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Anyone got feedback about Lucinda Ellery, please?

Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by DazzleDust, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    Hi Lolly,

    you know what Lolly? Talking to the girls here on this forum has been a life changing eye opener for me ;) Going down the LE route I was looking at at least £1,800 per year, plus all the travel costs down into London, was all too much. I think it's a wonderful choice if money is not an option I really do, the salon is beautiful and I'm sure the product is great (the lace front looked fabulous).

    But you know, with these wigs, you CAN treat it like normal hair (so I believe anyway) and keep it on for weeks at a time ;-) and order it from the comfort of your own home (or go to a wig salon). I've got an appointment booked at a lace wig salon in london for a consultation in one week, and I also just went crazy and ordered my first lace front wig off the net too! (didn't realise it takes a month to arrive though)..Once I have it, I will post close up photos to show you (can we do that here? haven't worked it out yet :) The other thing is, presumably if you wear lace front wigs (or any wigs) you could alternate them at will, so you could have dark short and straight one day, and blond, long and curly the next!

    (Oh god. I hope this lace front thing IS as good as it sounds otherwise I'm going to be leaving feedback that makes all this posting look really naive.) :woot:
  2. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    Yes you can. When you are posting or reply to a post, look under the "submit" button. You will see Filename, choose - click on choose and it will open up a little window to show your computer files. You can pick the one you want to add and click "Add the file" to add it. Just don't try and upload giant pics - it won't work if they are too large files. You can make them smaller or crop them (if you need to) on Picresize.com.

    Did you order a FLW or a LF? A LF is more suitable for daily wear as the back doesn't need to be bonded. It is a good wig to start with going down the bonded route as you can concentrate on bonding the front hairline really well. Sometimes it takes a while to get the right order specifications with these full lace and lace front wigs - density is a big factor I find.
  3. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    hi honey ;-)
    I ordered a lace front wig as a trial option but I will also be ordering a lace front (via our PM) AND seeing what happens at my lace wig appointment in London next week. I want to have one of each (lfw AND lf) so I can practice with both. I ordered the lace front wig more or less exactly to the spec you gave me via email ;-). The only thing I couldn't be sure about is the colour, but hopefully soon I will get my hands on a wee colour ring so I can get a better idea and if I'm wildly out I'll see if they will amend my order. ;-)

    I'm assuming that the back on a lace front wig doesnt have to be bonded? Dont they just fit snugly or have clips or anything? Hadn't given the back much thought, I keep forgetting about that bit.
  4. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    Annemarie - you literally nearly had me falling off my chair! :shock: I don't know whether to laugh or cry... it's just crazy! 9 hours in a chair :freaked2: The cost is just phenomenal and I can't imagine that the 'average' Jane could afford that long-term in this financial climate. I completely understand how people get sucked into having one fitted though, because if you don't know any differently and are in a tough hair loss situation, I am sure it seems like the perfect option - especially as all the hard work of fitting it etc is done by them. What kind of hair was the hair used for that price?
  5. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    The back usually has some kind of adjustable element - adjustable straps (like bras straps in miniature). Then there may be a comb (like a wire or plastic zig-zag type one) that you can push into your own hair (if you have some left) or wedge into a stocking wig cap (if you are wearing one). Snap combs are not usually included, but you can buy those - they are the same as extension clips - and sew them on yourself.

    Snug fit depends on whether it is stock or custom. With custom it depends on you having gotten your measurements or mould correct and then the manufacturer/wig maker managing to make a cap really snugly off that. With stock, it depends whether you have an average small, medium or large head. If you are unfortunate to fall between sizes or to have some measurements that are one size and some that are another size (which happens sometimes) then it is less hard to achieve in stock wigs of any kind. It doesn't matter quite so much with LF I find, but with FLW it can be a big pain if the sizing is 'off' as they are designed to fit like a glove and work best (bond best) when they fit properly. One of the hardest things about a FLW is getting the nape bonded successfully - they have a tendency to unstick/ride up as this is the part of your head that gets the most movement (due to your neck). It depends what adhesive is used also.
  6. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    k many thanks for the info ;-)
  7. lolly123

    lolly123 Guest

    Wow Annemarie- knew it would be expensive, but £4000 a year- not a chance!!!! I just cant afford that kind of money :(

    Pirategirl please let me know and keep me updated, would love to know how you get on :)
  8. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    I'm counting the hours! ;-)
  9. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    You could get a nice VEHH wig or topper for half that price or less, that will last for at least a couple of years. The only difference (which to some people is a big difference) is that you can't sleep in it and it's not bonded or attached in the LE manner.
  10. lolly123

    lolly123 Guest

    I do think that is what you pay for though, the ability to forget about the hair loss. Though I thought you can sleep in some bonded wigs? That's def the route I would want to go, bond for as long as possible. :). Pirategirl- if you don't mind me asking, where have you purchased your online wig from?
  11. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    I bought my wig from here:

    http://www.lacewigsbuy.com/lace-front-w ... b0310.html

    I've no idea what the quality is, but I'm now on a fact finding mission so am willing to get it wrong a bit, in order to find the right way for me ;-)
    Will give informed post once I've attached it to my elbow ;-)
  12. lolly123

    lolly123 Guest

    Hi annemarie, just checked out the trevorsorbie site, really good to know there are a few salons in my area that cut and style wigs. My best friend has been my hairdresser for years, but not that i have let her near me in the last year. But she knows how I like my hair so that is a great plus, she could always come with to these salons who are specially trained for cutting wigs and learn through them :)

    Pirategirl- looks lovely, I love the wave. Ekkk im excited for you!!
  13. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    Or she could apply to train herself under TS's initiative. ;)
  14. lolly123

    lolly123 Guest

    Vlal- that would be ideal, I'm sure she would try anything to help me :). I've been looking at so many wig sites, there is so much choice. When ordering custom, what density do you normally choose?
  15. Joanne D

    Joanne D Guest

    Hi all

    I think having the list of costs written out like that is scary!! I have been a Lucinda Ellery client for a while now and was fully aware of the costs that would be involved as it was all written down in black and white at the consultation so I had to work out if it would suit me in the long term as my hair loss is forever. So far I have not had any suprises. My adjustment is normally 1 hour and 20 minutes and I can manage to stretch them to every 8 weeks so I usually pay £135 every 8 weeks with the exception of when I need a realignment (not very often, not much hair;) or when I need a new parting. If people are not made aware of the costs at the consultation then that is misleading but I was so I knew what I was in for. I know there tends to be quite a bit of negative feedback on here about Lucinda Ellery which really does suprise me because as a client I have always felt very looked after and I have always found them to be very nice people!! Lucinda always seems to be there and she has something to say to everyone. it is a great atmosphere and the studios are lovely but I know its not cheap. I am sure its the same for every woman but my hair is really really important to me. I did plenty of research before I took the plunge and went with the intralace system. I would not be confident to maintain a wig or put it on in the correct way so it suits me to have someone else do everything for me. I do admire those that can maintain things themselves and Vlal looks fantastic - her hair is beautiful. Sometimes the commitment to going to London is a bit of a drag but I feel so good after my appointments that its worth it. I hope you all find the right way forward with your hair as it is a great feeling to not have to worry and just get on with life. I don't feel indebted to Lucinda Ellery - I just am happy to use their services. THey do what I want and I pay them!!
  16. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    HI Joanne,

    I'm glad you love LE, I loved my consultation there ;-)

    My quote at LE was £1895 for the initial system and then an average of £2152.50 per year, (not £1,800 as I previously thought), and thats not including all the travel into London, so unfortunately for me, the cost was just prohibitive.

    If I had more financial security I'd so have tried it though ;-)
  17. andie02

    andie02 Guest

    Hi everyone I am new on here and I have read with interest the many comments posted here about L E and as a former client I feel that I must post my feelings about them. Initially, I too thought there was no one else providing this service.

    If you are thinking of going to L E then soooooo DON’T !!!!!! The ‘plush’ surroundings and the ‘so called’ celebrity clients may take you in., who do you really think is paying for all the niceties? YOU ARE!!! With the high costs that they charge.
    Do you really want to sit there for hours and hours and hours and pay through the nose – a fortune – for the privilege? There is absolutely no need to!!. They ( the Family, Lucinda the two sons and the daughter ) may appear all smiley and nicey nicey but at the end of the day all they are concerned about is extracting as much money as possible from you, the client, in any way they can.You who is vulnerable with a sensitive personal problem suffering from hair loss, so ‘buyer beware’. When problems arise, and they do, they are ‘ALWAYS RIGHT’ and you, the client, is ‘ALWAYS WRONG’ no matter what! They use poor quality hair but charge top quality prices, which when washed, over time may knot & tangle, resulting in the need for replacement hair!. Why have your system left on for as long as 6 months, being continually tightened on the same strands of hair which hold your system in place, when you can have it removed entirely and replaced quickly at every maintenance appointment which also includes, if you wish, having your own hair washed, which is lovely. Your system is then replaced having undergone a deep conditioning treatment and then re-attached with different strands of your own hair thereby reducing further potential damage to it. Continually having your system tightened over the 6 months period is horrendous with lots of matting occurring of your own hair underneath which can become smelly and uncomfortable, so having it taken off at every appointment is so much better and less stress caused on your head and hair.
    If you require an excellent professional service, with ‘no frills’ at a much more ‘realistic’ price, in complete privacy then I would suggest you try Graham at Bloomsbury’s of London.( the London Hair Clinic-for men) They really know what they are doing there and your replacement system is ‘custom made’ to ‘fit’ your head comfortably without you having to sit there for hours and hours. It will not be a rectangular piece of mesh, that has been scrunched and ‘tried’ to be made to fit an oval shaped head. Graham is a member of the Trichological Society, something that L.E are not. I have the same member of staff dealing with my hair at each visit, just like you would expect from a normal high street hairdresser, she trims and colours my hair as necessary and I do not face a huge bill for this service, unlike L E. Also Bloomsbury’s do not charge for a consultation unlike L E who charge and do not give you a refund on your chosen system .
    Even though Bloomsbury’s are based in London, because the service there is much quicker, and some evenings they work late, a tip is if possible to book an afternoon appointment and take advantage of cheaper train prices by booking in advance and ‘off peak’, this can reduce your costs considerably which is not possible at L E if you have a lengthy appointment. Bloomsbury’s are approximately a 20 minute walk from St Pancras Station.

    If I can prevent just 1 person from having to endure the problems I have encounted and the massive expense at ELLERY’s, then the time taken to post my comments will be worth it ( I have not gone into details with the problems I have had with L E, but there has been many ). After all LE have been providing this service for a very very very long time and by now you would expect them to have got it right and offer a better service, product and price. If you have a complaint about them you are unable to complain to a professional ‘body’ as they are not a member of one! As you can see from earlier comments of people attempting to recover their money, LE think they are a law unto themselves.
    To fellow hair loss sufferers who are happy at L E and willing to pay their prices and enjoy their 5* surroundings, I wish you all well.
  18. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    Hi Andie,

    thank you for that, is always interesting to hear everyone else's opinion ;-)

    I was just talking about Bloomsburys with another member earlier, I did go to Bloomsburys for a consultation and came away feeling very clearly that it wasn't the place for me. There were lots of reasons why (which I won't mention here because I'm not sure it's fair) but basically my first impressions at the salon were not inspiring to say the least.

    Also they only do really straight hair and when I asked about curly he started really putting down curly hair as problematic, tangly, difficult, awkward.

    Overall I think that Graham's manner and approach were sensitive and professional, the hair he showed me looked lovely and I have to say that the sample he showed me fitted nicely and comfortably, so I do feel that the product is great, regardless of my other impressions.

    I'm glad that Bloomsburys works for you, I think if I was naturally straight haired I would have been able to possibly put aside my doubts, however, personally I have to find a curly solution ;-)
  19. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    It depends on what you are trying to achieve in terms of style. I want less than most people on the top and crown (I can't do volume and pouff up there) so I tend to opt for a lighter density than the average Jane. The one I have on in the avatar pic was light-medium. To me that was a lot of hair! If I re-ordered it from the same vendor, I would order it with less hair - I would ask for medium or light-medium throughout the sides and back and then light on the top so I could get a nice flat less pouffy density. I would ask that the part line be tight though as light density does not usually give a tight part (so I might send a mould with a marking of where I want the part line to be) and opt for a fixed part line. That means they might have to put a higher density where my part line was (to make it tight) and all around it on the vertex be light (as the hair is long, it covers over that) to stop it being too wiggy.

    A good option is to go for graduated density at the front hairline as most people have naturally less hair there and you wouldn't want a really thick hairline there. So you might want to do 1 inch around the edge of lighter density graduating to light-medium on the rest of the wig. The best thing to do, IMO, is to order one with what you think you want and then once you have tried that (as like a baseline) you will soon know whether to go up or down in hair density either over the whole wig or just certain areas.
  20. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    I am glad to hear that you have found a solution that is working for you. Sorry to hear about the nightmare with LE :thumbdown2: .

    Just to keep this fair - if anyone is interested in Bloomsbury Wigs, there are threads on this forum giving feedback... here's a couple (there are more references if you search):


    I personally know several people who had bad experiences there. As usual - with supplemental hair - some people have good experiences and some people have bad ones. It makes it very hard to decide I think! :roll:


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