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childbirth, progesterone and hysterectomy in 1 yr- effects

Discussion in 'Medications that can cause Hair Loss' started by kbi, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. kbi

    kbi Guest

    I never stopped the postpartum bleeding after my second child was born, so for 11 months I had a serious medical problem. As the months wore on I would bleed in an unpredictable, completely abnormal pattern, almost daily. Between that and the postpartum hair loss, my already thinning hair started looking quite bad but it was the least of my concerns at the time.

    About 6 months after the c-section, I was placed on increasingly stronger doses of oral progesterone in an attempt to stop the bleeding and prevent a hysterectomy. After five months of this , my hair was very thin. I finally had to have the hysterectomy last June and I do think that my hair is better now that I am off all that progesterone. Like I said it was never great to begin with so I think I am prone to shedding whenever anything medical comes up. After the emergency c-section of my first child 6 years ago, I got a postpartum infection with a fever and my hair shed horribly for months afterward. It was really, very noticeably bad. I was an exhausted new mother crying over my hair.

    Looking back on those times, I know I would do things differently. I think I would have felt better if I had just worn a wig. But I guess I was in denial. It is bad to feel so sick and know you look terrible. If that sort of shedding happens to me for any reason in the future, I will get a wig.

    I still don't like the way the top of my scalp has such thin hair but really, the medical problem I faced last year put things into perspective. I could have died. I can live the rest of my life without hair if it all falls out. And there is so much I can do cosmetically.

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