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can these things cause hair loss....

Discussion in 'Medications that can cause Hair Loss' started by lilly82, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. lilly82

    lilly82 Guest

    Yazmin... (never taken it, but was considering it for my acne)
    Pravochol ( took it for 4 years because of my diabetes- stopped in jan.)
    Doxycyclin ( another drug I used for acne)
    Buspar ( anxiety med)
    OTC meds ( like biotin, iron, garlic, calcium, zinc...ect)

    How about certain foods....

    Thanks in advance....
  2. hairyape

    hairyape Guest

    Biotin, calcium, and zinc are suggested for use to improve hair.

    (As far as I was made to understand) :/

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