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Derm sais TE, can he tell just by looking at hair for 2 min?

Discussion in 'The Undiagnosed' started by soflagirl, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. soflagirl

    soflagirl Guest

    Hi, thank you for your info. I did that test that I read somewhere here to do where I held down my hair to check and there are little hairs sprouting up all over the place which I'm hoping could mean that my hair is growing back and whatever was causing it has stopped. What is the difference between TE and Androgenetic Alopecia if I may ask?
  2. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    Androgenetic Alopecia is "your screwed genetically to thin as you age" or "Youre sensitive to hormone levels in your body that are either off, or out of balance"

    TE is "We dont know exactly why but it will grow back one it stops"
  3. soflagirl

    soflagirl Guest

    Thank you for the laymans term definitions, I don't understand half of the medical stuff I read.
    I was already tested for all the hormonal stuff by my primary care physician and all of that came back normal.
  4. delilah

    delilah Guest

    Doesn't look like traction alopecia to me. Why was the diagnosis of TE made...how long have you been thinning? Is there a reason that the derm would have said TE, have you just had a baby, stopped BCPs or had some traumatic event?
  5. soflagirl

    soflagirl Guest

    I noticed the shedding about a year ago as more than usual. The thinning I've noticed more in the past few months with the front especially. I took some diet pills that I ended up researching after that they seemed to cause hair loss in people who took them but other than that I don't really know what else it could have been. I don't really know why the derm made that call which is the main reason I've set up another appt with another derm as the first one did a 3 min check observing my scalp and made the call....... Thats why I wonder how they can make a call with such a brief check.
  6. soflagirl

    soflagirl Guest

    I was also wondering can TE cause the middle part to get wider? And does the little sprouting hairs coming in at the front mean that the TE is in remission so to speak???
  7. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    I do not know....no one really knows :(

    In a TE since all of the hair thins, it would be normal to say the part areas would thin as well...but if you are thinning mostly on the part and top then that sounds like Androgenetic Alopecia..this is what I have..
  8. soflagirl

    soflagirl Guest

    Actually I feel it thinner all over but where I mostly notice is just the front area. I did all the tests for the testosterone etc. and all came back normal. My primary physician said that was not what I had. Isn't Androgenetic Alopecia the one caused by the hormone/testosterone levels? My derm was the one who said TE but he was very non chalant about it. He didnt even ask me what may have triggered it. Simply told me I had TE, to do the Rogaine and go back in six months. I haven't started the Rogaine since I would like a second derm opinion and I seem to have sprouting hairs all over the area in the front where I most notice it so I don't know if that means the TE might finally be over and my hair is on it's way back............... I think I'm so clueless :-( Also, can anyone recommend a good derm who knows about hair loss in the South Florida area???
  9. Bron

    Bron Guest

    I'd keep clear of the Rogaine for the time being if I were you, since you're not sure what's causing the loss and you think it may be growing back? Then again, I'm very wary of the Rogaine road myself!
    I'm in a similiar situation in that I'm not sure what the problem is with my hair and it looks similiar to yours (mine's worse!), but I found an article on TE which I found helpful as I didn't know there were several kinds before, here's the link if you want to check it out:

    http://www.hairdiseases.com/diseases-th ... ause.shtml
  10. soflagirl

    soflagirl Guest

    Thank you very much Bron for your reply. I will most certainly look at the article right now! Yeah I don't really feel comfortable starting with the Rogaine either..........I would like to hear what the second derm has to say on Monday. I specifically picked a woman hoping she will be more information and understanding versus the first one who was a man and didnt seem concerned at all. One look, told me I have TE, told me to use Rogaine and go back in 6 months..... UGH!!!!
  11. dying curls

    dying curls Guest

    yes basically that is it ....but t has also been proved that TE and Androgenetic Alopecia often come hands in hands, an that people with TE are more prone to develop Androgenetic Alopecia....so you should remain on the look out...
    but seein gyour pic you should be fine if the cause is found..check your ferritnin ,eat well and relax.if you see you're still shedding and thinning in 6 months...then maybe you should seek a stronger treatment.
  12. soflagirl

    soflagirl Guest

    Thanks dying curls I'm definitely trying to stay on top of things. At this point I'm trying to be more proactive than anything else. I was looking at some pics from a few months back and I think my current pics look better. I will post before and now pics later to see what you guys think. Thank you all very much for your kind words and support. I know my case personally might not be as serious as most here so I sincerely appreciate you all treating it as important and offering advice. Thanks!!!!
  13. reverie

    reverie Guest

    Your front and crown look a lot like mine about 12 months ago, although mine is a lot thinner now and appears even more so because I have black hair and very pale skin, and I had/have both TE and Androgenetic Alopecia. I think Dr. Redmond will be able to help you by prescribing Androgenetic Alopecia meds because that is the diagnosis he is most comfortable with (although he calls it "hormonal alopecia", which is only partially correct), and then it's up to your body to respond to them. My loss started as a TE which quickly switched on Androgenetic Alopecia, and for the past 2 1/2 years I've had Androgenetic Alopecia with intermittent bouts of TE. My TE seems to come in cycles. I've always been very hormonally sensitive, from periods to acne, and my mother and grandmother have extensive and profound (respectively) Androgenetic Alopecia hair loss, so I knew what it was. (Still took me a long time to accept.)

    It's good you are being so proactive and treating this early. I would not accept TE as the sole cause if you are healthy, your labs are fine, and it has been going on more than 6 months.

    Is there hair loss in your family? Often times, you can't tell by a quick glance, because lots of women are clever at concealing hair loss and you really have to scrutinize with "hair goggles." Many, if not half or even most older women (post-menopausal) have some degree of hair loss, imo, and a lot of it is Androgenetic Alopecia.

    Did you start shedding out of the blue, or were you under tremendous stress, anything strange going on with your periods at the time?
  14. skitty

    skitty Guest


    I also have been always - hormonally sensitive. My whole body goes into major stress mode - when it gets near to my period. I'm one of those freakish people who can tell - which ovary is releasing the egg for the month. I can actually feel this sharp pain. I'm also very sensitive to medication.

    You said that you are also hormonally sensitive. What did the Dr. say about that? My hormone tests levels came back normal. But I just feel that this whole hair loss is centered on my hormones.

    I eat pretty healthy, I take vitamins, omega and today i started taking some blackstrap molasses after reading about the benefits in this forum.

    How does one "fight" an UNKNOWN?
  15. soflagirl

    soflagirl Guest

    Your best bet is to go to an endocrinologist like a Dr. Redmond who specializes in women's hormonal issues. With him it's a double plus because he also specializes on women's hair loss.
  16. Deirdre

    Deirdre Senior Member

    Sep 17, 2006
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    Your hormones can test "normal" and still have hormonal hair loss. Hormone levels are very very individual.
  17. soflagirl

    soflagirl Guest

    All of my tests came back totally normal, yet he says my hair follicles have a sensitivity to my normal testosterone levels. So testing normal does not mean something is not out of whack, even if minimally, it's still enough to affect.
  18. reverie

    reverie Guest

    Well, I'm super hormonally sensitive as indicated by my other health problems (aside from hair loss) that are hormonally influenced and hormonally mediated, but I assume you just want to know about the hair. ;) I am like you. I am premenopausal, 28 years old, hair loss started at 26. Totally normal, in fact very low androgen levels, but VERY hormonal face and hair (cystic acne, look like an oil slick, oily hair, etc.), rapid Androgenetic Alopecia hair loss. I think levels only give you an insight as to whether there is PCOS or a TRUE hormonal imbalance. That's different from a sensitivity. True hormonal imbalances are much easier to treat and almost always respond to antiandrogens...sensitivity (another word for your follicles are genetically programmed to suffer Androgenetic Alopecia) is harder for some. There are lots of factors though. Genes and level of androgen sensitivity and immune responses and I'm sure other factors all matter. I look at my mom who started losing her hair after the birth of her children (early 30s) and only in the last 5 years or so has it gotten to the "OMG" level (that is over a period of 20 years of thinning!). I feel that's because she was spared the awful androgen problems I have, but her loss is still extremely, extremely severe (almost no hair on the top and top back of her head). Mine has only taken 2 years to become very noticeable, and I feel it's because my androgen sensitivity is so high. Not androgen PRODUCTION...androgen sensitivity.

    Anyway, I am one of the few who DO trust scalp biopsies so if you suspect Androgenetic Alopecia, or hormonal loss, I urge you to get one from the area of loss (front center is usually a good bet) and go from there.

    I am not familiar with your history but I feel that if you are young/premenopausal, healthy, labs come back normal, and not abusing your body with hair loss greater than 6 months, I would strongly suspect beginning Androgenetic Alopecia and/or some genetic/hereditary factor. Androgenetic Alopecia has NOTHING to do with overall health...nothing...I know lots of women want to point to other causes because it is easier to bear than Androgenetic Alopecia--I've BEEN THERE--but it's better to know and treat it sooner than later. Androgenetic Alopecia is the devil.

    Soflagirl, you are absolutely right. Have you started on the Redmond regimen? Did he rx 200mg Spironolactone and Yasmin?
  19. soflagirl

    soflagirl Guest

    Yes Reverie, he did and I've already started. That was a key point made by him, which is that the earlier you address the problem, the greater the chance of success.........
    I am also a believer in the biopsies and am glad I had one done, even though I would have preferred other results.... but at least knowing something definitive makes addressing it all the easier.
    It seems that there is only one certain fact, which is that if you do have Androgenetic Alopecia or another form of hair loss, if you dont do anything to address it, it will simply get worse in time.
  20. Blue Bird

    Blue Bird Guest

    Have to chime in here and not to discourage but to put some realism in here....

    You can also address it and it gets worse or speeds up. As long as you know all the possibilities going in its easier if it fails...I thought Diane and Avodart would be the ticket and I ve just gotten I have Androgenetic Alopecia. BTW I started treating myself with rogaien within a year of having Androgenetic Alopecia, so I did start early too.

    I Hope Yasmin and Spironolactone work for you, we need some success stories!

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