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Can you use dry shampoo on a wig?

Discussion in 'Hats, Wraps, Cosmetic Options for Alopecians' started by kat1979, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. kat1979

    kat1979 Guest

    Is it safe for a human hair wig?

    I dont want to wash it as often as it gets greasy; the front gets greasy because it touches my face which is slathered with heavy cream in the dry Canadian winter.
  2. brandy32

    brandy32 Guest

    I just tried dry shampoo- the new tresseme spray on dry shampoo- and was horrified by the results. It had this white powdery residue that clung to the mesh of my topper. And the hair looked so dull and weird, I had to wash my hair before I could leave the house. I was late for an appointment as a result, but I couldn't go out with white gunk stuck in the topper! If you try it, I would recommend a test run, don't do it and have someplace to go, like I did!
  3. BLYNN

    BLYNN Guest

    I use kloraine dry shampoo on my topper and it works great
  4. brandy32

    brandy32 Guest

    Is it a spray like the Tresemme? Maybe that is what the problem was.
  5. BLYNN

    BLYNN Guest

    I have tried many brands and this one is the most expensive, but it really is the best quality and does not leave that white haze on my bio hair or topper
  6. tenaciouscls

    tenaciouscls Guest

    I have used Batiste on my Flora pieces--very good but strong fruity smell, not really "me." Very nice for extending the shampoo/styling. Is the Klorane dry the gentle w/oat extract? How does it smell?

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