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Are The Doctors Wrong? This Is Taking Over My Life, Help?

Discussion in 'The Undiagnosed' started by Megan, Mar 20, 2018.

  1. Megan

    Megan New Member

    Nov 9, 2017
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    Hello everyone.
    I've posted here a couple times.
    I had a couple bouts of hair loss. My last one stopped about 2.5 months ago. I had hair loss on the scalp and had a scalp biopsy where they found seborrhic dermatitis. (I also had all the bloodwork done for the usual suspects for hair loss) Since then I've been on Ketoconazol shampoo 2% and my hair shedding is back to normal. However right after my biopsy I started shedding my lashes, and eyebrows. I've been using rogain on my brows, but even before them i didnt really notice a density change.
    *edit* Just now i lost about 60 eyebrow hairs and now i do actually have a very small, sparse area, but it does not look like a patch.
    nor with my lashes. A couple weeks after the lashes and brow shedding, i started shedding nose hairs. Again no density change. I have seen two dermatologists and both seem certain I am in telogen effluvium. I have been stressed out due to health for a long time, but idk if thats enough to cause a shock to my hair.
    Right after seeing the second derm, I noticed some tiny bald spots in my underarm hair.
    It just doesnt seem like there are as many hair strands in the area in some spots. I have never paid this close attention to my hair patterns before so idk if i'm just being too attentive or what, but i feel like I just got a new spot the other day where there isnt much hair a day or two after i shaved and the hair started growing back.
    I am trying to get a hold of my derm but I am suffering while waiting.
    This may seem crazy but I took some photos of my underarm hair growth. I apologize for the grossness. my underarms have always been a problem area for me, but can anyone tell me if this looks like alopecia areata? or just normal patchiness from shaving and whatnot?
    Is this normal or not?

    *Edit: I woke up and theres a chunk missing in my brows. I really think its Areata now.
    I'm so scared and desperate. please help.

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  2. unefemme

    unefemme Member

    Apr 15, 2015
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    My hair loss began about 6 years ago after being on a beta blocker for 3 months. The loss began almost exactly 3 months after starting the med and has continued to today. I was losing my eyebrows, eyelashes, underarm hair - everywhere! My blood tests were all normal, except for a bit low in vit D and iron. Took supplements for those two, but the hair loss continued. I began using Latisse on my lashes and brows about 3 months after the start of the loss and still use it. My lashes and brows aren't lush, but they're there! I was diagnosed at first with TE, the chronic TE, then ??? Two dermatologists, two PCP, and an endocrinologist couldn't come up with a diagnosis. Currently, I'm still losing hair, but the loss is slowing down somewhat, thank goodness, but it has not returned to "normal" loss. Latisse has saved my lashes and brows, but it sure is expensive - especially since it's not covered by insurance. It's considered "cosmetic". I pay about $135 per month for a bottle of it. If you can afford it, you should ask your derm about it. I'm not sure you should be using Rogaine on your brows...

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