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Bald Girls Do Lunch announces new dates and cities

Discussion in 'Women's Alopecia Areata' started by BGDL, Feb 6, 2008.

  1. BGDL

    BGDL Guest

    For testimonials, photos, press and all the details go to
    baldgirlsdolunch.org. Your invites are posted there or send a message to us at email below.
    We reply promptly.

    BGDL visits US cities to help women with Alopecia Areata find each other for
    resources and resilience. We know how to help women feel great and
    look great, too. Not-for-profit Bald Girls Do Lunch founder, Thea
    Chassin, is a former experienced NAAF support leader. The not for profit organization, Bald Girls Do Lunch values personal comfort above all. Come to our brunches, lunches and dinners anyway you like with a wig or head covering or just beautifully bald. Feel like test driving the bald look? We know how to ease that and many other challenges and transitions of this disease. How to discuss Alopecia Areata with family and friends? We've got strategies.

    Feb 9 Reading, PA..with Annette ( MoDolly) showing her beautiful head wrap and
    accessory techniques (lunch)
    Feb 10 Gaithersburg, MD ( lunch)
    Feb 23 Oak Brook, IL (lunch)
    Feb 25 Chicago, IL (dinner)
    March 1 Chevy Chase, MD/Washington DC (lunch)
    March 2 Bridgewater, NJ ( lunch)
    March 29 San Francisco, CA (brunch)
    March 30, SF Bay area ( lunch)
    April 1 San Jose, CA (dinner)
    Save the Date: April 26th for the first Connecticut Image and Beauty Day for alopecia areata in Cheshire.

    No matter how long you've had alopecia areata or if it's very new to you, we look forward to
    meeting you! Google Bald Girls Do Lunch to read what people are reporting and blogging about our organization all over the country.
  2. BGDL

    BGDL Guest

    Space available for Washington, DC/Chevy Chase lunch on March 1 and Bridgewater, NJ on March 2.

    Just added:

    Sonoma, CA June 1

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