregnant. I wasn't trying just not using protection for the first month and didn't think it would happen due to low amh. I am not really sure how accurate the test is... I never had any other hormones drawn because I was too scared. Hopefully you are in a similar situation and the labs aren't accurate. I know how you feel. Have hope and faith and try to stay positive.
  5. spiderwoman

    spiderwoman Guest

    Wow, that was so uplifting Yaya111. Thank you:)

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