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Anyone got feedback about Lucinda Ellery, please?

Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by DazzleDust, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    Hmm Interesting, I've been trying to email the Volumiser website and heard nothing back, and I just tried calling both their numbers and they are not working! How weird is that?! Has anyone else had any dealings with http://www.volumiser.co.uk lately?
  2. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    Wow that is really weird! Maybe these places are going out of business?! :shock:
  3. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

  4. JulieK

    JulieK Guest

    ...and there's also Mark Glenn Hair Enhancement in Mayfair, London:


    Some amazing videos of their Kinsey System on YouTube:



    I settled on the guys at Mark Glenn who have changed my life, but I'd recommend you do as I did, check out a few and go with the one that feels best.

    For some, a cheaper alternative is Nanogen (the hair in a jar stuff - there's also others like Toppik) which I also tried as a temporary cover-up. Its a bit messy but does the job if your hair suits it for special occasions.

  5. eton17

    eton17 Guest

    I joined the site today after googling for info on lucinda ellery.
    I have female pattern baldness. it started 20 years ago and i have tried minoxodil but didnt have much success so stopped after a couple of years.
    my condition seemed to stay the same for a few years then slowly got worse and the past year has seen a big difference.
    I feel i have to do something about it as it is always on my mind. i am using fusion at the moemnt which is a powder that you puff on but although it reduces the shine on my parting it doesnt disguise the rest of my thinning crown.
    I dont have a large income and no savings so i will have to struggle to raise the money but this year is the year i am going to do it.
    After reading all the posts on here about lucinda ellery it seems its horses for courses and whatever suits then stick with it.
    I will be shopping around to get the best system for the cheapest price, so any tips would be very much appreciated. great to have found this site i feel better already.
    I am 56 years old ( yesterday was my birthday ) and its now or never.
  6. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    Thank you for all of those, am definitely interested in Empower, not sure why but the bigger looking websites are more of a draw for me than the little mobile salons, but that might just be because this is all new to me and I feel like I want to be under a salon to begin with...

    thanks again for all that, its almost time for me to jump in ;-) x
  7. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    Ooo Julie,
    thanks for those even newer additions to the list of hair integration suppliers;-) after some more research I've decided that the hair integration IS the way for me as I really want to keep the system booted to my head permanently, rather than having a hairpiece that I remove after a few weeks... so after all that new info I'm now going to book an appointment and go see Empower and Mark Glenn as they are both in London, and see if they can't top Lucinda Ellery (see what I did there?)...wish me luck ;-))

    Hi Eton nice to 'meet' you..I have had diffuse thinning since I was a teenager and I'm 43 now (sigh)...also on a budget but feeling that this is the year I go for it and make a HUGE change to my personal wellbeing! :) I have applied for NHS funding and go to appeal sometime this month..either way I've GOT to do it. ;-)
  8. cassie

    cassie Established Member

    Oct 20, 2008
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    Hi all
    I have a lace integration system fitted 6 months ago at a Yorkshire salon called Verve, & I love it. I'd be wary of 'Empower' as they were 'Whitecliffs' originally (had bad reputation & went out of business).
    Having lace integration does mean relying on the salon for maintenance but being able to wear hair 24/7 is fantastic. It looks so natural & has given me my life back.
  9. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    Cassie - thanks for the feedback about empower. Useful!

    Regarding mobile and small salons - I personally don't think it necessarily means they are bad (or that they are good..) or that they offer a lesser service. Sometimes they are set up by people who have previously worked for LE or MG or other well known large salons. I remember reading a couple of times before about women who had worked for LE for some years and later gone on to set up a small salon by themselves. Just like you get people who have worked in hair salons for years and later on go and set their own salon up.
  10. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    Hi Cassie and Annemarie,

    I didn't know Empower were originally Whitecliffs, yes read a lot about Whitecliffs in the forums...hmmm I wonder if anyone here uses Empower and loves it?

    Yes Vval you are totally right of course ;-)

    AnneMarie, whats the difference between the LE hair system (which I understand having visited them for a consult) and the system you use now which you do yourself? Is it not hair integration?

    So perhaps it might be sensible for me to skip Empower and just try Mark Glenn then...
  11. eton17

    eton17 Guest

    Anne marie, could you tell me what system you have in place now and how different it is from the ones done in le or emplower. thanks for advice .
    thanks Linda x
  12. eton17

    eton17 Guest

    you look fabulous. I am amazed. Where did you get your system from. have i misread your post i think you said you designed your system yourself !! I am at the point where i need to do something but dont know what . I just can't get my head around it all.
    i dont know what to do at the moment i am using xfusion powder but i need something else. £3000 is just too much for me so looking for a genuine realistic system but at a good price.
    cheers linda
  13. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    Annemarie your system looks amazing! I have a few questions now ;-)
    1. Can you tell me why Mark Glenn thought you were unsuitable for an integration system? If you don't mind sharing that is ;-)

    2. How long do you keep your hair on before you have to take it off for maintenance.

    3. How long does the hairpiece last before you have to throw it away?
  14. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    One thing I noticed - which Annemarie pointed out - when I looked at a video on YouTube of the type of "systems" that the hair replacement system salons use is that they seem incredibly bumpy/lumpy (all the connections and extensiony bits) and the mesh base does not lay very flat to the head like a lace wig or lace topper would (seemed a bit rumpled!). I can't see how one could date or be in a relationship without the other person knowing you are wearing it (not that I mind, but I know that it is a consideration for a lot of women).
  15. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    Hi Vlal,

    yes I agree actually, both the hair intetration systems I have been shown at Hair Solved in Barnet and LE in London all looked a little bumpy, but as I don't know any different I just accepted it. So in comparison you are saying that the wig method (which is lace and hair attached) is much smoother am I right?

    Also my main confusion is this...I DO have very curly hair all over my scalp, but it is very fine. Do I have to cover my own hair with something before a hairpiece goes on? And also with a gorgeous lace front like yours, can I stick the lace front to my existing hair line even if there is hair there? Or do I need to shave it first? (which Im willing to do at this point).

    I also went to the Hair Direct Forum hoping to at least see a video of a female putting on a full lace wig,, but there's nothing there..would be so good to be able to actually see how easy it is, and take the mystery out of it.

    Ok so I've finally found some videos that show the putting on process for girlies http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gUjfT47bVTw for example...is this what you girls are doing then? It looks so simple but I have a few questions.

    A) a lot of time is spent on the front of the hair, but what happens at the back? When I've worn normal wigs in the past I have always found then to be too loose at the back of my head so there's lots of movement. If you wear a lace front wig, whats to stop the back slipping around?

    B) do these sorts of wigs keep their shape and curls after weeks of wear?

  16. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    Thank you so much for your honest answers ;-) I have been astonished to find all these utube videos about girls doing their own lace front wig applications, amazing to see and such an eye opener. All of a sudden I'm thinking that LE is perhaps NOT the ONLY way forward for me. I'm very excited about all of this, there are so many beautiful wigs out there! Must watch more... ;-)
  17. lolly123

    lolly123 Guest

    I went for my consultation with Lucinda Ellery yesterday, i thought she was lovely. I was impressed with the before and after pics she showed me. It is very costly but its good to know that option is there if i can save. Ive been looking into wigs now, my friend and I are going to have a look on the internet tonight for lacefront human hair wigs. Any feedback on the Jon Renau wigs? they look so natural. Im new at this a never worn a wig before, just want the most natural looking I can find :)
  18. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    Hi Lolly,

    ah I never met Lucinda, I met her son though and he was great ;-)
    I was feeling the LE was the right move for me, however, the cost is just so enormous I've been feeling very worried about it.
    However, now I'm moving away from the idea of LE and moving more towards other simpler lace systems, I can't justify the costs that I will incur at LE unfortunately.

    The whole lacefront hair wig thing is an utter amazement to me, I've been so excited watching all the vids on how much simpler and cheaper it is.

    I'm going to be jumping into some sort of wig in the next few weeks/months, I can feel it ;-)
  19. lolly123

    lolly123 Guest

    Hi pirategirl,

    Its times like this i wish i was loaded and could afford these amazing solutions. Ive been tallying it all up and it is going to cost a fortune to go down the LE route. I just loved the idea of not having to deal with the hair loss everyday, with the hair being a permanent. The lace wigs do look great though. I too feel i will be moving towards buying a wig soon. Keep me updated, scary!!!

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