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Dammit! Think I have PCOS :(

Discussion in 'PCOS Community' started by cwoc, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. cwoc

    cwoc Guest

    Well I went to the gyno to get my hormones checked (she didn't do a free T, but took prolactin, FSH, LH, testosterone and DHEA-S) and so far I've only got two results, but total testosterone came back as 77 (on a scale of 6-82) and DHEA-S came back as 372. *dies*

    Based on this I think I have PCOS. I'm hoping my dr will diganose me based on the hair loss and a few other symptoms (hair loss, oily skin, a few pimples, regular periods but they seem to be getting lighter). I'll try and get an insulin test done too.

    So what should I do from here? It will be no issue to get on BCP from my dr, but should I be looking into Spironolactone and whatnot? Should I ask him to refer me to an endo?

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