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attracted/unattracted/neutral toward those with hair loss????

Discussion in 'Girl Talk!' started by YumiKitty, Sep 29, 2011.

  1. YumiKitty

    YumiKitty Guest

    Just out of curiosity, and forgive me if this has already been discussed, but I've been wondering for a very long time how women with hair loss feel romantically about those with hair loss?

    I ask because for me it was always such a big issue for the guys I've dated (and the man I married) to have a full head of hair ESPECIALLY, i believe, BECAUSE of my own hair loss woes...kinda like, because of a survival instinct of whatever. :dunno: then again, i didn't date THAT much and I was in my 20s when I married...still not THAT many guys with hair loss woes in their 20s. ;)

    but then again, i feel awful for feeling that way; it's such a double-standard and i shouldn't judge or be frustrated by my hubby for losing some hair. :shakehead:

    my 2 little boys have lovely chestnut brown hair. (hapa hair, i call it, since they have that lovely shade of brown that is so often seen among half Asian, half Caucasian kids.) and then i look at their pretty hair and get this sinking feeling that they'll lose their pretty hair as young adults because of their mama and they'll go through all the anguish i feel. :sobbing:

    ANYWAY, i just wondered what you ladies' preferences are...for the record, my hubby has a very slightly receding hairline (lil more at the corners) but he has thick, dark wavy/curly hair on top. he has amazing hair to run MY fingers through... :inlove: the last guy i dated before i married him (8 years on Tues!) DEFINITELY had a receding hairline and it was pretty extreme for being 25ish. AND he parted it on the side RIGHT at the peak of the most receded place (the other side was covered by his hair). THAT DROVE ME NUTS but he refused to change his hairstyle when we were dating! We ran into each other a couple years later (I was married to DH at that point), and HE HAD CHANGED HIS HAIR. it was all spiked up like this: :freaked: lol! but yeah, that was kinda irritating that he didn't change it to that while we were together; it was definitely an improvement!

    okay, so now i'm out of the closet on how shallow *I* can be! :thumbdown2: i'd like to know though: are you ladies attracted to those with hair loss (maybe because of your own?) or unattracted (maybe for the same reason I am), or you couldn't care less whether the people you date/your spouse/your significant other has hair loss or not?
  2. mshistory

    mshistory Guest

    My husband is completely bald on top, and was already thinning quite a bit when we met 11 years ago. I've always found him attractive - with or without hair ;) I do feel sorry for our girls though since both of their parents have hair loss :(
  3. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    :grouphug: Why torture yourself this way? You have no way of truly knowing! Live in the moment - enjoy their hair. :hairy: By thinking like this, you are not changing anything for the positive, but you are making yourself feel down, worried etc.

    So regarding your question...

    I wouldn't go out of my way to seek someone with hair loss, but I also wouldn't purposefully not date someone who had hair loss. I think a lot of how I feel about it relates to general attractiveness - as in, I probably would be liable to find the same people attractive with or without hair or with partial hair loss. I generally either click with someone or I don't - I guess I am a pretty black or white person.

    The one thing I have noticed is that when it comes to hair loss, I generally am more attracted to males who have NO hair (either because it has all fallen out or because they shaved it off). I am not so taken with the half there/half gone look. Sometimes I feel this to be a bit hypocritical of me seeing as I currently fall into that category of partial hair loss. It was one of the reasons that I felt shaving my head was a good choice - if I felt like that about men I saw with the comb-over, I probably should get rid of my own. Now I have a comb-over utilising hair style, I do understand a little bit why some men choose to keep theirs, but I do think that it is easier and more acceptable for males to shave their hair and if I was a male, I would shave it off.
  4. YumiKitty

    YumiKitty Guest

    it definitely sounds like your DH is confident w/o hair and hair loss is a total non-issue. that's so great! i'm sure that's in part because of your attraction to him no matter what! :bravo:
    i totally get that feeling of feeling sorry for your kids! i suppose i should at least feel a little relieved because mine are boys....although ultimately I think Vlal is right:

    true, why torture ourselves and I can at least hope there are much better options in the future-- for them and for us! ;)

    mm, i'm the same way, i either click with someone or i don't, but i have noticed that i can be attracted to someone with a receding hairline but not with thin hair on top. :( (LOL not that it matters; i'm married! :$ :woot:
    for real though, right? bleh, it's so not fair that it's easier and more acceptable for them to shave! :thumbdown2: i have even thought about shaving my head but unlike you, Vlal, i don't have a nice, round noggin-- my head is flat in the back. i couldn't pull of the sinead o'connor look to save my life! this is very much a problem with my head and wigs... :crazy: but anyway, back to the OT ;) : i guess it's pretty normal for us to be a bit hypocritical, but at least my conclusion to the matter is the obvious, overarching stigma of female alopecia (I sometimes wonder if these days it's easier to come outta the closet as gay than it is to come outta the closet about being female & balding! :shock: ) and society's lack of acceptance of women and hair loss. :wacko:
  5. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    I'm trying to change this! We all can. Primarily by educating others... and by acting normal... like it is not the big deal that other people think it is, we can slowly alter the way they think. :punk:
  6. YumiKitty

    YumiKitty Guest

    hey, you're going OT on me now, Vlal! :crazy: i'm totally kidding, i don't mind, but i thought i'd say something to bump this thread. ;) i think it's great you're working to change the stigma and the shame. :bravo:

    Anybody else care to share their thoughts on what kinda scalp they're attracted to? :mrgreen:
  7. ChicBun

    ChicBun Guest

    I´ll be honest, I´m attracted to a full head of hair. My favorite is brown, wavy locks, a la Jim Morrison. However, I have been attracted to bald men before, but usually only after knowing them. Sometimes men look really sexy with a bald head, it´s rare, but some men pull it off and look better than with hair!
  8. Vlal

    Vlal Guest

    I would agree with this thing about being attracted more after knowing them... I find that to be true for me too and also more true even of hairy headed guys who might not be conventionally attractive. Intelligence, wit, charm, sensitivity... they can all be such sexy traits to me that good looks goes out of the window. When it comes to walking down the street/head turning men... probably on the whole would be hairy ones! Although a shaved head on a good looking guy can be quite alluring. :hairy: I find it can be quite manly! The thing is - I think it looks better if they are actually good looking and possibly muscular. :jump: :mrgreen:
  9. electricwarrior

    electricwarrior Established Member

    Aug 30, 2011
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    I'm neutral, the attraction always starts verbally. My husband has some hair loss, but he's hot. I do have a weakness for metal dudes though! * see photo * Specifically the Scandinavian kind. Need to find out their diet!

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  10. YumiKitty

    YumiKitty Guest

    i love hair like jim morrison's too! :punk: that not quite short/not quite long, falling in the face sorta hair is SOOOOO hot to me. i have been trying to get my hubby to grow out his hair like that for 8 years and i still can't get him to! :thumbsdown:

    i think that some men look AMAZING bald-- patrick stewart and ben kingsley and yul brynner...they look so incredibly regal bald. but i am not sure if it's just that they each have an incredible presence to them!

    I dunno, electricwarrior...his part is looking a little wide there....jk! :woot:

    he reminds me of anthony kiedis. :bravo:
  11. beachlover24

    beachlover24 Guest

    My boyfriend has thinning hair ( and he is only 25). I am attracted to him anyway. It was thinning since I met him.

    Of course I find think hair on a man attractive, but it really is not going to make or break anything.
  12. Lost

    Lost Guest

    It does'nt matter to me either,I think some guys look good with no hair! my husband has been thinning since we met 23 years ago he still has hair
  13. HollyGA

    HollyGA Guest

    You know, with men, for me, it truly doesn't really matter. My husband has gorgeous hair, and a full head of it at that, but Jason Statham...*swoon* To me, he's proof that some guys can rock the no hair look, lol. :)
  14. RugBug

    RugBug Guest

    I have always thought of "bald" as a descriptive...not a judgement. I have been equally attracted to bald men as men with hair. It is of zero importance, in my opinion. TOO bad I can't come to that place as far as MY looks go.....
  15. Janie-Ann

    Janie-Ann Guest

    I have to say that just aesthetically, I love a full head of hair, preferably dark and long, on a man.
    Having said that, from my vast experience (LOL) bald or balding men are just the horniest and, I think, better in bed. I don't know if it's the extra testosterone or what (plus some of the guys I've known with the gorgeous hair have turned out to be boring narcissists...)
  16. Janie-Ann

    Janie-Ann Guest

    I love him! (when he's in a movie or the movie's on TV, my husband always says, "oh, look, it's your boyfriend." *swoon* is right
  17. RugBug

    RugBug Guest

    Janie-Ann..... you crack me up.
  18. hcrazy

    hcrazy Guest

    Usually hairloss with men doesn't bother me....as long as they keep it neat and shorter.

    I can say that l am definatly not attracted to long haired men.
  19. HollyGA

    HollyGA Guest

    LOL, Janie-Ann, that's too cute. He's dreamy though, right?! :wub: And my husband says something similar when Jason flashes onto a tv screen while he's flipping channels. He say's, "there's your man!" It is truly hilarious and always makes me laugh. :)
  20. Janie-Ann

    Janie-Ann Guest

    I love it. ;)

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