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Bloomsbury Wigs - Spamming with fake User Accounts on HerAlopecia

Discussion in 'Women's General Hair Loss Discussions' started by admin, Jan 7, 2013.

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    It has come to my attention that the employess / owners / affiliates of Bloomsbury Wigs in london have been setting up user accounts on HerAlopecia recently. They have been pretending to be women suffering from Alopecia when in fact their goal is to steal advertising by attracting as many of you as possible to inquire about purchasing their wigs.

    They do this by pretending to be just like you, fighting through this struggle just like you, and posting many "innocent" sounding messages ................. usually asking where you are located, if you've considered a hair system or wig, what your budget is, or just always making a point of it to mention where they "got theirs" and how "amazing" it was.

    Please be cognizant of users who seem to be too preoccupied with finding you a source for purchasing your products or wigs. I have had to ban the most recent fake user of theirs: MelanieJade1 who was actually a Bloomsbury Rep by the name of Daniella Clowd.

    Unfortunately Bloomsbury is not the only Salon / Wig creator who has gotten wind of HerAlopecia and the many women who are in need here. Other salon owners have offered discounts and have encouraged HerAlopecia members to post their positive experiences here. This has gone on for many years, much to my disagreement. The problem is that there may be a legitimate service being offered, and great quality. Its the disingenuous effort they put into trying to get free advertising here which crosses the line. Despite the legitimacy of the product or service or salon, the only goal in their involvement here is to continue generating new customers, and more money for themselves.

    This is a difficult issue, but its something that won't be tolerated anymore. These are business owners, and as such, they need to use honest means by which to acquire advertising for new customers. Not try to use creative means by which to glean free advertising. From this point forward, we will be monitoring the site much more closely for Salon owners and those posting about them. Please use the / ! \ icon on the post to send us a quick alert if you think any individual here might not be acting like a normal regular consumer. Nobody else will be notified that you sent the alert. Its 100% confidential.

    Thanks all.

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