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Anyone got feedback about Lucinda Ellery, please?

Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by DazzleDust, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest


    sorry honey to be extra thick this morning, but what is VEHH?

  2. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    Virgin European Human Hair - don't be silly... it's not a thick question. :smack:
  3. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    Tee hee thanks honey, my wig appointment is tomorrow...wish me luck!
  4. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    Hope it goes well! Let us know.
  5. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    Just got back...utterly exhausted...knackered (and bit emotional)...
    will post tomorrow when I can uncross my eyes...I am now wearing my first full lace wig, will do photos and write up tomorrow...xxxx
  6. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    Yay! :bravo: :woot:
  7. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    So yesterday I went to the salon, shlepped down to West Kensington, with my sister and mum for support. Had a consultation for different shaped full lace wigs and chose two that I loved the look of, they didn't have the curly in my length so I might order that one, but to start with I went for the wavy (have posted before and after shots here ;-)). It took about an hour and a half to fit, the girl put my own hair in a plait and then glued all the way around, twice, lifting the baby hairs, and then fitted the wig on! It was an amazing transforming, unbelievable, also more emotional that I thought.

    The girl trimmed the front twice afterwards to give me more of a wispy fringe as I thought the front hairline was a bit too straight and harsh (must choose different lace base next time), and the glue is quite tight, especially around the ears, oh and I didn't sleep well on it because I was conscious of it as I turned on the (now silk) pillow, oh and my hubby isn't sure about it and my daughter wants to know where her mummy is gone, but HEY! I have a GREAT looking FULL head of hair and I bloody LOVE it! ;-)

    I can see that although there are choices I would make differently next time, I'm so pleased with it, the quality of the hair is gorgeous and the colour is perfect for me. I just have to see how it holds up over the next few weeks, I don't have to wash it at home, just spray it occasionally, it should last up to 3 or 4 weeks before it starts to lift, then I go back for a first take off and wash, then theoretically I should be able to do it all again from home after that.

    I will post again with an update if you like in a week or two ;-))

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  8. Lost

    Lost Guest

    Very pretty what do you mean your husbands not sure!!!! You look amazing I am so happy for you :bravo: Is this the first hair you have ever worn? I'm sure it will take some getting used to. Good-luck with it . D.
  9. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    thank you so much Lost ;-)
    Yeah my husband, my business partner and my 7 year old, all freaked out by it lol. what do they know? Yes this is the first lace wig I've ever worn ;-)
  10. Lost

    Lost Guest

    Oh trust me they will all get used to it! Just goes to show you your husband is in love with you he could see right past your hair and I think thats a loving man!! ;) again AMAZING!! Did you cover your hair before at all before? I use concealer long my part and front my sides and back are fine just finer,floaty hair. D.
  11. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    Hi Lost, re: hubby, yeah if you say so :p
    I'm really glad you like it, am about to do the school run so I'm sure I'm going to get a lot of interest, don't know if I should say it's a wig or not! Before, I used to scrape my own hair back and wear lots of clip ons, never got used to concealers. The 'before' pic really is dreadful but then my hair was wet at the time so it doesn't look 'quite' that bad in its natural state when it's dry.
  12. fleur1979

    fleur1979 Experienced Member

    Nov 14, 2010
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    Pirategirl, that looks so natural...
    wow!! Hope it will get more comfortable to sleep in...
  13. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    Thank you Fleur! ;-)
  14. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    It looks lovely - really pretty and suits you. I love the colour.

    As for the family/close friends - be prepared for them to never like it the way you do. It matters how it makes you feel... and that seems to be totally boosted and happy, which is the main thing! It is a big adjustment for you and them, but I know from my own experience that when your loved ones aren't feeling it, it can definitely affect the way you feel about it... just remember that they are so used to seeing you with your bio hair and that no supplemental hair is going to look exactly the same. I have had to explain that to certain family members who have expressed thoughts/feelings about my choices that I would rather have not heard... because I wasn't in the right place to deal with them at the time. I think some people expect a like-for-like replacement... whereas, if you have quite individual hair with quirks (I had a cowlick and 'interesting' hairline) then that is most likely not going to be replicated.
  15. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    Thanks for that Vlal ;-)

    Well it's been 4 days since getting it done.
    I have had some issues around my ears, which have been getting quite sore on and off what with the glue sitting so near the skin there, so I've been dabbing with surgical spirits and wiggling the wig to loosen it just a tad around that area, but it's manageable. Generally its all feeling a bit softer on my head now and more relaxed, not so pulled tight. The quality of the hair is still great, and I've put some product in it today to give it some texture which is lovely. No loose hairs coming out yet.
    Went to bluewater and nobody batted an eye, and at a party last night nobody realised it was a wig but ALL the girls said how lovely I was looking ;-)

    So far so good ;-)
  16. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest


    ok so after 2 weeks in my glued hairline was starting to itch quite a bit (I think I probably have a sensitive scalp) so decided to get the wig taken off. This process was not pain free! I think because I hadn't been wearing the glue for that long (it is supposed to stay on for about 4 weeks), the salon had to remove it early whilst still in it's strongest stage. Took about 3.5 hours to soften all the glue enough to get it off.

    So all in all now that I've worn a full lace wig I can say that for me it was a gorgeous 2 weeks, loved the feeling of having hair to play with, I got it styled at a salon to thin it out a little and curl it and it was beautiful ;-) I can also say that possibly for me, the fact that I already have a fair amount of fine hair on my head, possibly contributed to the itching? There were two ladies either side of me (without natural hair) who were happily having their wigs re glued on so perhaps they didn't have the same issues I had.

    Now I'm wig free for a bit, and on to the next experiment ;-)
  17. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    :shock: That's a crazy long time!!! How much glue did they use?! What glue did they use for that matter? Was it something like UltraHold? That sounds like a total nightmare. I think doing it yourself would be preferable... you could do it for a week at a time and it definitely would not take that long to take off!! It usually takes a few minutes to break a soft bond.

    Out of interest, were you washing the wig on your head at all? I just wonder how you were maintaining your own hair/scalp underneath.

    Hair or no hair, it shouldn't make a difference - assuming you mean that the bonded area was itching and not the general scalp. These wigs were initially primarily made for people with hair (in theatre and TV/movie productions) and have only been taken up by the hair loss market in more recent years. They are generally favoured now by many women with afro hair who want to use it as a protective style whilst growing their own hair out... so being bald is not a pre-requisite. That being said, it sounds like it was more a case of you not reacting well to the bonding products. Were they all patch tested on you by the salon beforehand (at least 48 hours before)? The skin on your face (around your hairline) and on the scalp tends to be quite sensitive and the products should be patch tested behind the ear before use - this applies even if doing the bonding yourself (a bit like patch testing dye).
  18. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    When she was fitting the wig initially she only used a cotton wool bud to apply a thin layer of glue, think it might have been ultrahold. She applied the glue 2 times over, and then added some tape at the back. She left it between each application for about 20 mins to get tacky.

    To take off she applied C22 in small spritzes, left it for 20 mins, came to check, respritzed, left it for 20 etc etc...the back was the worst.

    No they didn't offer me a patch test first, but to be fair it didn't start itching until about 6 days in, and if they usually say 48 hours for a patch test to take effect, then I'm not sure I'd have discovered my sensitivity anyway.

    My itchy area was (and still is actually) at the back of my hairline, under my hair at the nape of my neck, they did put tape there too, that was the most itchy part, and the hardest to remove from my hair when the wig came off. Come to think of it, with a FLW they pull down some of the baby hairs first so that you can see them when the wig is on, so surely if they are putting glue just above those baby hairs, that glue is going to be on your own hair isn't it? So there's no way to avoid putting glue directly on the hair? Have I got that right?

    Incidentally I also had the same glue on my skin above my forehead around the hairline but it wasn't itchy. However taking the glue OFF my hairline has pulled out some of my baby hairs :-(... you live and learn.

    They told me not to wash the wig on my head at all. But I did wash it once after a week as I thought it needed it, I just avoided the bonded areas. There was no maintenance of my own scalp underneath.
  19. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    To break a bond quickly and effectively, they need to soak the bond in solvent (no small spritzes!). I would normally drench with solvent, then wait a couple of minutes, then try to lift and if there is any pulling or tugging feeling, liberally drench again and wait another minute or two before sliding it off.

    True, but if you are allergic to the tape, it might have showed up.

    Maybe you are allergic to the tape. One of the most popular ones - Supertape - has a high amount of people who get a reaction to it. I use it occasionally and I am okay using it for a day or 2 (it's a long hold tape!), but if I leave it longer, I start to break out.

    Do you mean of the wig or your own hair?

    Assuming you mean your own hair... I have never heard of that method before. IMO it's completely wrong to get adhesive on your bio hair, but that is just my opinion. The tape or glue should be going outside your hairline. This is why people who have hair left, need to add an extra 1/4 inch to their measurements, to allow them to bond outside their own hair. Plus, the wig should have its own baby hairs.

    You can totally avoid getting it on your bio hair. That's the whole point (normally & unless you are bald) - to protect your own hair. Even with a topper, people would normally opt to bond onto bare skin by shaving their hair where the thinning area is. I have never intentionally applied adhesive to my own hair. I usually wear a stocking wig cap for protection and bond outside my hair line, except for the very front, where I bond half the depth of tape across the stocking wig cap and half onto my own forehead skin (bare skin).

    Ideally no glue should be on your baby hair. If the bond is broken properly, then no pulling out of hair (if any does get on your own hair) should occur. Any glue stuck to the hair should be removed with some alcohol.

    In theory, you can get away with not washing a wig for a month, but the problem is that these wigs can get quite dirty and smelly from picking up smells like cooking and dust from pollution etc. To leave a wig on for 4 weeks and not be washing or maintaining your own bio hair or scalp is not ideal. I couldn't actually do it as I would get a smelly head. :hairy: After 5 to 6 days, the wig is ready to come off my head LOL!
  20. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    I mean that they pull down some of your own baby hairs, your natural ones, before they put the wig on, don't they? I couldn't see what they were doing round the back but certainly at the sides and the front she was combing out my natural baby hairs first. Yes the wig had its own baby hairs too.

    Ah wait, she DID use a stocking cap, she did some taping to that certainly. I still wouldn't choose to go through the glue removal again in a hurry.

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