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Damaging Hair!!!

Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by Mars, May 7, 2006.

  1. Mars

    Mars Guest

    Hello Ladies,

    I am 31 years old with Androgenetic Alopecia, with agressive thinning around my top crown, almost to the back, fringe area and down the sides... fun isn't it :?

    Just recently on this website, talking to other women here, I told them I stopped using my regular shampoo and conditioner and decided to use soap free 5.5 baby shampoo on my hair. They confirmed with me that it dries the hair more?, is that true? I have lost alot of my hair on the top and sides, but the back of my head, I have long curly hair which when it's very dry can be knotted, I don't dare to touch them, as I know I will lose alot of hair, but must say, I did take the knots out last week and lost 500+ hair, if not more :(

    What shampoos or conditioners does everyone use, does anyone recommend anything?. I have used Toppik Shampoo & Conditioner, but it made the top of my scalp flat, seeing skin, and my botton 1/2 of my hair really fuzzy, not the right combination. :roll:

    When I go out, I use Toppik and to eliminate fizz I refuse to use mouse, so I use Vitamin & Aloe Baby Oil, has anyone used this, I am sure this is safe.

    I really appreciate any feedback, as this is my only source of communication and life line for me. I have no one to talk too here, as no one is going through what I am going through, I have you great ladies to help out,
    many thanks
  2. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    My hair tends to become dry on the ends ( due to thyroid) and oily at the scalp < le sigh> and I use Garnier Fructise or Tresume' products. I'll be honest, I like the Tresume' a lot more!

    I also use Tresume's leave in reconstructing conditioner, just on the ends. It does wonders and doesn't seem to weigh my hair down at all.

    Garnier has a GREAT shine serume that I use. It smells like heaven too. I actually like it better than Biosilk's shine serum ( and it costs a third of the price).
  3. Mars

    Mars Guest

    Thank you Redclaire, for your encouraging feedback.

    I will try out the Garnier Shampoo, I guess you can buy that at the supermarket... just wondering it that has the ingredient of " Sodium Laureth Sulphate in it. Upon research on Hair loss, I have a medical hair loss company which I try to find the address on it, it stated that this ingredient makes the hair fall out.

    That is why I stopped using normal shampoo and continued with Baby shampoo but have been told that it dries your hair and it's very bad for you.

    Redclaire, could you kindly check if Garnier has this ingredient, before I go out and buy the product,
    much appreciated
  4. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    It does have sodium laureth sulphate in it. I'll be honest with you, after researching hair loss for the past year, not one credible place has ever proved that SLS causes hair loss. Now, I'm sure if you are highly sensitive to chemicals it could be irritating, but hair loss doesn't happen because we put something on our scalp. Sure, we can burn our scalps with bleaches and straighteners or perm solutions and cause follicle damange, but there's no evidence that, in a healthy individual, shampoos or normal hair colors cause hair loss ( outside of breakage).
    However, if you are concerned about this, you can check your local health food stores ( I find privately owned ones have a better selection of such products) for shampoos that don't have SLS in them.
    The deal with baby shampoo is that it is good for not burning the eyes, but does not have the correct ph balance for maintaining healthy hair.
    I hope that helps a little.
  5. Mars

    Mars Guest

    Thanks Redclaire,

    wow you are quite informative and knowledgable hey, I guess over time you do your own research and talk to others and get the world of experience, it's all a great learning experience.

    I have bought from my health food shop, natural shampoo & conditioner, without SLS, haven't tried it yet, I don't know why I am not in rush to use it. Alot of women on this site use Neutrogena Shampoo, I guess that would have SLS, even my body wash has this ingredient. This chemical is used in perfume products, which is scientifally stated it dries the scalp and skin.

    For 2 years I have streaked and put chemicals and straightened my hair alot, and must say from my experience, this has escalated the process of thinning my hair. Now I don't colour and even have stopped going to the hairdresser for straightening my hair.

    I need to find a suitable treatment to enhance it and give it a boost.
    Thank you for your care and understanding
  6. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    Mars from what I've read, the straightening chemicals are more damaging than hair coloring products.

    A lot of women use non amonia hair colors to give their hair extra shine and color.

    The only thing I do is color. I use steam rollers ( which I swear are MUCH better than hot rollers or curling irons) and a tiny bit of hair spray when I use Toppik. That's it.

    I think it's finding the right balance for you that makes you feel good but also gives you peace of mind about how much you're protecting your hair.
  7. minx

    minx Guest

    Oh no, I have been using baby shampoo on the advice of my chemist. :evil: I didn't realise it was actually bad for your hair!!
    No wonder mine is looking worse than ever. Back to the drawing board for me.

    Actually dreading how Im going to cope with hair on holiday petrified it is just going to sizzle up and snap off in the sun. Think I will be doing a lot of suncaps and hats this holiday. Well they do say that too much sun is bad for you, so I will just have to remain pale and interesting. 8)
  8. redclaire

    redclaire Guest

    Get a good leave in conditioner and wet your hair, combe the conditioner through your hair, put it in braids and plop a hat on your head. Also, there ARE some sun products to protect hair, that you can spray in.

    I did the conditiner/braid thing even before I started shedding.
  9. Lily

    Lily Senior Member

    Mar 26, 2005
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    As far as SLS and coloring your hair contributing to hair loss: I can't prove that they don't for some people but in my experience it hasn't mattered at all. I don't use shampoo or never colored the hair under my arms, for example (and other "delicate" places) but it's gone. Neither of my dermatologists has said that coloring hair escalates hair loss in my case of Androgenetic Alopecia.
  10. SallyTurney

    SallyTurney Guest

    Because the SLS causes the lathering, this lather is often associated with hair loss. In the same way real hair wigs shouldn't use foaming shampoos - the foam can loosen their knots.

    I certainly know this is true with wigs, but I have no knowledge of it doing the same with hair on your head.

    I would advise anyone looking for a good quality shampoo to buy an acid balaced one (5.5) NOT baby shampoo, which is designed with a ph of 7 or above - usually above, then it matches the acid balance of a babys eyes and won't sting, but is rubbish for hair and scalp (which has a healthy ph of 5.5 - slightly acidic).

    I would also recommend you dilute the shampoo with water first, as most shampoos are highly concentrated and you don't need that mega lather you get.

    Good luck girls!
  11. VANESA

    VANESA Guest

    I use Figaro shampoo and condition which are totally natural products.
    You can get a Figaro pack. It contains:

    Hair tablets = containing vitamins and minerals important for healthy hair
    Figaro spray - topical nutirents which could help but I mainly use it to help me massage the scalp. So if anything it encourages you to massage the scalp which may help. Not really sure if topical nutirent sprays are actually that helpful

    It also comes with a booklet about hair and follicle care - they say scalp massage should be in everybody's routine like cleaning teeth. Do it when wash hair and condition it for 30 secs or so, then do a proper one for a few minutes using the water based spray, with wet or dry scalp, can leave in as its water based and doesn't make hair oily.

    Not sure if it is sold in USA, but if anyone on this site wants one and can't get one I am happy to send you this hair package. I just get it from the health food store here in Sydney.
  12. hollyhoss

    hollyhoss Guest


    You could try A'kin all their products are made of natural organic ingredients and are paraben free. You can get them from some chemists and health stores.

  13. SallyTurney

    SallyTurney Guest

    Never underestimate the power of massage. Any sportsman knows the importance of massage - to get blood flowing in the damaged area - so if the damaged area is your scalp, you should be massaging that too.

    Over the years I have seen clients have real benefit from regular head massage - It really has got to be done :wink:

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