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Anyone tried cyberhair, micropoint links?

Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by Tricia, Mar 26, 2005.

  1. Tricia

    Tricia Guest

    I've posted this before in the past. It's where they tie individual strands of hair to your growing hair. You get 4 "cyberhairs" per strand they tie in.

    It seems like it might be good to fill in my front. I don't have bald patches there...just very diffuse thinning.

    I keep saying I'll make an appointment for the cyberhair thing, but I never do it. I should at least go to the free consultation, but it would mean going to a hair replacement place. I'm scared.
  2. MiamiGirl

    MiamiGirl Guest

  3. Tricia

    Tricia Guest

    Thanks for the link. I'll check that site out.
  4. this sounds cool

    So after seeing the post about cyberhair, i decided to do some research and I think I am sold.

    I'm 26 and am a sufferer from PCOS. Hair thinning seems to be one of my only symptoms. I noticed last May that my once VERY thick hair that actually broke normal rubberbands as a child, was now very thin. Noone can really tell..I ask...but it is at that point where if I go any longer it will be noticeable. I look in the mirror in bright lights at my part and just want to cringe and die. It's too soon for me (I think to consider any type of topper). All I need is some more volume up on top.

    Cyberhair (microlink) seems very very much like a perfect fix for me but I am concerned that I cannot get a price of how much it would cost. I am going to make an appt. in rural Pennsylvania rather than where I live in the city hoping that it might be cheaper that way. Does anyone know how much it initially costs? Is there a start up fee or anything like that? I am willing to dump 500 for my hair back (Ahhh..the joy of school loans!).

    Has anyone had any experience with this type of hair replacement?
  5. KY girl

    KY girl Guest

    Not to be a party pooper, but I, personally, would be very concerned about getting any sort of extensions. I think they are good for people who have strong and healthy hair who just want to make it longer. Attaching something that will pull on your hair through weight is bound to cause some sort of damage. Also, any sort of extensions on the top of your head are going to show through.
    I hate to be a bummer but I would also hate to see you waste your money.
  6. ScaredSally

    ScaredSally Guest

    HI Im too young for this from another PCOS sufferer ... :shock: .

    Sorry to barge in and not answer any of your queries on this type of work bvecause I have never heard of it and from UK ..... but I do have extensions put in ..

    Are you on any meds ... if your loss is not too severe you may be able to halt it .. I noticed mine first at 26 years old (although if I look back it was pretty constant from puberty) :( ........

    Anyway I only started to do something when I was 30 because I had visible balding rather than just thinning ... I would get to an endo if your not on meds and at least try that route ... but if your on them and they dont work for you .... do try cosmetic ... I have extensions in .... I had them all removed on Thursday and replaced and I am horrified by the way my hairline is resembling a man more and more :( bloody PCOS .....

    I hope you get the help we all so much need.
  7. meds

    Yeah..I am trying to do the whole meds thing. After I noticed the thinning hair, I literally ran to the doctor thinking it was cancer or something !! After doing an ultrasound it was confirmed and I was sent on my way with a prescription for spironolactone. I take that & about 12 other vitamins a day. I do notice a slight difference but I still hate the way I look in pictures..realizing that my hair looks NOTHING like it used to. I was considering going off the meds and just sticking with the vitamins but that i am too afraid to do.

    To the OP who mentioned that extensions were bad...I know that the normal typical extensions can do horrendous damage but this micro link thing stresses how safe it is and how it is made specifically for people with thinning hair. Granted, I need to ask these questions but I am willing to at least explore the option. I am not bald in the slightest bit- i want to do this just so I feel better but if it turns out that it could cause more damage, i would never do it. It is an interesting concept to say the least and the before and after pictures on the salon page i found in PA rocked my world. It was utterly amazing to see how people can be transformed from this without wearing a wig or going for some type of surgery.

    My main concern right now is the cost. I'm a first year in law school so no real money will be coming to me for a very long time...ugghhhh...
  8. MiamiGirl

    MiamiGirl Guest

    Hi tooyoung: I'm not trying to rain on the party either, but I got sold on hairlocs extensions under the same premise. In fact, here's a quote from their site:

    "Safe for all hair types, Hairlocs was invented for fine and fragile hair and designed to be safe for years of use"

    My hair was completely destroyed after only wearing them for 3 months. I had to get a topper just to cover the damage. I'm not trying to scare you....just warn you not to believe everything you hear/read. You really should post at that site that I suggested.

    http://talk.hairboutique.com/forum/foru ... asp?FID=34

    Those ladies are pretty much familiar with every type of extension method and will give you a wealth of knowledge on what your best option would be. Good luck!
  9. Tricia

    Tricia Guest

    The cyberhair I'm talking about is not the extension kind. It's where they literally tie one strand of "cyberhair" (which then divides into 4 strands) onto one of your own hairs. It's a hair by hair process. The little knots grow out as your hair grows out.

    I did talk to woman over the phone who does this procedure. It needs to be repeated every 6 wks or so. You can still color and perm your hair.

    I thought it might be okay for my front where I still have so-so density. It would give it a little boost until I lost too much hair for that sort of thing.

    There used to be a woman on here who got this done. She liked it, but said it was expensive and although she thought it gave her good results her friends said they couldn't tell a difference. Any difference would be very subtle, maybe only satisfying myself.

    I don't know though. I could have made a consultation for this a long time ago if I was really interested. The place that does it in my area is quite a drive and the woman is only available during the week (when I work). Kind of hard to find time during the work day to get my hair done every 6 wks.
  10. MiamiGirl

    MiamiGirl Guest

    That product sort of sounds like Sequence, but I may be wrong.
  11. Tricia

    Tricia Guest

    No, Sequence is a topper that they tie on to the top of your head. Or use clips.

    Cyberhair is one strand at a time.

  12. yyeeaahhhhh....

    yes...that was the kind i was talking about too- tying 4 to one strand. So- I found out the prices. hmmmm.....i don't think so. the cheap way seems to be to become a member for a year...diffuse top crown area for 3900. i just don't know now. i am going to ask over at that other board too and see if i get any good advice. i'll post back about it.
  13. Tricia

    Tricia Guest

    It would be cheaper to get a hair piece. The cyberhair would only give subtle results at best.

    I haven't checked the price in my area. They said I could buy the hair "in bulk" and get a cheaper price, but I was never quoted a price and never went for the consult.
  14. jettgirl

    jettgirl Guest

    I got the micropoint links. They are a total waste of time. I paid crazy money, and they made zero difference. Most of them come out in the first week anyway. The cyberhairs themselves are amazing, looks just like real hair. You would be better off with the "cap" option, where they weave the cyber hair into a mesh cap, and you integrate your hair with it. I'm going for a consultation soon. If you go to the cyberhair website you can look for someone who is an authorized dealer near you.

    - Stacey
  15. Tricia

    Tricia Guest

    Thanks so much for your feedback. I figured this would be the case....expensive, high maintenance, and not much difference. Let us know how you like the integration piece.....if you get one.

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