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Any One Out here

Discussion in 'Hair Transplants for Women' started by dee01832, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. dee01832

    dee01832 Guest

    Are there any woman on here who got a hair transplant --- Intends on and has gone thrugh the consults, or knows anyoter woman who has.
    If so please post, sont forget about us here, share your feelings, good or bad. I am looking for my options here!
  2. Lily

    Lily Senior Member

    Mar 26, 2005
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    Astrobleme has been good about sharing her experiences. I felt that might be an option for me, but since I have diffuse thinning and am still shedding, where would it be "safe" to harvest the hair? Would the implanted hair be going the way of the other hair at some time in the future? It's easire with male pattern baldness--the hair left around the edges seems more "immune" to loss.
  3. dee01832

    dee01832 Guest

    Thats the same with me... so maybe i should rephrase that comment:
    Anyone out there whos hair was diffuse and thinning, had a hair transplant?
    Im afraid that the transplated hair would have the same fate. I wish we had a hair transplant doctor lokking at our site here and commenting. like the mens site has.
  4. wyonna

    wyonna Guest

    I had a hair transplant on Oct 28th

    They take hair from the back of the head which is coded not to fall out ( die) then put it in the thinning area. The hair transplant hairs will grow back in after the hair transplant if they fall out. I am now starting to see the crop coming in and it might take up to a year to really see the growth. BUT i have sooooo much more new hair them I ever did.... Am I at a gain from when i did the hair transplant can't say... I also started to use a HDT blocker and when I stop the scalp pain came back and when i started the DHT blocker the scalp pain stopped. All I know is I am soooo happy I did the hair transplant and will do another one if needed... I know the money is high but I want hair... mine was 5.00 for the first 1200 hairs them 3.00 for the next 200. Get a GOOD doctor if you do it!!!!!

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