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Canucks Story (30 y.o. pregnant/ pcos?genetic?help)

Discussion in 'Tell Your Story' started by Canuck, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. Canuck

    Canuck Guest

    Hi ladies,
    I have been lurking here for the past month or two....every single night. I am a mess and I thought I better start writing for support....answers....advice...etc. A little bit about me:

    I first noticed my hair thinning maybe about 5 years ago. I went to a dermatologist who said it wasn't his specialty but he could refer me to somebody a 5 hour drive away. This wasn't possible for me at the time...and because my loss wasn't too horrid, I just sort of let it go....then I got married and we wanted kids. I read how pregnancy made your hair beautiful but it could cause loss afterwards, etc. I...being naive...looked forward to the beautiful hair...and pushed the hair loss thoughts to the back of my mind. I suffered a pregnancy loss, then went on to have a gorgeous daughter. (my hair WAS pretty great while pregnant!). 3 months post baby, it started to drop like mad...I was scared but took comfort in reading this was normal and would soon stop. Well....over two years later...it hasn't stopped :( I lose about 100 hairs at each shower/comb out...not including the ones that go down the drain or the ones I lose during the day....yes, I am a "closet counter" who is admitting this now. Now, I know 100 can be considered normal, but I have barely anything growing back. I went from having a slightly bad hair line to having a horrible hair line, a hugely widened part and (kinda hard to explain) but a few extra parts that go down my head. I have dark hair and a super white scalp...it is realy obvious without a ton of comb-over manuevers or pony tails....and even this process of hiding it all is getting to be far too difficult.

    I did see a different dermatologist who said it was genetic (my grandmother wore a wig and my mother has thinning hair) BUT this is in a HUGE family and we are the three unlucky ones it seems :( He suggested rogaine and something else (I forget) but then he ripped up the prescription when I told him I desired having another child soon. He said to come back after I have had my kids. My family doctor said my iron was a little low (15 at the time)and to supplement...for a month or two. Well I have been supplementing with a higher dose than what he recommended for 6 months now and I have my feritin level at 29. He thinks that is plenty high enough. Everything I read says go higher....so I am trying to get it up a bit more...but I don't hold a lot of hope that this is my big problem.

    So...here we are today..the happy news is that i am pregnant. The sad news is that I was just recently diagnosed with having PCOS after yet another pregnancy loss for me. I know PCOS can cause hair loss but besides having cystic ovaries, hair loss and the VERY OCCASIONAL non-desired facial hair, oily skin...I am pretty non symptomatic. I mean, I ovulate monthly and I am not overweight or diabetic. They said my hormone levels are all normal (though they did test me just after I miscarried so I have to wonder if things weren't what they usually are?). I'd ask to retest now, but being pregnant, it is hard to get a real idea of what my normal levels are. So my big problem with this pregnancy is that my shed hasn't slowed one bit...so much for nice pregnancy hair this time around. To top it off, the pregnancy hormones make me weepy and I literally cry every single night staring in the mirror at my awful bright white scalp staring back at me :( I feel like it is taking over my life. I feel like everyone is staring at me. I stare at everyone's hair and feel relived the OCCASIONAL time I see somebody else with even mild loss (feeling better that I am not the only cursed one). My two year old daughter has watched me cry and says "mommy sad" and it breaks my heart. I am so blessed to have her but feel so badly that her momma isn't as beautiful or happy as I should be. I stare at pictures of me from the past and compare. I have a million hand held mirrors in each bathroom to stare at my head.

    I broke down and started looking for "fake hair". I am so sad that I have to take this route. I remember being so embarassed that friends would see my grandma without her wig on...I don't want my daughter to have to be embarassed of her mommy. I am at the point where I don't want to see my friends....just too embarassed. I fear that with another baby, i will barely have time to have quick showers (my husband works away from home so I am essentially a single mom most of the time).....let alone take the time to do comb-overs (not that they are helping much) or even put on wigs or hair pieces, etc. Despite that all, I thought, I have to take the plunge now, and learn how to do this all before it gets absolutely too late...and before I am too busy with a second child. I looked and found a place her that creates custom hair systems with human hair, etc. They seem pretty good (hard for me to judge since I have never done this before)....the problem? COST. $1500-$2800 Cdn for a hair system...it takes two months to arrive AND if repairs/hair adding need to be done, they send it away for 4-6 weeks! Because of this, they recommend getting two! Well, I can't even afford half of one :( So now I am even more lost with what to do. I just bought Nioxin but again, don't hold out much hope for it...so far, the past few days, I continue to shed just as much as before Nioxin. Sorry to join you all so down and depressed. I am literally sobbing as I type this. My husband will be home soon and I fear he will look at me horribly :( He hasn't seen me since this last ton came out and I don't think I can hide it anymore....which I have been doing. Pretty sad when you actually dread seeing your husband that you miss....just because you are scared to know what he will think. I'm sorry this is so long...I think just being able to finally vent to "somebody" about my fears and stresses is helpful. I am glad I found this site....I might not be here a ton in the next couple weeks as I will be spending time with my husband and daughter, but I will surely be back soon. I will try to post pictures. Any advice, tips, or suggestions would be great! If anyone is from BC, Canada....I would love to hear from you....who you go to, etc. Thanks for listening.
  2. hairscared

    hairscared Experienced Member

    Jun 28, 2009
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    Oh canuck, your so young to have to go through this.
    I can relate to much of what you have expressed. I got to the point I couldn't hide my hair loss from my husband and I didn't want to wait for him to say something so when he came home from work I sat him down and showed him the hair loss. He said he knew my hair was getting thin but he didn't realize I had all these bald spots underneath.
    He was very understanding and he could see why I wanted supplemental hair. I was so embarrassed to have that little show and tell session..
    It an awful thing this hair loss...
    I am glad you started to post and not lurk anymore as its easier to deal with this - posting, getting feed back and support is so valuable..
    Happy your here- sorry you need to be here....
    hang in there!
    hugs, Hairscared
  3. SherryBerry

    SherryBerry Guest

    Hi and Welcome.

    Is there anyway you can post a pix(you can black out your face and post in the GIRL TALK section so it doesn't show up to the public.

    There are lots of ladies here that might be able to help you out with tips and tricks.

    DO NOT go out and start buying high priced wigs. You'll be kicking yourself later because usually no one gets it right the first few wigs. It takes a few to realize what works for you and what doesn't. So it's ALWAYS better starting OFF with dirt cheap wigs to get a feeling of a LOOK and color and then later you can match it with a better piece
  4. Canuck

    Canuck Guest

    Thanks Sherry...I will post pics eventually....have to take some first. I wasn't aware of the girl talk section for members....how wonderful.

    Do you suggest anywhere online that makes good "dirt cheap" (lol) wigs or toppers to order from?? I just don't know where to begin and wow, is this an industry that is willing to take from those who are desperate isn't it?? I can imagine if I had a ton of money, I'd spend a ton of money on treatments, cover ups, wigs, etc, etc, etc.
  5. lisamarie

    lisamarie Guest

    Ah, Canucks...I'm sorry you are so sad right now....But I have great news for you!
    There is product you have to try, it's called dermatch. I heard about it on this site by another girl who was using it. It's cheap and a huge life saver for me!
    Check it out...
    Keep your chin up.
  6. Canuck

    Canuck Guest

    Lisamarie, that website was for recliner chairs....??
  7. sweetpotato

    sweetpotato Guest

    Dear Canucks,
    I know exactly what you're going through. I just want you to know that you're not alone in BC. For the past 10 years since college, I've been dealing with hair loss passively. I thought eventually my hair would grow back if i just stopped thinking about it. Now I know I was just kidding myself....3 months after my second child was born, my hair started shredding like crazy...even worse than before. Before I could barely go by with comb over hair...now I don't have enough to hide anymore...my hair just decided to declare war on me and it seems like I'm losing!!! I never thought I would be shopping for a hairpiece until now. I don't know what my co-worker is going to say when I go back to work from mat leave in 2 months. I think I'm hitting rock bottom. My husband is trying to help me by buying all those supplements but I don't think they're working. One thing about my situation is that both my mom and my sister have thinning hair too and it seems like a family thing that is destined to hunt me for the rest of my life (which seems to damn long to endure). Since there's no hope for my hair to grow back, I might as well stop hoping it and start looking for ways to look like having hair...the last thing I can do to re-gain my long-gone confidence.

    I really want to thank you for sharing your experience. You said that a hair system in BC cost more than 1500 Cdn. Could you please tell me where did you get the estimate? Have you visited this lady before? http://www.vancouverhairloss.com/index.php
    I'm curious how long does it take to have a hair system? Thanks!!

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