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anybody here chosen not to wear a wig?

Discussion in 'Wigs, Extensions, Toppers & Hair Systems' started by sage, May 2, 2005.

  1. ScaredSally

    ScaredSally Guest

    Hiya Niki ....

    I would be a bit dubious mate .. not to putt you off .. btu I can give you better places to go see in London ... or where I go in Kent ...

    Can I ask what type of hair loss you have is it Androgenetic Alopecia ?

    Lucinda Ellery (although not for me as the cost) can be quite good .. I think her site is lucindaellery.com

    Also go to the search engine type Mark Glenn he is similar to Lucinda ...

    Or if you are nearby Kent ... I can give you the name of the lady I see her site is wattzinternational.co.uk ... she is by far much cheaper and DOES do these systems and was recommended by hairline international

    I would not recommend Farrell .. this man took me to an office where he proceeded to tell me about my hair loss even though I said I know what it is ... his computer was covered in dust (so it WASNT used) and he just went on about using the lazer treatment, regaine (which I am on anyway) and vitamins (which I did) .. he wsa so good with his speach he nearly persuaded me .. thankfully I didnt do it ..I have also had very very bad reports of the standards of their hair peices ... Please dont waste your time and gothere .... I cant reember the guy I saw it was around eight months ago........

    If I can help more please let me know
  2. Dont waste your time or money with Farrell. He is over priced and other compaines that can make a better system. Toplace ships to uk they have many clients, for around 125 to 150 you can get a good quaility partical hairsystem and a company that backs up there product. I do not know of compaines in the uk, but know a few in the US, I delt with Farrell, DHR, Hairdirect went through a few compaines before finding Toplace. I viewed some of the web pages from hairhabit, and from looking at there pics they are over priced and the materials they use do not match up to the lace and remy hair that toplace uses. But each has to decide what is the best for them. Cin
  3. Nikki

    Nikki Guest

    Hi Sally

    Well was very nervous but went to my appointment after all. I don't know but i must have gone to a different place to you. The guy was called Andy really nice he was also a hair loss sufferer himself wearing a farrell system which i was amazed when he told me after talking half hour cos i would never have known, the hairline he had was superb which gave me confidence in what i wanted because i used to wear my hair back quite often.

    I actually went there looking for the points you said to watch out for but really did not find one! The systems looked great! i have a male friend who wore a system from another company (AHS) and in comparison Farrell looked superb.

    The quality was much better than i could have expected.
    I haven't signed for anything yet due to funding but will be going at the end of June. All in all was truely happy with my visit.

    with regards to toplace etc i'm not prepared to by an "off the rack" system over the internet i want something that customised to my requirements at least then i know what i'm getting. if i have to pay a bit more then i'll do that. :wink:
  4. ScaredSally

    ScaredSally Guest

    I truly hope it works for you I really do mate ...

    I have heard thousands of bad reports on their systems from various sites that I refuse point blank to go there .... even if they were the last place .... talk to Dreamsolivin just to be on the safe side as she is a former client ..... but lets hope you found a good place

    Was their office off Dover Street in London ???

    I have my lady who is a god send who I personally trust with my life .. she deals wiht this herself and is ALWAYS contactable in person ... I truly hope it works out for you and that I was unluky with the loser who spoke to me and keep us informed.

  5. hoosthatgirl

    hoosthatgirl Guest

    i went to a wig fitting and felt like i was hiding myself. i felt like i couldn't be myself. again, i am not knocking people that wear wigs this was just how i felt inside.

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