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Anyone got feedback about Lucinda Ellery, please?

Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by DazzleDust, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    No! Never ever have I seen that... or heard of it... I would have to stop them!

    A lot of women wear a wig with a totally different colour to their own hair - so they definitely wouldn't want to be pulling out any baby hair. Who wants to pull our their own hair and then stick something highly sticky down on top of it? That is going to pull those hairs out like waxing... the only time I ever use my own hair with a wig is if I am non-bonding and wearing a lace front and I might choose to blend with my own hair. The thing is, I would get a weird apperance under the lace where those baby hairs were stuck down under it as to be poking out, they must be under/behind where the front of the wig it is sitting and thus squashing the baby hair before it pokes out surely?!

    The reason the wig has baby hair, is because the wig maker assumes you won't... because yours will be underneath the wig!
  2. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    P.S. Please don't take that as an indicator of bonding... to me that is very poor bonding - 3.5 hours getting it off... you must have been a saint to sit there! If you did it yourself, I can guarantee the wig would be off your head in a fraction of the time!
  3. Pirategirl

    Pirategirl Guest

    ok I'll take your word for it, for sure ;-))
  4. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    Your prerogative.
  5. pliz

    pliz Guest

    My other half has had the intralace system fitted for the last 5 months. I thought i'd have a look at some more reviews of Lucinda as we have been thinking the place isnt all what its cracked up to be.

    we have paid £1800 for the system.
    and so far in 5 months around £1000 for maintenance.
    plus £36 each for a 3 hour train journey and a day off work.

    Anyone wishing to have this done be warned , the price is outrageous. !

    Our opinions on LE....
    The salon itself is nicely decorated an plush but the heating in the place is UNBAREABLE. The staff are friendly , offer you free tea and coffee etc. The receptionists upstairs are friendly and helpfull. Once you are downstairs the staff change, they are always bitching about each other or discussing last nights ''pull'' in great detail whist having your appointment. They also will leave you for a cigarette break and make it obvious. '' are you coming for a fag break'' when you are paying £45 an hour a little professionalism is needed. Once it comes to 5pm onwards they are all ready to get out the door an rush your appointment. The skill, and service you get depends on the person, its pot luck. It is definately all about the money an possibly LE has lost its personal touch now with undermotivated and poorly paid staff. ( we no this cause they told us)
    The product itself in our opinion is fantastic and the misses looks amazing and has gained in confidence an self asteem, can you put a price on that? hmmm im not sure? They charge for every snip , colour , pull, prod at LE so when they say . ''shall we just put a little colour on that bit '' that means add another £100 to your bill.
    If there are alternatives at half the price would she do it again hell yes! an i'd have to re-mortgage the house.!

    I would say for 2 years using the intralace system at LE we dont expect change from £6000.
  6. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    Hi pliz

    There are other places in the UK that offer this type of system. Where abouts in the UK are you based? I might be able to suggest somewhere else that is nearer you and possibly cheaper.
  7. Annemarie41

    Annemarie41 Guest

    I can't agree with you enough - when I wropte to her to complain back 4 1/2 years ago she told me she wasd "devastated" and noone else had ever said this about her systems!
    What she sells is an initial sense of normaiity when you feel there is no one else to turn to - you don't think - but in fact they sew a partial wig (the very word you were scared off) that has in own sets of problems to feel self conscious about and then charge you a packet - last time I was there the woman with the stop watch did it for me - when they went to the loo I was like NOOOOO!!! that'll be another tenner!
    So glad to leave there and after another expensive lesson with the lovely White Cliffs have left behind these salons - as you say they loose sight of their intial goal to help people and get greedy! Such as shame :crazy:
  8. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    :shock: Do you mean they were timing and charging by the hour or something? Surely if they went to the loo, you shouldn't be charged for that!!
  9. Annemarie41

    Annemarie41 Guest

    They did say when I went to pay it was £10 more and I had to say well the girls went to the loo so that was why it was 5 mins over - I had to stand there at the desk with people queing behind me to pay their hefty bills too whilst they verrified the loo visit - awkward it was - was soo helpless and niave then still live and learn but defo personal touch had gone from there - shame x
  10. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    Wow that is insane... really bizarre. I am glad you don't have to deal with that anymore. All that money you are saving and being able to have control and do it yourself feels so much better. :bravo:
  11. marpa

    marpa Guest

    Hi Vlal

    Do you know of other places which offer similar system as LE Interlace (i.e. integrated with existing hair)? I love the idea but frankly I could not afford LE prices.
  12. Gina D

    Gina D Guest

    LE Interlace

    Do you know of other places which offer similar system as LE Interlace (i.e. integrated with existing hair)? I love the idea but frankly I could not afford LE prices.[/QUOTE]

    I'm very new to this and very intersted in wearing some sort of hair, I too would like to know is there anywhere else in London who fits similar hair Interlace systems like LE? I just can not afford her prices,

  13. wacky12

    wacky12 Guest

    I'm very new to this and very intersted in wearing some sort of hair, I too would like to know is there anywhere else in London who fits similar hair Interlace systems like LE? I just can not afford her prices,


    Hi - there are a lot of places that do attached systems - Bloomsbury's/Hillside Hair/Esteem in London are a few. You really have to search them out because they dont' use PR companies to push their system like Lucinda Ellery do. I use Hillside Hair right now, and the customer service is far better than at Lucinda Ellery, who I used for 7 years, or Hairsolved, (less than a year) who are all ex-Lucinda Ellery staff and have the same poor level of customer service. You can have a system that the salon maintains or one that you do, it's up to you.

    My new system is bespoke, hand-tied individual remy hair, with the attachments picked for what will work best for me, not off-the-rack. My own hair is less stressed and isn't getting pulled out by having 50-60 connections all over my head, only at teh back where there is no hair loss with tape in 3 places at the front and sides.

    There are many many many people who used to use lucinda ellery and who have left because they weren't happy with the system or the staff - every time there was a problem, it was my fault in some way, even when 40% of the connections unwound and fell out because they werent' melted properly one time. You get charged for every thing - it's £2400 for a system, £150-500 to maintain, plus replacing the hair as it doesn't last 2 years, like they say.
  14. carlylouise

    carlylouise Guest

    anyone still going to LE?

    Just read through all the comments and wondering if anyone is still actually going there to LE?. I am new to them, and agree with some of the comments, but not all...
    It is very expensive and I hope to find a cheaper alternative in the future, as its killing my credit card :(
  15. Trichster

    Trichster Member

    Nov 11, 2014
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    How is Hillside? iv looked at their website but not sure, iv been to hair solved before but didnt end up having the system.
    Iv had so many systems over the years.

    I tried Lucinda Ellery and she is very lovely but its just not in my budget and to be honest bit like a factory in side, I went to Hair Solved for a consultation but didnt end up going back, but if you google hair integration systems theres so many salons and people that do the systems it just needs a bit of research, I prefer a bit more of a personal approach because im still recovering from TTM aswell as having Alopecia so im now using a place called The Hair Confidante, which is working out great for now, but im surprised how many places have popped up doing similar systems... anyone else have any recommendations?
  16. hopeandglory

    hopeandglory Guest


    I have had experience with LE - London Salon and thought I would share it with you.

    I first met her 11 years ago following the birth of my son. The hair loss had started before that but because of the hormone changes it just got worst and I decided to do something about it.
    She came across as an understanding and approachable lady but told me that she didnt think I needed the system and sent me home with Fullmore instead which I did use for a short period of time.
    Last year (April) I had to see her again- Something terrible happened to me (Nov 2013 I started to use a lot of Henna. The redder and shinier it turn the more I used and in January 2014 my hair suddenly started snapping- all over, just desintegrating completely leaving me with several patches where my hair would only be about 3 cm long. Then it started falling all over- It just wouldnt stop- I felt physically sick with the shock from it all as I never thought that Henna could possibly cause such damage! Anyway I was desperate and made an appointment to visit the salon- Met her son who very quickly had a look at the extent of my hair loss/ general damage and immediately suggested a hair volumizing system that cost me £750 and would require regular maintenace/ adjustement every 6-8 weeks.
    2 or 3 weeks after I sat on the chair and had a couple of young girls attaching the system/ cutting. I have to say I did not feel like they have the skills to look after women that are going through such an awfull/ sad experience such as hair loss ( they were just imature/ talking between themselves/ living the room to sit outside for a cigarette/ just not at all what I was expecting).
    The system ( which basically its a hair topper which is secured to your head by usind some of your own hair) had a very noticeable fake parting. In fact that was what I really couldnt get used too. 3 or 4 days later did no longer feel secure at all. It loosens up extremelly quickly and I just wished I could go back and have it attached again- but thats just how it goes. The hair quality was not that good at all ( I have used many different hair before and for the price they charged me I was certainly expecting bespoke hair which I did not get at all!).
    I have never felt confortable wearing it/ It looked fake- people would look at the parting and i felt I had been conned! I hated it so decided to remove it myself and just try once more to fix the more naturally rather than hiding it underneath a stupid topper! It was itchy and really uncomfortable.
    I sat in the evning, on my own, oposite the mirror and very gently spent the next 2 hours removing this "thing" that now (6 weeks after) looked really bad with a coarse texture and no shine at all. I got it out and cried, shocked to find my hair all matted and disgusting. It was red and sore with little spots that had been driving me insane. The system had caused damaged mainly where it had been attached, pulling on my weak hair. I didnt put it back and started to fight my hair loss with full determination. I felt so disappointed with it all but mainly angry with myself for allowing someone to trick me this way.
    Its been 5 months now since I removed that stinky thing and the best thing I have ever done!!
    I shall be writting my experience with living with ALOPECIA .. Please read it- its been a success so far and I want you to know about what worked for me.
    I hope my story helps you making your decision. Lots of love xx
  17. Lucinda Ellery

    Ive joined this forum this evening and after reading the threads about Lucinda Ellery, Ive decided to cancel my appointment next week. There seems to be more bad reviews than good ones. I hope I get some good advice and tips on here from you ladies
  18. Trichster

    Trichster Member

    Nov 11, 2014
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    I keep hearing so many bad reviews lately on Lucinda Ellery, iv had quite good success with my system the lady i go to is very open and honest and doesnt run a huge pretentious salon, iv just had a re alignment and im very impressed with the growth.. even though my greys are coming through really bad now from where i used to pull the same areas :( if anyones interested its called The Hair Confidante, the lady who runs it is brilliant and makes you feel relaxed. Im hoping by the end of the year i can be system and pull free and be able to have my own hair out for a change haha
  19. Jaye

    Jaye Established Member

    Feb 9, 2006
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    I used to be a client at LE many years ago, circa 2005-6... so it's rather sad to read that they are still just as bad as they were back then.

    The best thing they did for me was to make me take another look at wearing wigs instead of a bad and expensive hair system. My last hair system (with fake parting) was SO bad! I wore the dreadful system for a week (I'd previously worn a half system for about a year, which wasn't good, but just about tolerable) before demanding they took it off and I fought (successfully) to get a refund from them.

    The bad LE experience helped to get me over the psychological hurdle of wanting my supplemental hair to be on 24x7, was so excited to shave off what hair I still had as I preferred a fully smooth head to one with only hair on the crown. These days I am used to and happy seeing myself as a bald woman at home or on holiday (too hot for wigs!) and presenting myself with hair (fabulous virgin european human hair wigs) that I can put on or take off when I choose to.
  20. skylarwhite

    skylarwhite New Member

    May 6, 2015
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    anyone know a hairdresser in the north west who can wash hair replacement hair

    Hi - 'Im a new member and just logged on after reading comments re hair systems & Lucinda Ellery.
    I have recently had hair replacement system at Linda Ellery (Manchester) and find the staff very understanding and friendly and go out of their way to make me feel comfortable
    It's true gong hi route is vey expensive but so far (early days lol) I working for me -I do finasteride however that the 'hair' take such lot of time an care - tats probably the only downside I have - which leads me to the question - does anyone know/recommend a hairdresser northwest who I could visit to have a hair wash and blowdry - I'm going to a wedding shortly and am faced with either doing my own hair (which i'm still learning or going all the way to LE to have done) -


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