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Derm Match

Discussion in 'Styling & Hair Care Tips for AGA Sufferers' started by CrazyDayz26, Apr 11, 2005.

  1. CrazyDayz26

    CrazyDayz26 Guest

    I read some positive reviews on derm match
    its sort of like a shadow,, but easier to blend and looks for natural for the hair line.. its also 30 bucks.. Anyone tried it or heard anything about it?
    I have been using pro thik for my temple but its really hard to apply and I think I should of gotten a ligher shade.
  2. lilmermaid

    lilmermaid Guest

    I think dermmatch works great especially around the hairline. It's much better than toppik. It's sort of like a big pressed powder disc with big sponge applicators. You just wet the applicator a little and the rub it into the disc and the blend it into your hair. It's fairly simple to use and does not get on anything except your finger nails if you scratch your head :)
  3. VAgirl1

    VAgirl1 Guest

    go to DERMATCH.com and ask them for a FREE sample, and actually that free sample will last you A LONG LONG TIME!!!!!
    My hair is a medium brown but I need both dark and medium brown to really look good, and you can get a second color free anyway.
    but ask for the sample, it is worth it to really try it and get used to it, it TAKES PRACTICE to learn to shade the hairline, but for those of us who have a totally crappy hairline, this works the best and also for wide as a canyon parts bc you can blend there too.
    Good luck, I really like it, but like my topper much better ;)
  4. CrazyDayz26

    CrazyDayz26 Guest

    Great Thanks so much!! Maybe there is hope for my bald temple area!! if its works that good and looks natural I will wear my hair up too.. I am going on right away for a free sample and will let you know how it works :)

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