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Anyone got feedback about Lucinda Ellery, please?

Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by DazzleDust, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. cathymonks

    cathymonks Guest


    I missed the Documentary but read about it on the Lucinda Ellery newsletter so then watched the video on her website. Well done you - I thought you were brill. Your hair looked great too so I hope everything is going well for you. I share your feelings about Lucinda - she is quite special.

    Cathy :bravo:
  2. colline

    colline Guest

    Was it good or bad then LC? What did you have done and how much was it?
  3. Joanne D

    Joanne D Guest

    I have the intralace system which is for those of us with thinning hAir or hair loss in general although they do other things there so you would need to speak to them about what would be best for you. I got costs written out for me at the consultation but if you phone them and explain about your hair then they will give you an idea of cost.
    Joanne d
  4. Joanne D

    Joanne D Guest

    Hi mel

    Not sure if your still active on this forum but I just read your story in the newsletter at Lucinda's and you must be really pleased. Congrats and hope everything goes well for you. My hair loss is different and will be long term but it is great to hear a happy ending:)
    Happy hair days!!!
    Joanne xxxxxxxx xx
  5. Madamem

    Madamem Guest

    I had a negative experience here. I found Lucinda to be a bit barmy talking about auras etc. I wasn't particularly happy with the hair and found the staff were always rushed. I remember telling one of the stylists I didn't like my hair and she just walked away. When I left I found 2 curlers in my hair. I have Tricho and it's a very deep rooted problem(!). She once told me that she never loses track of her Tricho girls. Once I stopped going I never heard from her again. She recommends all sorts of stuff like hypnotherapy which a few years back was £75 a pop. I was provided with a free CD with relaxation techniques which the hypnotherapist asked back once it was clear i wasn't going to make an appt. That on top of the huge cost for synthetic hair was just too much. As for belly dancing? Really not my thing. I find it outrageous that she charges for a 'Consultation' when all she is doing is promoting her hair systems. I could go on and on. The long and the short of it is I still have Tricho worse than ever and all this has left a nasty taste in my mouth. No wonder she drives an Aston Martin.
  6. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    hi girls,

    this is my first post here, I'm very interested and slightly disappointed in all the negative comments about LE, as I am intending to commit to a hair integration system with them in a month or so...

    I did a fair amount of research on alternative places and visited 3 in all, but LE seems to fit my requirements best of all, apart from the huge cost of course...

    but now with all the comments, I'm more worried than I was!
  7. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    I would be cautious. I know women who don't belong to this forum who have used LE and had negative experiences also. :( Depending on where your hair loss is, have you thought about bonding? Or other options?
  8. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    Hi there and thank you for your post ;-)

    I don't have enough coverage for successful bonding, and I've been to a London Salon to try toppers, but for me personally, the idea of taking something off at the end of the night would defeat the object. I don't want to look at my dreadful scalp and be reminded daily what a state I'm in, also don't want husband to have a fabulous looking wife during the day and then a shocker at night! (and believe me, when I've got a lace front hairline placed on me, the difference for me is just incredible!)

    I'm committed to at least trying hair integration for a while to see what it's like, it's just a shame there is so much controversy surrounding it all. I'd love to hear from people who have had a good experience there ;-)
  9. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    I meant a full lace wig that you can bond yourself and wear all the time - night and day. So I am not sure what you mean about enough coverage - it would cover your entire scalp. Depending on who you bought the wig from, it would probably be cheaper and you would have control over it. There are also some women on here who wear bonded toppers - their husbands never see their heads either as it is stuck down on their head (that's what the bonded part means... it is stuck using glue or tape or both). :) Wigs and toppers that are not bonded are the ones that you take off each evening/night.

    P.S. The wig in my profile pic/avatar is a full lace wig that I bought myself and bonded myself... so I do understand how nice a hairline one can achieve with full lace and lace front wigs.
  10. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    Hi there,
    I wouldn't have the first clue how to bond my own wig on, and how to get the right sort of wig for me. Also then presumably you still need to go to a hairdresser to get it cut and styled? I have a fear of hairdressers at the moment.... And then does it get bonded onto the existing hair on your head? Although my hair is extremely fine, I still have it all over.

    I love that piccy, is it really you?
  11. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    Yes that's me and a full lace wig.

    You can learn how to do it. There are other posts on this forum where members are interested in learning or who have learnt and relate their experiences. I learnt from doing lots of research and watching You Tube videos. Hair Direct (online company based in the US) has a forum that is very helpful also.

    With the bonding - it depends whether you opted for a topper or a lace front or a full lace wig as to how you treat your own hair underneath. If you want to wear the hairpiece/wig for long periods (sleep in it), then a topper or full lace wig is a good option because the whole thing is bonded. A traditional lace front only has the front bonded and the back is like a regular wig. With a topper, most people choose to shave their own hair off to make the bonding easier although I know a couple of people who bonded onto their hair. If you opted for a full lace wig, you can keep your own hair underneath, but you have to figure out how to make it as flat (not bumpy/lumpy) as possible and most women who keep their own hair underneath opt to use a stocking wig cap in a flesh tone so that a. it keeps their hair protected and neat and b. it looks like scalp/skin through the wig as the stocking wig cap shows instead of their hair. The way you bond it is that you attach the wig just outside your own hairline, so you are not bonding onto your hair but onto skin. At the front hairline, I attach half onto the stocking wig cap and half onto my forehead skin (just because I find it works well for me that way).

    Generally you would need to get it cut by someone, unless you bought one that was pre-cut/styled. There are some places in the UK that offer to do the bonding/application for you and from whom you can order a wig. They can be a good start to learn how to do it and to get it cut.

    Some other good resources are The Lace Wig Connection and Black Hair Media Forum Lace Front and Lace Front Newbies sections - as these type of wigs are worn a lot by women of colour.

    Hope this helps a little. It may not be something you wish to do right now or ever, but I do think it is worth looking into and researching a little if you are looking at other long-term attachment methods.
  12. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    I love your profile pic, you look gorgeous ;-) Thank you for responding with so much information.

    Yes I've looked at Hair Direct, but would be so worried about ordering something without seeing it first, being so new at this..I did try a topper (well i tried one that had clips all the way round which just sits comfortably on the top of my head, is that what you mean?)...but the London salon I went to didn't inspire confidence..

    Re: the places that offer to do the application and where you can order wigs from, any of those near london? (Im in Hertfordshire)...

    I'm not sure I would have the confidence to buy blind online, but would love the opportunity to see how simple the process 'could' be as a DIY-er before I commit to anything...x
  13. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    The clip on toppers are different to the bonded toppers - I call the clip on toppers regular toppers as they mimic regular wigs, in that they are meant to be worn daily rather than 24/7 and you are not sticking them to your head with any products. The bonded toppers are very fine bases made of usually some kind of lace/mesh material that is designed to blend in with your own hair/scalp. It is stuck down at the perimeter using some adhesive tape or glue. There are no clips.

    Salons in London - Afrodite is one that does the full lace wigs. Not sure about whether they do toppers. Lawnie Greasvy also does wigs and applications - http://lawnieslacewigs.blogspot.com/ - and is very sweet/helpful. There are others... you could do a google search. The thing is, I think it's easier to find salons who bond full lace wigs than toppers... not sure why! There is a place up in Yorkshire (never been there myself) who do bonded pieces: http://www.vervehairloss.co.uk/ and they start at £425.

    These places are similar type of hair system (or the same one really) to LE - but might be worth asking them for a quote too:

    http://trichoalopeciasolutions.co.uk/wo ... solutions/
  14. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    Wow thank you for all that information.

    So if you do your hairwork yourself and you buy the wigs online, AND you wear the wig always rather than take it off every night, how long does your wig last before you feel that a replacement is necessary?
    Sorry if I'm asking personal questions, I hope thats ok.

    I have emailed lawnies to discuss options there, thank you so much for the links. I hadn't really considered doing it myself but am certainly willing to look into it, you have given me some new (possibly cheaper) avenues to consider thank you ;-)
  15. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    I am not wearing a bonded one at the moment - for various reasons including health issues... but ultimately because I don't feel the need to wear one 24/7 right now. However, a rough estimate would be between 2-4 months for a full lace wig depending on the hair quality (they are very variable) and also how well you look after it. If you got a topper - then probably a bit longer. One thing you must do if you wear this type of hair is to care for it properly and that means wrapping it or protecting it in some way at night or at least using a silk pillowcase and braiding it lightly (it it's longer). Lawnie would definitely be able to advise on that and show you how to prepare for sleeping in it.

    I do think it is at least worth considering the cheaper options even if that is just to rule them out. Having some control over it is good, as you are not dependant on the salon all the time and even if you started by getting applications done by a salon, you at least have the option to progress at a later date towards doing it yourself if you wanted. I know some ladies who choose salon over home-based, others who always did DIY, and others who started with salon and now do it themselves. The problem with the LE type systems is that you are totally reliant at all times on them to maintain the system's security/attachment to your head and later on, you may find that expensive and rather restrictive.

    Of course the upside of having a salon who organises it all is that you don't have to think about it in the same way that you would when maintaining it yourself and the onus is on them. But that is also assuming that the salon actually provide you with what you expected/wanted and that the hair performs as it should do - which is not always the case. I can see the advantages and disadvantages to both ways... and I sometimes think that our preferences change as time goes on too or our circumstances change.
  16. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    Thank you for that.

    I've been reading through the details on the trichoalopeciasolutions.co.uk website but the english is so appalling! It sounds like a similar setup to LE, but I'm initially concerned with the amount of care they've taken to put all their important target information together, looks so sloppy! I'd be wondering if their service is the same :-(

    The volumiser website is very interesting, I have emailed them initially to ask if they do natural front hairlines (a must for me ;-) and also still waiting to hear back from lawnie too ;-)

    And yes I think you are right, I may end up at LE for a while to start off under some rigid care and guidance, and once I get into the swing of things and learn more about it, then transfer to a different format. That's if these 2 emails don't pan out ;-)

    Can't wait to get some replies!
  17. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    I think, not that this excuses it at all, that the lady may be Spanish or some other non-English mother tongue origin. :dunno: I agree - it's not a good impression to create.

    I hope you hear back from them. There are some others out there. I remember a long time ago somehow finding a site that was for a business providing similar pieces/services to LE - the lady who ran it had actually worked for LE for some years and finally left and set up her own business. I can't remember the website addres, but I am sure she was based in London.
  18. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    No response yet :-( Have contacted them both again.
  19. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    Is there any phone numbers for them? You might get more luck by calling and asking for information. You can also suss them out a bit - you can tell a lot by talking on the phone (hearing their voices etc!) I think! ;)
  20. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    Hi there, sorry for the delay, christmas, channukah and wotnot ;-)

    Yes will give them both a call in the New Year, thank you! ;-) xxx

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