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Cosmetic option n00b - have some questions!

Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by Wren, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. Wren

    Wren Guest

    Hi all,

    As my funky new signature says, I was diagnosed with Androgenetic Alopecia back in February. For a few years now, I've been steadily growing unhappier with my hair due to the thinning, and I'm at the point now where things are still not too bad, but I have to comb carefully to conceal the thinner areas, and it is very difficult to make my hair look decent. All in all, I've grown very unhappy with the way my hair looks, it's way too much of a focus in my life and I've decided it might be time to take the next step and look at cosmetic options.

    Problem is, I just don't know where to start! From various posts I read here, it sounds like there are a large number of options for hairpieces, which is cool. But to me, this is currently all theory - I've seen very few pictures of how the pieces actually look, I don't know of any hair consultation centres nearby, I am "all thumbs" when it comes to doing intricate things with my hands, etc. So I'm hoping some of you here can answer some of my questions:

    (1) How do I join wig support? It sounds like a great place to exchange information, ideas & pictures.

    (2) Does anyone know of any hair consultation centers in the GTA (greater Toronto area)? I'm in Kitchener, Ontario, which is about an hour west of Toronto, but to the best of my knowledge there isn't anything in town here.

    (3) Where can I purchase products such as Toppik? I've never seen it in salons or pharmacies. Do most of you girls order it online? I think that a product like this might be a good "temporary solution" before taking the plunge into hairpiece territory.

    Anyway - any help here is greatly appreciated! :D
  2. Etrika

    Etrika Guest

    Hi Wren!

    I can answer just one of your questions. Here is where to order Toppik: http://www.toppik.com/ Not sure if you can buy it in stores, I only get it on-line (or by phone). I also purchased the "spray maximizer" you see on the front page, and think it is very helpful.
  3. Amy

    Amy Guest

    Hey Wren if you want to join Wig Support got to


    You will have to apply for membership but just tell Kathy (the owner) your story and that you are a member here. You should get in in a day or so.

    I remember another member here that lived in Canada mentioning something like Continental Hair Studios or something like that. I cannot remember where in Canada that was though. I bet you can find some info at Wig Support from others in your area. I know there are quite a few Canadians that are members. I also order my toppik form http://www.toppik.com and could not leave the house without it!

    Also, if you are not far from NYC there is a place there called Kiki Wigs and they can make toppers and from what I have seen in pics they look amazing. You can find more info from Wig Support regarding this place. There are a few members who have purchased wigs and toppers from Kiki and I must say they are gorgeous! I also have seen pics of the Juliet topper and she looks wonderful as well and you can order that one directly from Kathy (the site's owner). She will cut it and thin it or whatever you like for free and you can do it all without visiting her store. She has a Wig Shop in Connecticut.

    I hope this helps. Keep us posted!

  4. leg366

    leg366 Guest


    I just wanted to add I personally have had not good luck with toppik, but I ordered the new kerasone stuff which is messy as hell since it is a liquid but honesly it is a bit better for me and clumps a lot less on your scalp which makes it less obvious even in the light. I am always so paranoid that someone will be able to see the powder or a sumdge of it somwhere and of course the barest spots are the worst.

  5. Amy

    Amy Guest


    What is this Kerasone stuff? It is a liquid?

  6. leg366

    leg366 Guest

    yes amy

    it is a big pain, you rub this liquid into you hair and scalp. then you blow dry it in. it is evidently ground up sterilized human hair.

    you need to really swipe your hairline clean bc it gets very smudged initially but once it is all really dry it is kind of baked in and pretty good.

    hi-maintenance but I hated dermatch and toppik and this seems better.

  7. Wren

    Wren Guest


    Thanks for the feedback, ladies

    I think I'll give toppik a try. I'm pretty low maintenance & not exactly a wonderful hair stylist, so I'm somewhat concerned about the messiness factor, but I think it'll be worth it if it means I can be less self conscious about my hair for awhile! One thing - has anyone had any problems with using their credit card on that site? It's not the most professional looking website in the world, and I noticed that some links go to a different server than toppik.com.

    Amy - I did a search for Continental Hair Studios and indeed, it is in Toronto (just an hour east of me). So that's great news!

    Thanks again!
  8. Amy

    Amy Guest


    I have not had any problems with my credit card on the toppik site. Let us know if you go to Continental Hair Studios. Good luck!

  9. Peony

    Peony Guest

    wren--i get toppik and hair so real (cheaper version, same stuff) from http://www.add-hair.com they are very nice and it always come immediatley. hair so real is much less expensive than toppik, but only comes in one size.

    another thought on toppik/hsr (that i have voiced before here:) it IS very messy--the fibers get all over my bathroom, and require constant cleaning up after. all of my pillowcases are navy blue these days. i also have some concerns about breathing in the fibers, although they are supposed to be non-toxic--i usually stuff tp in my nose but i still get the stuff in my nose and mouth when i apply it...kind of sucks.

    BUT it has been very helpful for me, allowed me to leave the house w/out being painfully self consious for the past few years.

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