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Anti-depressants/Anti-Anxiety meds?

Discussion in 'Medications that can cause Hair Loss' started by 2banonymous, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. 2banonymous

    2banonymous Guest

    I've been avoiding these because I know they can all cause more hairloss, but I'm really ceasing to function due to the stress of all this and some other things. I've tried everything else to reduce stress but keep getting worse. Does anyone know a good one that isn't as bad for hair?
  2. bald2theBone

    bald2theBone Guest

    I take a low dose of effexor xr. I would recommend this stuff as the sides are non-existent at low doses (I take 150mg EOD).
  3. deb123

    deb123 Guest

    I take xanax and it hasn't ever affected my hair. I only take it when I need it. I usually take a little on hair wash days so I don't freak out if more comes out than I think should have.

    I completely relate to how the stress of hairloss makes normal day functioning so difficult. Xanax helps me keep it together.

  4. krapiva

    krapiva Guest

    i've just gotten a prescription for one...called..Wallerburn...or smth like that...if you'd like i'll look up the name...anyways..the only problem you have to take it every day and you can't drink alcohol...other than that it's supposedly changes some chemicals in your brain to make you think more positively...and no bad side-effects...

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